Awakening | Who are Angels?

Awakening - Who are Angels?.

Angels are known to us as those beautiful, lightweight, flying people in white, who make miracles happen in our lives. We consider our saviours our angels, who come to our rescue in times of sadness.

On these lines, people call those angels who share this knowledge with the world. Knowledge about the self, the mind, the law of attraction, about God, or anything else that helps them transform their sadness in life into happiness. Who doesn't like being called an Angel? I feel very nice when people call me their Angel, but let's understand this correctly.

One person can NOT be someone else's angel. I am my own angel. You are your own angel. Only you know your Thoughts the best. Only you can know how exactly you're Feeling in a given moment. Only you know what makes you feel happy. Only you know what makes you feel sad. Only you know what your Beliefs are at any given point, and how to modify them and take them in the direction of your own life. Only you can dissect and penetrate into your own mind to find out which Beliefs work for you, and which don't. Only you know what's right for YOU and what's not. Only you can identify where you need to change and become a better individual.

Therefore, YOU are your own Angel. You are your own Santa Claus. Well, you can certainly call someone else a Mentor, a Teacher, a Guide, and a lot of Inspiration around - not from the point of view of that person being anything higher than you - but more in terms of that person's guidance to you.

Today, when we feel heavy in the mind, that's because of the baggage of a lot of negativity that we carry in the mind. The negativity of judgments towards others, hatred, jealousy, fear, anger, and so on and so forth. When we work on ourselves and eradicate this negative baggage and replace it with positivity, love, unconditional happiness, and purity of thoughts, we automatically start feeling light in the mind, like as-if we're flying. Something similar to the song 'Aaj Main Oopar, Aasmaan Neeche...'. The face begins to glow, one feels more energetic and fresh, and one starts looking fresh, young, and attractive, and the best way of representing such a feeling diagrammatically on paper is to show a beautiful-looking human being flying in the air, whose feet are above the ground, and that's what we call an Angel or Farishta.

Therefore, YOU are your own Angel, only. Only you can identify the baggage within yourself and remove it. Not anyone else :)

And then we all are angels on this planet, awakened, and able to create life the way we desire. We are transforming our individual lives, contributing positively to this world, making small or big positive differences to this world, and bringing happiness into our being, and inspiring others to do that. That's what an Angel is all about.

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