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As I have consistently mentioned, merely practicing Law of Attraction exercises may not work for those who live an ordinary lifestyle. It's an overall clean-up that is required as well. However, that does not mean that the clean-up will ever be complete. It's just about sharpening / honing / polishing those Thoughts (and thus, the manifestations). What you are thinking about is coming towards you anyway, but if you also simultaneously improve yourself, what you will eventually magnetize towards yourself will be a better version of that manifestation. At present, many people are in the stage where they have understood the Law of Attraction, but their manifestations are polluted or incomplete or half-hearted. That's because, although thye're well-focused on their desires, their overall Energy / Vibrations / Beliefs-package is not as clean (i.e. in the same direction as their desires).

If you've been on this journey for a couple of years now, just try to remember your manifestations a couple of years ago, and now look at those same / similar areas of your life and your manifestations now. You will notice that the manifestations now are better versions of those then, and that's because you are an improved version of yourself since then.

The section "Spiritual Decorum" below lists a set of few simple things to take care of. These things will directly impact your overall Vibrations / Thoughts / Personality, thus resulting in improved manifestations. Just a tiny step ahead, and that's more than enough for you to have an extraordinary life.

Note that these are the best practices. You may call them "Godly recommendations" too. It is everyone's choice whether or not to follow them, what all to follow from this list, and to what extent to follow the ones that you choose to follow. However, from my experience I can guarantee that the more one follows these rules (which are not really 'rules'), the more benefit they bring to themselves. Though necessary, they are not compulsory for anyone. They are to be considered as FUN rules, not burdens. Be easy about them, practice them regularly, and consider them as part of your enjoyment.

Btw., these are not downloaded from the Internet.
This is just the summary of my life.
This is my lifestyle.


Spiritual Decorum

Daily Meditation
♦ 4:00 AM to 4:45 AM is the best time when you get an environment conducive to your inner work. However, it's not compulsory to wake up that early if you're in a lifestyle that cannot accommodate that. Meditation after waking up (after you've completed your morning chores and are fresh) is highly beneficial as the mind is fresh at that time. It's important that you're not starving (and neither full) or uncomfortable in any way during meditation. Do refer to what Meditation actually means.
♦ Besides the Morning Meditation, it would be good to keep a check on your Thoughts and Feelings throughout the day. Regular reminders (such as posts / thoughts on your wall / desk) or simply reading one page from my (this) website can help you in this.
♦ Evening Meditation, whenever convenient to you, to clean up all that happened in the day. Before going to sleep, meditate for at least 3 minutes, and prepare yourself for a bright and beautiful next day. Note down all the positive and good things that happened in the day. Ask yourself to expect positive and good things to happen the next day. You can refer the Night Mind Exercise for more. Note that these are only guidance / reference commentaries. You're supposed to create your own thoughts based on your own life.

Daily Spiritual Food for the Mind
♦ Spiritual Food for the Mind needs to be consumed at least once every 12 hours
♦ Forgetting is a natural phenomenon. So, remembering and reminding yourself of the knowledge is the only way to implement it
♦ It could be any material to Read, Listen to, or Watch. Anything that makes you feel elevated and peaceful. Anything that makes you feel connected to your inner being is good. There is not one fixed recommendation on this.
♦ If on a particular day, you don't have access to any material in any form, merely basking in the sun, lying on the beach, listening to your favorite soft music, or sitting in a garden doing nothing could be some other alternative options.
♦ Alternatively, it could be one or more Mind Exercise(s) as well that you enjoy doing (not necessarily consuming from outside, but inside-out is also important).
♦ None of this should be forceful. It should be natural.

Purity of the Mind
♦ Always be pure, simple, and clean in your mind, thoughts, actions, words, vision, attitude, relationships, contacts
♦ You can read Importance of Purity for more. Note that Purity is not the same as Celibacy and you will know more about it on that page.

Watch your food
♦ A Japanese author and entrepreneur Masaru Emoto has proven that the human mind has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Not only your body, but also food contains more than 75% of water. Keep in mind, depending on the consciousness in which food is made or consumed, it defines the richness and the quality of the food you eat.
♦ Sort out your mood at least when you are eating, then it does NOT matter what you eat.
♦ Consuming Meat & Fish: When you kill animals, the souls within those animals generate a lot of Vibrations of fear and sadness. Those Vibrations affect the flesh (see Masaru Emoto's point above) and that flesh no longer is as healthy as it is when the animal is alive. Forget science, how would you feel if this hook was stuck in your cheeks, lips or tongue? How about a fish's feelings?
♦ Onion and Garlic are good for health, but it has also been studied that they slow down the response time of a person. It's not just about Onion-Garlic, but more about stimulating spicy junk food that could prove to be unhealthy in the long run. Jain vegetarian diet is practiced by the followers of Jain culture and philosophy, wherein tamasic food such as onion, garlic, brinjals, etc. are avoided by them, with the understanding that these food products have the qualities of darkness, lethargy, and a putrid smell. This appears in the Hindu literature as well. That is why some spiritual organizations abstain from these food products. It is just a point picked up from the Jain Culture, with the intention of learning good things from others.

Remember - God never asks anybody to stop eating anything. God never imposes anything upon His children. He just wants you to be aware of the laws of the universe, and fulfill your PURPOSE of life - that of HAPPINESS and JOY.
I personally eat only Vegetarian Food. I also consume onion, garlic, milk, cheese, butter, paneer, and other such dairy products, and I am completely fine with that (because souls are not killed / harmed by those products). I have never eaten and will NEVER eat eggs, meat, flesh of any kind though.

♦ Even if the kitchens of Veg + Non-Veg Restaurants are separate, the food in such an environment is not very healthy and enriched in food quality (see Masaru Emoto's point above).
♦ Junk food is not only unhealthy for the body, but also it is addictive, and addiction is slavery, and obstructs creativity.
♦ Nevertheless, this should be a natural process. Don't do it because someone else (or me) is saying it to you. Do it only because you want to do it. Sometimes people avoid eating out at restaurants or food cooked by other people. If you eat out at a restaurant in self-awareness, with your strong inner connection, and in a state of happiness and enthusiasm, that food will be of 100% benefit to your body. On the other hand, even if you cook your food yourself feeling superior to others, thinking that the whole world is full of bad people, shouting at others because you want to stay silent in your mind when they're making noise, and gossiping with the other person about someone else, that food will be 100% useless to your body (even if it may not cause any harm in the short-term). It's all about "my mind's state while I'm doing this and that". Nothing else. You are not WHAT you eat. You are HOW you eat whatever it is that you're eating.

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol
♦ I feel very proud each time I've to mention this to someone that I've never drunk alcohol and I've never smoked a cigarette, and I have no plans to do that in the future as well - even if my partner does!
♦ I always try to my best to discourage people from 'drinking' and smoking, in the best non-offensive ways that I can.
♦ Many-a-times people funnily say, "Sagar, you have no idea what you've missed out in life by not 'drinking'!", and I say in my mind, "And you have no idea what I've gained!"

Carbonated Drinks
♦ I stopped having Carbonated Drinks since July 2017, because I heard a lot from some healthy people (on TV and Internet) that such drinks are unhealthy. Didn't know the in-depth reasons when I quit. I vehemently avoid having them, unless in extremely rare situations.
♦ These Beverages (as I found on the Internet) Destroy Bones and are full of Cancerous Chemicals. Most soda drinkers are actually addicted to the carbonation. Diet & Regular Soda contains Phosphoric Acid. Consuming too much of these acids increases the risk of Bone and Muscle Loss, Kidney & Heart issues. The high sugar content and artifical sweetners are known to be toxic to the brain and nervous system, and they speed the aging process. Bone Loss may also happen, because of the presence of Caffeine, which stops the proper absorption of minerals like Calcium.

Watch what you follow
♦ Follow or Love the KNOWLEDGE, not the one who shares it.
♦ If you follow or become a fan of the person sharing the knowledge (on TV or on Facebook or elsewhere), you will ALWAYS be disappointed in the long run.
♦ As far as I'm concerned - my ONLY selfish motive is to make my life the way I (I, me, myself) want. On the way, I am just sharing all that I have. So, follow the knowledge, not me, or my life, or what choices I make in my life.

Watch your company
♦ Are you surrounded by people who constantly gossip? Are you surrounded by people who often complain about life and compete with others?
♦ It would not be right to flip people off from your life, especially if they're loved ones, but if there is a circle of people that you can avoid, there's no harm in it. Just make sure you do that smartly, and not offensively, especially when doing it at workplaces.
♦ Ignore people who don't let you be who you really are (even if it is a Doctor or an Astrologer).
♦ Besides the quest of making those around us like us, we also have the natural tendency of becoming like those we are constantly surrounded with, not necessarily in the exterior traits, but in the Thoughts that we think. You may have seen that boys who are surrounded by girls right from their birth often become girly OR The employees of a company are quite similar to their own bosses at work. That's how culture is built.

Do not perpetuate your Past
♦ Let your past issues not come into your Thoughts, Words, or Actions at all. Past is useless, backward, stagnating and obstructs your creativity.
♦ Unless you remove it or let it fade away from your Thoughts and Energy, you will keep seeing those patterns of incidents in your life. That's what the Law of Karma is.
♦ There could be some special practices though, where you may simply remember some exhilarating past events from your life to make yourself feel better in the present. That's fine, and that should only be done under expert supervision of a Life Coach or a Mentor.
♦ Most importantly, remember - There is nothing such as Past. It's just your memory of your "done experiences" that you're carrying, which is making you feel like as-if your present is being driven by it.

Watch what you watch / Entertainment
♦ Television is a very good medium to learn so many new things, but at the same time, there is content that is in the opposite direction of what you really want in your life.
♦ It is said that T.V. / Cinema / Movies / Films is the mother of all sins on earth. That is NOT always true. If you are selective and prudent about what you watch, it can never ever harm you.
♦ As far as a lot of negative content that is shown on TV is concerned, the ones showing it say that it is the reflection of the society, but they don't understand that what is shown in TV magnifies what happens in the society. There is positive content too, and it is a better idea to stick only to that, especially looking at the fact that channels are ready to sell anything for their own TRP, without thinking how logical / correct it is to broadcast. It is therefore essential to check WHAT you consume, HOW MUCH you consume, and WHEN you consume it. Spirituality does not make your life boring and non-entertained, it gives you the power of choice.
♦ If you choose to watch television serials that only show betrayal, revenge, anger, despair, break-ups, infidelity, lust, greed, bad society, murders, rapes, loyalty problems, and much more, that is what you end up consuming, and once it is consumed, no matter how "strong" or "practical" you think you are, that will come into your experience in one form or another. Try it out, if you wish to! It is simple - if you are looking for a Perfect Partner, and you watch Emotional Atyaachaar, chances are that you will have similar experiences in your relationship. To that, people have started saying that there is no Perfect Partner, and these concepts are all just theories. This is how we lower our own standards by our own incorrect, diluted, and polluted thinking. I don't need to prove this to you. I'm sure you've already experienced this (or are experiencing this) in one form or another.
♦ We MUST understand that those actors on TV or in movies are paid lakhs or crores of rupees (or any other currency) to speak the words that they speak. Those people are not necessarily like that in real. Most of them are just doing it for money or fame or Facebook Likes.
♦ When you listen to music, you consume Thoughts and create the Feelings according to what you consume. You do not create your own positive, elevated Thoughts while listening to music, watching TV, NEWS, and movies. Therefore, even though listening to music can be a good distraction, it does not lead to a solution to your ongoing issues, if any.
♦  An author says, Ants are very similar to humans, they do everything that humans do, except watching television. Humans use only 10% of their ability to create, and the addiction to TV, Internet, and Mobile Phones are the primary reasons for it. Let me repeat - these technologies are not wrong. Addiction, over-consumption, and incorrect usage of those is.
♦  Watching unethical content such as Pornography has a similar effect on the mind. Firstly, you tend to misunderstand what the beautiful reality of sex is all about, and secondly, Pornography is something too addictive to focus your mind on "creation". Sex is not a sin, and Porn is not sex.
♦  The most successful people in this world are the ones who keep away from television or watch it very very rarely - movie actors included. Ask them, they don't watch most of their own movies too.

Internet Usage
♦ Be cautious & prudent about using the Internet and any other form of entertainment
♦ Go 'Inter' (inside) the self and bless yourself instead
♦ Check what content you subscribe to. Sometimes, over-subscription to too much of spiritual content backfires (e.g. subscribing to too many Facebook pages with positive or spiritual or law of attraction quotes). That's because the individuals who are posting on those pages may offer something that takes you back to the times when you weren't as elevated as you are now. That adds unnecessary clutter, noise, and pollution to your mind, and it could pull you back (unless you've really developed the art of ignoring). Subscribe only to a few pages, only the ones that keep you on the right track. Personally: I have subscribed to pages that share beautiful wallpapers of landscapes, roses, fairy tales, because these are neutral things that evoke positive feelings within me. If there's any page that tends to post something that is negative, I make sure I unfollow or unsubscribe from it.

Watch your financial transactions
♦ Are you over-spending money or wasting it? Are you prudent about your finances?
♦ Avoid borrowing money or taking loans from anybody. Limit your needs and expenses. It is said Better to die than to borrow / beg.

Be humble
♦ Sounds too idealistic, but it's not. There's no harm in being humble and honest with others.
♦ Being humble does not mean being stupid or foolish. It neither means over-explaining your point of view to someone.
♦ On this spiritual journey, many spiritual / non-spiritual people will come in front of you and teach you how you are wrong in two ways. Some of them will say that this path itself is wrong. Some others will try to find faults in you, saying that you - despite being into spirituality - are not following what they do or that you're not up to the mark. In other words, they will expect you to rise to a certain level first before you talk about spirituality. That is an incorrect expectation, and they are contradicting themselves, because this is a journey of self-improvisation (not a journey of 'look at others' improvisation'). Note that majority of them will have come from a place of frustration, jealosy, or low self-esteem - even if they're spiritually awakening people. So, instead of squalling at them, keep quiet.

I have seen people say to me, "You are into spirituality, so you should behave in a particular way. I am not into spirituality, so I am allowed to behave in any way."! This improves my Power to Ignore.

At the same time, many spiritual people come over to my Facebook / Website and tell me how I am wrong and how their and their organization's Beliefs are more correct, which only shows their lack of focus. I ruthlessly ignore such frustrated souls, and if this happens with you, I would advise you to do the same. Do NOT try to teach them anything and invite frustration to yourself. Trust me, I've tried that, and such souls never change.

Live like a Creator, not a Consumer
♦ Do you follow someone or a spiritual organization blindly? Are your Beliefs really yours or have they been enforced or injected within you by someone else? If you just do something with the understanding that you're supposed to do it, because that's what someone else has told you as Correct, you are living the life of a Consumer, and not a Creator. This is similar to blindly following rituals, superstitions, or mythological stories without understanding them correctly.
♦ At the same time, remember that the Laws of the Land (Traffic / Legal) are meant for everyone's well-being, and they should not be purposefully broken with a negative intention.
♦ Not following others does not mean disrespecting others. If you cannot follow or if you disagree with someone, just stay away silently. Don't go around criticizing others or calling them wrong on the Internet or in real. Simply stated - it looks bad.
♦ Think Thoughts, speak Words, and do Actions with the awareness that you're the Creator of your life and that you can choose to live a life that YOU want. You do NOT need to follow anyone, ever.
♦ Raise your Energy and bring about changes, instead of raising your voice. Causing disturbance to yourself is only a wastage of your energy and 'creation time'.
♦ Think about your actions, try to feel in advance how it would feel after performing those actions (using Visualization, Imagination), and then take those actions. A little effort in the beginning will be of great help later. This does need regular practice for a sufficient amount of time.
♦ Never think or gossip about others, or judge others. This is against your internal progress.
♦ Never tell lies, make up stories, be jealous or envious of someone, do cruel actions, hurt someone.
♦ If you commit any mistakes, get over them immediately. Never repeating it again will bring you benefit.
♦ Never create a lazy atmosphere in the house or any place you are. Be active.
♦ Cleanliness and Discipline are the foundation of a Spiritual Lifestyle. The place where you live, cook, eat, stay should be very cleak and tidy.
♦ Use the valuable resources of your life or this world in a worthwhile way. Do not waste them.
♦ Use your mind, body, wealth, time, energy in a worthwhile way
♦ Never follow anything blindly - not even that which is written on this website.

Interpersonal Relationships
♦ Neither get into conflicts with anybody, nor flow with anybody emotionally.
♦ Even if someone gets angry, shouts, or insults, deal with it in the awareness that you have attracted this situation due to your Energy, and you are ready to respectfully deal with it. Neither insult someone back, nor be a tease. Be respectful. (Life Hack: Why you should AVOID people who make FUN of others)
♦ Do not get trapped into anybody else's external appearance or behavior, because it only causes hurt in the long run. Remember, any kind of emotional attachment with anyone is detrimental to your energy. You just need to be loving with your loved ones. Attachment is not love. Getting attracted or attached to another human being with the hope that they fill your void is like getting attracted towards a graveyard or like trying to fill water in a bucket that has a hole at the bottom.
♦ There's no harm in being loving and polite with EVERYONE. At the same time, neither hurt anyone nor get hurt by anyone else. Be crisp and to the point in your interactions. Some people never understand these mental / behavioral truths no matter how much you try to explain. Just give it up!
♦ Yes, there are troublesome people around, but the least you can do is not getting affected by them, and not remembering or talking about their shortcomings. That's harmful to YOUR energy. If there's anything you want to talk about anybody, talk ONLY about their positive traits.
♦ Be punctual, and respect others' time. Do not disturb others without prior appointment.
♦ Stay away from conversations when you're in a bad mood (whenever feasible). Change your Energy / Mood, and then re-address it.

Your appearance
♦ The simpler the easier. The harder you make efforts to impress others with your looks, the more complex you make your life.
♦ There's no harm in looking good, however, to do that to attract others means that you're not good enough in the inside. Look good only because YOU like looking good in the mirror.
♦ May others be attracted to your nature, and not just your physical body. It is your weakness if you make others attracted only towards your body, because this is short-lived, and life-long relationships cannot be based on just physical or sexual attraction.

♦ Being Spiritual does not mean ignoring your family and the responsibilities towards them.
♦ Some spiritual organizations teach / force their followers to stay single / celibate / forget families / friends, which is rubbish, according to me. Only stay away from the negativity of all of them, not from them.

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