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Sleep is medicinal. Sleep is the most natural and a gifted method to reboot, refresh, replenish, rejuvenate, reinvent, and restart yourself. Each time you wake up, you have the choice to get positive. Utilize it effectively.

I personally believe in taking at least 2 power naps in the day, and sleeping fully and properly at night. I used to take one Power Nap at my workplace for 10 minutes daily (around 3 pm), which enhanced and boosted my energy so much that that made me one of the Top Talents, besides countless awards for extraordinary performance.

However, one can get a sound sleep only if one understands the value of that which is spoken in this Life Hack. Many-a-times, it is not sleep that you need, but just the rest of the body and the mind, and you'll read about it in this article.

Sleeping is not just for the body

The most important thing that happens when you go to sleep is the slowing down of your Conscious Mind / Thinking. While it is obvious that negative thinking is an obstacle to the accomplishment / manifestations of your positive Thoughts, even if you are someone who does not think negative, it is the conscious mind's job to think, and have a continuous stream / traffic of Thoughts, until you either sleep or meditate.

You subconscious mind is always active. It is the place where all the treasure and the most important data resides. Your beliefs. Your power. Your true inner core values. Just that when you're awake and active, your conscious mind overrides it. When you sleep / meditate, your subconscious mind comes into effect, thereby beaming out signals of all that it contains, thus, increasing the chances of manifesting those treasures in your real life.

In the mode of sleeping, you are definitely not creating conscious negative Thoughts, due to which your energy is refreshed in the morning, which is why you feel charged and geared up.

Never sleep without doing this

A (minimum) 3 minutes self-talk. Resolve whatever you can. Clear off whatever is on your mind. Even if you feel blocked, because the issue involves another person, learn what YOU can do about it now, and move ahead. Issues, if any noticed by you, are always within YOU only.

Build a couple of minutes of positive energy, and then go to sleep. You will not only have a sound sleep, but also wake up in a good energy level.

Resolving Issues

If there are open-ended, unresolved issues that you believe are troubling you, you cannot divert yourself enough to solve them! The quickest trick that you can do is just let that negative energy subside by taking a Power Nap. Then, after waking up, quickly build your energy to a positive level, and then address the issue.

Yes, this is also a way of diverting from the problem, and you cannot do this enough / always, but I'm penning it down here, as it's a very easy, free of cost, and a quick way to change your energy / frequency from negative to neutral to positive.

Each time you wake up, you have the choice to get positive, and get on to another energy-level altogether, from which, the problem does not appear problematic, but you gain so much power than you can clearly see what to do.

Depressed or Enraged?

or into any other strong negative mode? Don't talk to anyone. Don't call up your ex. Don't fight with your mother. Don't go shopping. Don't watch a movie. Don't write a negative WhatsApp status. Don't smoke / drink / have random sex. Don't take actions to resolve it. They will all backfire (i.e. you will not enjoy them at all or you will attract negative circumstances there as well). Do something else first.

Just go to sleep, and you will find a more foolproof / long-term / working solution once you develop the habit of taking charge of your Thoughts soon after waking up. Yes, sleeping is also diverting, but it's diverting into a more stabilizing direction. Other directions have a very high potential of destabilizing you even more.

Digging into a problem or trying to find its bottom when you're in a negative state is the worst thing to do at the worst time. Stabilize yourself first, and then...

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