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You will find a plethora of definitions for the word Soulmate on the Internet. Some say that a soulmate is already pre-decided. Some others say that my soulmate is the one who contains a part of my soul and that those parts will unite at some point. Some say that a soulmate is one who makes me feel connected with my soul. Last but not the least, relationships are so screwed-up today that people have started saying - Only God can be my soulmate, no human being can be my soulmate.

Some people also say that the definition really depends on who you ask. Not really!

All of these definitions are correct in one way (and incorrect in another way), and are understandable considering the variety of experiences all humans beings (who have carved out those definitions) go through in life or observe others going through in life, but let's go to the basics.

Terminology & Basics
Is there only one Soulmate for you?
Difference between Soulmate and Life Partner
Marriages are NOT made in Heaven
You must wait for the right partner...
Recognizing a Soulmate as your Perfect Partner
False Positive Recognition
Choosing Your Life Partner
How to: Avoid Break-ups
Can God be your Soulmate?
The Perfect Partner exists!
Currently in a troublesome relationship?
Attracting a specific person using the Law of Attraction

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