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Social Media has changed the face of this world. Over the last 12+ years now, human beings have totally changed the way they look at life, think about oneself, perceive relationships, and define happiness.

You don't even need to step out of your bedroom to get to know what's happening in another part of the world. Information that is - oftentimes - totally irrelevant to you.

Social Media is like Credit Cards.
While there seem to be many benenfits, there are more losses.
Losses that can't be seen through the naked eye.

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Ill-effects of Social Media

There are Several side-effects / ill-effects of using Social Media, in general. This is not specific to any Platform. However, the more Popular an App, higher are the chances of you suffering from these ill-effects / side-effects / negative effects.

Part of this text was originally written by me as a Quora Answer to the question: What's the dark side of using tiktok? Today's youth are (unfortunately) GLUED to it all day. This was as of 2019.

This page contains the most updated and detailed content.

NOTE: I am NOT against Social Media. These tools have been made BY US and FOR US. They're for fun, and it would be alienating to not use them at all.

Dance came back to my life at 37 only because of Tik Tok.

The App enabled to do so many creative things, and
discover so many sides of me that not even I was aware of.

However, every coin has two sides. Since Tik Tok is the most popular platform as of 2019 (and 2020), I have used that as an example several times.

Unless you "work" on Social Media as your Source of Income (or your Bread and Butter), here are some of the ill-effects that you must keep in mind (as a pure User):

Histrionic Personality Disorder
Abbreviated as HPD, there are increased chances of an individual (especially a youngster) developing this disorder. Here are a few symptoms:
♦ Excessive Attention Seeking
♦ Inappropriately Seductive Behavior
♦ Low Tolerance to Stress
♦ Being overly dramatic about petty things

Fame Lust / Desperation for External Validation
♦ Applications like Tik Tok (because of the way in which they're designed) give you Quick Fame. It's quicker, if you're gifted with Good Looks / Physique. You do NOT need to be talented / skillful in order to gain popularity. Since an App like Tik Tok is made for the common man (and not just shortlisted people), you, obviously see many people doing silly things and getting popular. When you watch videos with some stupid acts having 5M Views / 1.1M Likes, you believe that the person is popular despite having no talent. That makes you give it a try yourself. Your inability to get the same numbers generates Anxiety and Stress, in amounts more than those produced during Loneliness. That's, because you're looking for External Validation.
♦ It is very easy to get appreciation by doing stupid things, on apps like Tik Tok. Such external appreciation is what many youngsters (or even old people for that matter) look for to validate themselves externally, because they're not self-validated.
♦ Fame Lust is at its peak (as of 2020). It's almost competing with Sex Lust, I'd say.

What about the Youth who are already Virtually Popular? Well, they were born with those Intentions. Moreover, it is important that they keep their focus on Real Life more. There's much more to life than Fame and Popularity - are they prepared for it?

Some Social Media Apps like Tik Tok
make money by taking advantage of Human Insecurity.

That's a statement to be deeply thought about.

Compulsive Phone Use
♦ Even Facebook and Twitter have made us check our accounts every now and then (and caused restlessness - also known as NoMoPhobia - within us). Apps like Tik Tok have made things worse!
♦ Here's a 38-year-old's (my) confession. Even I tend to go and check how my dances perform on Tik Tok quite often, because that's how the app is designed - circulates the videos at regular intervals feeding back notifications to you (in chunks) almost every minute or two.

Fake Celebrities / Stardom
♦ 19-20-year-olds (who have not even seen life) start proclaiming themselves "Social Influencers" just because they have a couple of Lakh / Million followers. They consider numbers as the measure of their success and start acting like 'Celebrities'. This creates and reingrains the belief in youth (who follow them) that "High Number of Followers = Stardom / Success".
♦ People misuse these numbers to show themselves to be good, generous human beings (keeping money in shopping malls, speaking good lines in videos), but they are not necessarily generous / helpful in real life. Don't ask me to take names
♦ Those who have reached great heights (via YouTube, for example) were already on that path. They just used YouTube as the medium, and that's what the purpose of Social Media is.

Getting Popular on an App does NOT make you a Celebrity!
Getting Popular on an App is NOT Success!

Hey 19-year-old, you may be a Fashion Influencer,
but Social Influencer? Nah!

Underage Kids
♦ Parents display / show their Kids acting / dancing / mimicing (just for Likes on Apps like Tik Tok) without realizing that that's exactly what damages the self-esteem of the future generations.
♦ Kids videos receive millions of views and likes, and that is toxic, because a natural habit of "getting myself validated externally" gets developed in these "raw" minds.
♦ This is totally spoiling future generations and their creative abilities and skills.

Vulgar Content (on Apps like Tik Tok)
♦ Tell me it's not just me who has seen Vulgar / Sexually suggestive Content on Tik Tok. Such content is GIVEN Views. Good content is not. This clearly indicates the intentions with which such apps are made.
♦ I've reported vulgar content quite a few times - but only once or twice it has been reviewed / removed. The funny thing is that even Grindr (a Gay Dating App that majority of the guys primarily use for Sex Dates) DOES NOT allow sexually suggestive photos (e.g. those having bulges, etc.)
♦ After watching videos from other countries, even Indian users now have started showing their Tongue, started talking about Masturbation (in vulgar ways), about their Penis Size, and making sexual gestures and giving sexual hints.
♦ Several Indian guys too have (as of 2020) started showing their erections (through their pants) in their videos, and such videos are promoted more by the TikTok Team / App. Such a shame.
♦ This is nothing, but detrimental to the Society & Culture in the long run.

When you watch something consistently,
it becomes a natural part of you.

Imagine a teenager watching vulgar Tik Tok videos daily.

Negative / Hateful / Unhealthy / Cringe Content
♦ Slapping each other, Revenge, Anger, Crying videos - how are all these Motivational or Educational or Inspiring? (btw., throwing water on a girl's face is also violence!)
♦ Youth's minds are getting rewired to think about things that aren't really progressive for the future world. For example: the emphasis is more on "looking sexy", and not on "trying to be a good human being".
♦ People use these Apps to spread hatred of all kind.
♦ Kids watch these so-called "Celebrities" (on TikTok, for example), and go to ridiculous levels to make videos - referring to animan abuse / depiction of rape videos that were highlighted on TikTok in May 2020.

Reduced Ability to Focus in Life / Reduced Attention Span
♦ These days, young boys and girls can't even hold a conversation. They're glued to their Mobile Phones so much that nothing else seems more interesting or important to them. I've experienced this personally at Shopping Malls too. Staff is busy watching their phones and not attending Customers.
♦ Whether a Creator or Consumer on an application like Tik Tok, you are only thinking about the app when you're not on the App, especially because it is highly engaging.
♦ When you can get entertained in 15 seconds, why would you want to spend more time on something else?
♦ Attention span is the amount of time spent concentrating on a task before becoming distracted. On an average, the attention span of teenagers is up to 10 minutes. Short video applications (like TikTok) have a direct impact on the reduction of Attention spans in individuals. Teenagers are the most vulnerable. Not the adults or grown-ups are not.

Tik Tok is Destroying the youth's
Creative Instincts / Abilities.

Creator Addiction
♦ Why are some Apps so addictive? That's because it is natural for us, humans, to bond with one another. However, we totally forget that we are supposed to bond with each other IN THE REAL WORLD, and NOT OVER THE VIRTUAL WORLD. That's NOT how it works.
♦ Apps like Tik Tok are like drugs. Once you start, it is almost impossible to get out - especially if you're young / someone with low self-esteem.

Consumer / User Addiction
♦ Users (who call themselves "fans" of some Popular people) running (like donkeys for carrots) behind those popular people without realizing that those popular people are doing all of it just for Money.
♦ I've personally witnessed guys endlessly scrolling through the For You page of Tik Tok right from the moment they open their eyes in the morning (before even brushing their teeth)... for hours and hours... and then spending time discussing about / criticizing Creators. They're not focused on food, or real-life activities / conversations. This is concerning.

Unfair Parameters / Biased, Haphazard, Immature Moderation (on Apps like Tik Tok)
♦ I feel sorry for people who think that videos automatically "go viral" on TikTok. That's not the case at all. As far as I've heard, the Moderators / Management Team boosts videos (like you boost Facebook / Instagram Ads for a specified number of days, at a specified rate, probably even in specific regions). They have complete control over all the videos.
♦ On Apps like Tik Tok, I've seen (and personally experienced) a lot of Unfairness.
  - 50% of my videos were Shadow Banned on my first two Tik Tok accounts in 2018 / 2019 to prevent me from getting Popular. Those videos couldn't be seen anywhere except my Profile. I have Screenshots.
  - I was banned from entering Madhuri Dixit's #EkDoTeenChallenge on 11th November, 2019, by indefinitely putting my entries Under Review. I have Screenshots.
♦ They only promote Make-up Artists, probably because someone from their Management Team has only that talent. They only promote Dancers that are Friends of Friends. They do NOT promote other good dancers, unless there's any credit for them to receive.
♦ They only promote Friends / Friends of Friends or those who are connected with them in one way or another.
♦ They only Boost random videos that have Captions begging for it to go Viral.
♦ Good talent is suppressed, just because some of their (Paid?) Popular Creators are bad enough, and talented people could overtake their Popular Creators.
♦ Someone's good dance gets 200 Likes (that too over a week), and a vulgar video posted at the exact same date and time by an immature guy gets 2,000 Likes within a day. That's the reality of Tik Tok. They don't want artists / talented / sane & sorted people. They want 'faltugiri'.

Inadequacy Consciousness
♦ "I don't have enough Likes (despite having better content), which means I am - probably not good enough in / for this world." obviously aggravates Low Self-esteem.
♦ This causes a permanent damage (slowly, but permanently) to one's mind, and, thus, life. Youth are supposed to be the future of the country.
♦ "I am not good-looking-enough", "I am not talented-enough" are natural thoughts in many youngsters today. Lack of fulfillment (via Likes) results in Revengeful attitudes or direct Depression.
♦ In a 2017 video "Do Humans Reincarnate As Animals?" I mentioned at 6:09 that as time goes ahead, people will have even trivial reasons to be sad about. Here we are! People are shedding tears like idiots for not getting Views on Tik Tok.

Can you imagine what might be happening to a not-so-good-looking 19-year-old when he sees an extremely cute 19-year-old getting 1M likes for just walking?

Youth were already going through Confidence Crisis.
Apps like Tik Tok have aggravated that.

Lack of Popularity
♦ Failure to get what you want causes the feeling of Rejection, which affects the same areas in the brain that are affected during immense body pain. Imagine what happens to your brain, body, and mind, when such a feeling is generated DAILY for an entire year.

Unsolicited Content from Random Strangers Pushed to your Home Page
♦ People - in this world - were "lost" and "wandering" even before the Social Media came into existence. Now, with unsolicited content at their fingertips, they are seeings things that are totally irrelevant to their lives. This, obviously, causes distraction and takes focus away from one's individual progress. This is a very deep thing to think about.
♦ Generally, on all Social Media Apps you follow someone / something to get its posts on your Home Page (News Feed). Depending on your interest, you Search for specific pages, and then decide whether to see its posts or not. However, on Apps like Tik Tok, videos (content) that you may not be interested in gets shoved in to your face (through the For You Page's Push Communication technique). As tall claims as they make (about a customized user experience / quick adaptation to your tastes), you still see content that you may simply not be interested in - including that which is offensive and inappropriate.

I am all over the Internet, but NOT addicted to any Platform, and I have proven this to myself several times. I use the Platforms in a very very detached manner, and that's how it should be:
♦ I post ONLY WHEN I feel like posting - not when I think the Platform expects me to
♦ I DO NOT CARE about who sees my Stories / Statuses, because I know that the ones who want to connect with me will surely see them
♦ I DO NOT CARE about random strangers on the Internet. I would rather focus on loving the real people around me (the toughest thing to do, isn't it? ).
♦ I have NO SOCIAL MEDIA days, and I celebrate them
♦ I use Social Media only for being accessible to everyone - not to achieve anything.
♦ Nothing is Permanent - not even my posts. I delete them very often.

If you'd like to get in touch or discuss about this, feel free to book a 1:1 Interaction.

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