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Your Thoughts and Feelings

Mind and Soul are one and the same. They are just two different ways of looking at the same thing. Mind / Soul is Energy. YOU are that Energy. YOU are that Mind / Soul.

Every Creation in this world begins from here, the Mind / Soul. It begins with a Thought, which is created within the Mind / Soul, and that Thought produces the necessary Feelings, and since YOU are a magnet, circumstances that match the Frequency / Wavelength / Vibrations of that Thought / Feeling are magnetized towards you. You, then, take Actions in response to the situations / circumstances / people who are drawn towards you, and that is what decides your future / destiny. This is very scientific. You operate much robotically. You can read more about this in "The Law of Attraction" section.

It is a strange concept for people who come to know this, but isn't it obvious that your Thoughts make you up as a person, and how you are as a person is how your life is? One city / town / country is different from another only because the Thoughts of people residing in one city are different from those residing in another. That's what a Culture is about. In fact, within the same city as well, there are actually multiple cultures in various parts of the city. Forget cities, within the same house also there are multiple behavioral patterns, which are essentially Lifestyles.

You think consciously, but there is a lot going on subconsciously or unconsciously. Not that there are three Minds within you, but these are just the Active Thoughts and Dormant Thoughts within you. These Thoughts are positive or negative. Not right or wrong, but suitable or not suitable to your own well-being. Researchers have corroborated that 65% of your Thoughts are Negative and / or redundant.

Why do we need researchers to prove this to us? Just sit down for a while right now and check what you think about... throughout the day. You will notice that you're mostly thinking about others / what others are doing in their lives / what others are thinking about you, etc. Our Thoughts are less about the self and more about others. Often, we don't live in the moment. We either worry about the future or regret the past. This is sheer wastage of one's (Creative) Energy.

Where does this knowledge originate from?

This Spiritual Knowledge has always been available in this world. For hundreds and thousands of years, it has been written in various psychological, religious, and spiritual books (some examples are listed below). Just that now it has come to the fore in much more magnitude and clarity than before - like a wave. Some Spiritual Organizations take the credit of being the originators of this knowledge, however, you will gain more clarity ahead.

If you search similar websites on Google, there are thousands of Spiritual Organizations in the world and lakhs of books and websites about this knowledge. Besides, this knowledge has been available since even before some spiritual organizations were formed! That's proof enough.

The Power of your Thoughts

Thoughts are the root of all the Creation in this Physical World. Everything comes to you by the virtue of the Law of Attraction, and then based on your Thoughts / Beliefs / Perceptions / Attitude / Mood / Energy / Personality Traits (all of these words essentially mean the same), you take Action(s) towards the CREATION of new things in your life. You will read more about this later, however, it is important to understand that every single Action you perform, every single Creation around you... anything and everything begins with a Thought.

Today, however, we humans have become so robotic that we perform habitual Actions without discerning whether the Actions are bringing us the essence of what we actually Desire in Life. We want one thing, whereas we take Actions in the direction of something altogether different. Well, we're never "wrong" as such, because each one of us does what one thinks is Correct, and that's okay for that moment. This is more about that polishing and refinement in the Manifestation of our Desires. It's just that sometimes we tend to feel that we're wandering from our actual Desires. This is more about ensuring whether we are really focused on our Desires.

Your Thoughts are the most Powerful when you are living in the present moment. When you're living in the present moment, you acknowledge / accept it, you are peaceful about it, and most importantly, you're neither thinking about the Past, nor about the Future.

💡 Researchers at Harvard University found that people spend almost half their waking hours thinking about something other than what they're doing and that this mind-wandering makes them unhappy (even if they're thinking about pleasant subjects). A Wandering Mind is always an Unhappy Mind.

I read these very good lines somewhere: Thought is not an indefinite abstraction, but a vital, living force, the most vital, subtle and irresistible force in the world. Thought has form, quality and substance. Thought can originate, develop and create things. These are no longer just lines, but my and your experiences too, isn't it?

There's plenty of scientific research that has proven that people who are even thousands of miles away can actually affect each other's heartbeat and capacity to experience love simply by thinking loving Thoughts about each other.

Positive Thinking

Negative Thoughts of fear, worry, anger, judgment, jealousy, grudge, revenge, stubbornness, selfishness, hate, despair, and discouragement disappear instantly when they meet the positive Thoughts of love, faith, respect, kindness, courage, understanding, persistence, loyalty, joy, power, plenty, and strength.

Positive Thoughts are those based on Faith, Trust, Clarity, and Belief. More than that, they're based on 'knowing' and 'realizing' the Powers one has within. This goes hand-in-hand with the Faith, Trust, and Belief in the Law of Attraction, (about which you'll read further) however, a little bit of experimentation with one's Thoughts is essential to build that Faith.

What is Truth? Truth is that you are Energy and that you can precisely Create anything that you Desire in your life (as you may have read in the article "Who are you?"). The first step is 'Knowing' this Truth. The second step is 'Believing' in it, for which you can either get coached by people like me or experiment with it yourself. Once you begin seeing the results of having believed in this truth, you end up 'Realizing' this truth, and then it actually becomes the Truth of your Life. This makes you a true positive thinker. This is the true basis and the reason for which one can think positively.

There are many tools available worldwide to make you think positive. However, they may not work unless and until you know that which is written above.

This itself is Science, isn't it? Even though there are some great scientists worldwide discovering that one Positive Thought is more powerful than hundreds of Negative Thoughts, and the information about this may be available all over the Internet, we can just check with ourselves. Here are a few results of some experimentation done by me:
• Every Thought - positive or negative - you think manifests by the virtue of the Law of Attraction (about which you can read in the next article). However, one Positive Thought is more empowering than hundreds of Negative Thoughts. Negative Thoughts disempower and paralyze us. This is the simplest proof of that.
• You may have been habitually thinking Negative Thoughts consistently over a long period of time. However, once one Positive Thought is created, it has the potential (in terms of your believability in it) to override / overpower all those hundreds of Negative Thoughts / Beliefs; it manifests instantly, thus, nullifying / cancelling the potential, undesired negative manifestations of all of those hundreds of Negative Thoughts.
• Even simpler examples: A person like me - who comes out publicly as Gay on the Social Media, and who strongly chooses to stay Single and Celibate (until he finds the right partner) and not to follow the society or any spiritual or religious group - is regarded, respected, loved and applauded by hundreds of people as stronger, clearer and a more powerful person than closeted or promiscuous people. What more proof do you need?
4. The number of negative incidents / events that have occurred in my life (and I'm sure in anybody's life) is only 5-10%. Rest 90-95% incidents / events that have occurred are positive. We just feel that the 5-10% is a lot, because it is painful and pain feels painful, because it is an unnatural creation of the mind. That's what is called the "negativity bias" or "paper tiger paranoia".

This is Science, and this proof is enough for one to develop a new habitual pattern of Positive Thinking. Check this only for yourself though. It wouldn't be appropriate or wise to point at someone else's life and try to prove these facts otherwise.

Next, you will read about the basic law of energy based on which everything is presently going on in this world - The Law of Attraction - Simplified in Sagar's words.

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