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Social Media has changed the face of this world. Over the last 13+ years now, human beings have totally changed the way they look at life, think about oneself, perceive relationships, and define happiness.

You don't even need to step out of your bedroom to get to know what's happening in another part of the world. Information that is - oftentimes - totally irrelevant to you.

Social Media is like Credit Cards.
While there seem to be many benenfits, there are more losses.
Losses that can't be seen through the naked eye.

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There are Several side-effects / ill-effects of using Social Media, in general. This is not specific to any Platform. However, the more Popular an App, higher are the chances of you suffering from these ill-effects / side-effects / negative effects.

Part of this text was originally written by me as a Quora Answer to the question: What's the dark side of using tiktok? Today's youth are (unfortunately) GLUED to it all day. This was as of 2019.

This page contains the most updated and detailed content.

NOTE: I am NOT against Social Media. These tools have been made BY US and FOR US. They're for fun, and it would be alienating to not use them at all.

Dance came back to my life at 37 only because of Tik Tok.

The App enabled to do so many creative things, and
discover so many sides of me that not even I was aware of.

However, every coin has two sides. Since Tik Tok is the most popular platform as of 2019 (and 2020), I have used that as an example several times. Instagram REELS is the new source of garbage (as of 2020). WhatsApp is in the lead, and is no less than a Social Media "platform".

These Apps are diminishing our growth as Human Beings - not that many humans care about that!

Unless you "work" with Social Media Applications as your Source of Income (or your Bread n' Butter), here are some of the ill-effects that you must keep in mind (as a pure User):

Histrionic Personality Disorder

Abbreviated as H.P.D., there are increased chances of an individual (especially a youngster) developing this disorder. Here are a few symptoms:
♦ Excessive Attention Seeking
♦ Inappropriately Seductive Behavior
♦ Low Tolerance to Stress
♦ Being overly dramatic about petty things

You will see the symptoms of H.P.D. in some of the other ill-effects described below.

Fame Lust / External Validation

Apps - like Tik Tok (for example) - tend to "promise" Quick Fame by intermittently boosting videos and making them go viral - even if those videos are full of hatred, vulgarity, or stupidity.

This, naturally, develops the desire to "get famous" among the youth... and to do everything possible for that.

While there's nothing wrong with getting popular, the core of the problem is the desire to be validated externally i.e. expecting people (or the App itself) to validate oneself. That's more dangerous than you can imagine.

At the same time (as you will read below), these Apps (rather, Businesses) are completely unfair and biased, and they promote only a selected few people (so-called Influencers spreading nothing, but garbage), which is not only unethical, but also the cause for frustration, negativity, and hatred among the youth.

50% of India's Population is below the age of 25 (as of 2020), and - on a light note - all of them want to "get popular" (i.e. get validated). Some of them are so desperate that they beg for Likes on their Comments.

Apps are Businesses,
and Human Insecurity is their raw material.

Why does "Walking on FeviQuick" or "Couples during their First Time" need to trend on YouTube? I mean, seriously!?

The answer is simple - Demographics of a Country, often reflects on the Social Media, but whether or not it does, the youth's minds are easy to manipulate, and that's the kind of content that is boosted on all applications - whether YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram REELS. Pure Garbage!

19-20-year-olds have started falsely believing that they're Influencers / Celebrities. I call this Fake Stardom. Kids who have not even seen life CANNOT influence others.

Getting Popular on an App does NOT make you a Celebrity!
Getting Popular on an App is NOT Success!

You think that you're getting more and more popular, but realize that you're only getting more and more empty from within.

Kids on Display

Sometimes, parents & elders put their kids on Social Media Display - purely for Popularity. That's a strict No-No, especially, if you want your kids to have a good, healthy, and positive future.

This Directly, Immediately, and Strongly damages the child's Self-esteem Parameters and Creative Skills. I hope it is clear by now that making TikTok videos or Posting Selfies is NOT creativity.

Parents should encourage kids to stay as offline as possible, and help them develop interest in as many physical, real activities as possible. That's how kids develop Cognitive and Creative abilities. I am also referring to Manifestation abilities here.

Lack of Acceptance

According to a survey, 70% of the youth feel more ACCEPTED on Social Media than they do in-person, but is that just restricted to the youth? Who is responsible for the lack of acceptance that youngsters feel?

I can understand a kid who may have lost his parents and has no friends / relatives feeling unaccepted, but today, any and every other kid seems to be feeling this way.

Youngsters feel more important when they receive "lots of" Likes on their Photos and Videos, and there is no end to this. It's an endless loop of greed for something non-existent. That's what these Social Media Businesses target - the low self-esteem that is built into today's minds.

Has technology gripped our minds so much that we feel accepted by something that doesn't even exist in real?

Compulsive Phone Use

Smartphones have already destroyed our Minds and Creative Abilities, and these Apps make use of our insecure tendencies.

How many times you go and check your Content Performance (WhatsApp / TikTok / Reels)? How many times do you go and check others' Content? How many times do you check your Phone throughout the day?

The amount of time spent on a Smartphone
(which is almost equal to the time spent on Social Media)
is indirectly proportional to your Happiness.

I heard a funny term "No-Mo-Phobia" from someone's talk, which is severely present in almost everyone today. Ask yourself, "Can I stay away from my mobile phone for more than 15 minutes?"

Some Apps have confessed that they show Notifications late, so that people keep coming back to the Apps. That's something that Facebook seems to have adopted as of 2020, as I once observed. My photo already had someone's like, but the notification was show an hour later.

When you spend more time sitting at one place, and less time doing physical activities, your body adopts to your Habits & Behavior, and becomes less active every day. This not only develops laziness, but also leads to physical ailments.

Vulgarity By & For the Youth

Social Media apps are businesses. They want Downloads. They want you to keep the App Open for as long as possible. They would do ANYTHING to make money. Thanks, to the Laws that put restrictions in place, otherwise, this world already be destroyed because of the Social Media.

Take an example - Many people have complained that Apps like TikTok do not ban / censor vulgar content. It is, in fact, boosted. It is my observation as well that a vulgar / sexually suggestive video posted at a specific time gets 100x more Views than an artistic video posted at the exact same time. That's what the majority of the youth is, naturally, attracted to.

Here's an example of a video that is not removed despite it obviously being sexually suggestive, and being reported:

You are the Creator of Your Life. SEX is as vulgar as you make it, and it is as pure as you make it. It can be depicted using a beautiful, artistic and sweet manner OR it can be depicted in a vulgar, pornographic, and unethical manner. Needless to say what's shoved more onto your "For You" page. These apps don't care. All they want is - attention, views, downloads, and usage.

Obviously, when vulgarity is boosted by an Application, youngsters adopt the same behavior, and start defining to themselves their self-worth based on how much they think their bodies are sexually attractive. Self-Worth gets tied to Sexual-Worth.

Are you doing things on Social Media that Conflict your Values?

Reduced Focus In Life

These days, young boys and girls can't even hold a conversation. They're glued to their Mobile Phones so much that nothing else seems more interesting or important to them. I've experienced this personally at Shopping Malls too. Staff is busy watching their phones and not attending Customers.

Certain "Quick Fame" apps are so addictive that you (as a Creator) want to be on them every now and then - either to check your Notifications, or to check your Social Media Status, or to watch others' content. No matter what you may be doing, a part of your Mind is always pre-occupied with TikTok / REELS - about what to Create next, and what better to do to get more popular.

When you (as a Consumer) can get entertained in 15 seconds
by simply using one finger to swipe up for endless content,
why would you want to spend more time
on something else that requires more effort?

Attention span is the amount of time spent concentrating on a task before becoming distracted. On an average, the attention span of teenagers is up to 10 minutes. Short video applications (like TikTok) have a direct impact on the reduction of Attention spans in individuals. Teenagers are the most vulnerable. Not the adults or grown-ups are not.

As I've spoken about in one of my videos, I'd been to the Goa Gay Tour in January 2020, when I was seeing a couple of guys CONSTANTLY scrolling through TikTok's For You page - right from waking up in the morning, to going to bed, while eating, while talking. They were hardly doing anything else. I was super-shocked to witness that level of addiction.

Apps like TikTok are like drugs. Once you start using them, it is almost impossible to get out - especially if you're young / someone with a low self-esteem. This PERMANENTLY reduces your ability to concentrate / focus, and then getting out of the loop becomes more difficult by each day.

You should see the craze that youngsters have for many Fake (Social Media) Celebrities (also known as Micro Celebrities). If that's what the inspiration is... the quality of the future world is questionable.

Negative Content

Negativity was always present in this world. However, the Social Media has aggravated it by giving every single person an opportunity to express it (or to vent it out).

You should see the amount of hatred that humans spew on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram (incl. Reels), TikTok, etc. and I'm not just talking about the Common Man. Many Celebrities have become quite negative, just because there's an avenue to do that. We forget that venting out negativity does NOT reduce it from within. It, in fact, gets practiced, and thus, gets stronger within.

It's not just about hatred, but it's about feeding your low self-esteem to write / comment / express something in that manner. That's why I feel grateful for not having Social Media during my teens. I would've not been the person that I am today.

Youth's minds are getting rewired to emphasize more on "looking cool", or "looking sexy", rather than "trying to become a good human being", because that's what the Social Media boosts on their "discover" pages.

Unfairness / Bias

This is a very subtle, and important point to be understood. Social Media Apps are Businesses. They're NOT services as such. They may be free for you, but their primary focus is to Earn Money.

Their primary intention is not to Discover Talent, or Promote Artists. They have their Chosen Ones (often, their own known connections through Contacts or Agencies) who they promote. While there's nothing wrong with that, they suppress good talent, based on a wide array of Unfair Parameters. "Unfair" according to whom?

I, for example, have had my videos Shadow Banned & Blocked (by TikTok India), just because I was doing really good, and their non-talented "Chosen Ones" would lose audience. Why else would they suppress me? The worst day was (11th November, 2019) when I was banned from entering Madhuri Dixit's #EkDoTeenChallenge the day after she joined TikTok. They did not let that video reach Madhuri Dixit (& her team) by simply putting it indefinitely Under Review. That was the most disgusting and cheap strategy they could've ever used.

It's not just me. People within and outside of India have Complained that Good Videos / Talent is not promoted on TikTok. All that you have to do is watch the videos that come on your For You Page.

The Garbage is spreading on other sites as well. TikTok is the Cancer that has affected YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram now. You see "For You" pages all over the place now.

Constant Exposure to Unsolicited Content

Humans are already lost. There is already a lot of confusion and lack of clarity going on around. There is already a lot of lack of focus.

Above and beyond that, when you watch random, unrelated people doing negative things that you'd probably never do (or never want to do), you bring into your Energy those Beliefs, and draw those kinds of circumstances into your life, by the virtue of the Law of Attraction - whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction.

Unsolicited Garbage is available at Fingertips these days. It is Pushed onto your face. You don't need to much effort to "swipe up" using one finger, and - when you keep doing that endlessly - you get distracted from your own Goals and Achievements in life.

People showing their good sides / moments is a good thing, but when you compare that with your own day-to-day bland life, you start self-sabotaging, and that's where the damage begins. You tend to forget that that's not how their day-to-day lives are as well.

Constant Exposure to Fake Perfectionism
makes you believe less in your own self-worth and well-being.

You don't want to waste years of your life, and then realize that you did.


This may not have been like a typical "Spiritual" Page for you, but everything is Spiritual. Everything is about your Spirit. The details on this page are quite elaborate and technical. Yes, they talk about the side-effects, but what is the solution to all this?

Limit your time on Social Media. Be disciplined. I recommend not using these apps collectively for more than 10-20 minutes daily - in one sitting or you may spread that out.

If you want to lead a healthy, quality life, reduce your Social Media Time, because it is indirectly proportional to your Happiness Level.

If you'd like to get in touch or discuss about this, feel free to book a 1:1 Interaction.

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