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You may probably be surprised to see a Page dedicated to such a Subject. If so, you definitely need to read the article, and broaden your mind even more... a lot more.



Many religions, and, thus, countries, consider Homosexuality (i.e. same-sex relationships) a sin / unnatural / illegal. As per my understanding, Being Gay is not illegal, but Gay Sex is termed illegal / unnatural / sinful. While there are many other "worse" things going on in those countries (under the name of religions), I wouldn't criticize them just for saying why I do not think homosexuality is a sin.

Understandable though. As the sex drive in young humans is high today, heterosexuals and homosexuals alike, the perception everyone has about homosexuals is that homosexuals only bond on the robotic and mechanical level of sex, which is untrue. That may be what the majority of homosexuals do, not all. Nevertheless, bonding merely at the level of sex is something that even heterosexuals do. Many do that outside their committed / married lives, secretly. There's a new term "Detached Sex" now. If that is fine, I'm sure with time people will realize that homosexuality is fine too.

Many people confuse Gays as Eunuchs. While every individual in this world is equally important for this world, there are times when the incorrect notions that people attach to Gay Guys is what blocks their minds from thinking deeply. I have personally seen people making fun of eunuchs (and thus, Gay Guys), which has been an unfortunate sight.

If you look at it in a bit more deeper way, every person in this world wants to be loved and to love someone, and sex then becomes a part of that relationship, not always the foundation of it.

People call homosexuality unnatural, because they deeply believe that the only reason why a man and a woman should be together is that they reproduce, procreate, and keep the human race from being extinct. And since two men cannot reproduce children from one another as a couple, homosexuality is unnatural. Bruce H. Lipton, an American scientist, states in the most perfect words - Perhaps if more people realized that coupling in higher organisms is fundamentally about bonding, not about the drive to reproduce. there would be less prejudice against homosexuality.

There are 4% (i.e. approximately 28 Crore) people belonging to the LGBT Community worldwide today ♥

You don't have to be Gay in order to support Homosexuality. If you would like to support LGBT Rights, click this link to add a rainbow to your current Facebook Profile Picture:

Click here to read my Facebook post answering someone's question on homosexuality

A beautiful (detailed) research about how genes influence ones sexual orientation. There are several links within the article: Stop calling it a choice: Biological factors drive homosexuality

Sexual orientation has nothing to do
with one's spiritual enlightenment.

One's Sexual Orientation does not limit one's Spiritual Growth.

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