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.The Law of Attraction - How exactly it works

The Law of Attraction is continuously active in the background, whether you are aware of it or not; whether you have this knowledge or not, whether you believe in it or not, whether you like it or not.

So, it was working in the past as well (when you and I were not aware of it). The law is not a machine or a person out there doing something, it's just law, a theory, an understanding. The universe comprises of all the outer elements, living and non-living, all made of energy of various forms, such as static, dynamic, kinetic, potential, radiant, etc. On the other hand, you are the center of the universe, attracting various types of life experiences based on what is contained within you. This is happening on a continuous basis.

Like the wind always blows, like the earth revolves and rotates automatically (not just when it's happy), like the law of gravity is always active (that too for everyone in the world without bias), the law of attraction continuously brings you life experiences based on what YOU contain (in terms of vibrations). We have to work in accordance with the laws, so that our life becomes more and more beautiful. Often people say, the law of attraction now works for me. That's a 'technically' incorrect statement, now you know why. You can say that you are now understanding the correlation between your thoughts and their manifestations and that you are now living your life in accordance with the laws of energy exchange. You do not need to "work on the law" as such.

So, never say, "I had a good day". Say, "I contained happy, positive, and elevated vibrations within me, and the law of attraction matched those kinds of elements in the world with me". Never say, "I had a bad day". Say, "I contained negative, sad, and depressing vibrations within me, and the law of attraction matched those kinds of the elements in the world with me."

Science behind "Energy attracts energy"

The fact that energy attracts energy is something basic and purely scientific. We all have heard of Harmonic Resonance. A simple experiment that you may have done during your childhood - Holding a couple of tuning forks with varying lengths of their prongs. When one fork is struck, it vibrates, setting out waves that impact (or not impact) the other forks depending on their dimensions. Although this is an example from Acoustics, meta-physics behaves similarly. A person sending out dominant negative energy (consciously or not) to its surroundings will resonate (i.e. match) with only the negative elements in the surroundings (even if there are positive elements present around).

So, whatever is the energy (i.e. the vibrations, feelings, patterns) you carry, you gravitate (i.e. magnetize towards yourself with an attractive magnet-like force) those exact energy-matching worldy situations towards yourself in the form of people or life-events.

So, if you are happy, you will bump into a beautiful-looking flower. If you are feeling down and depressed, the garden you are walking into may be in the process of cleaning. This is the critical point where you have the choice to change your energy. What usually happens is, we come across a bad situation and make a clamour about it so much that we worsen our related Beliefs, by reaffirming, strengthening them, deepening them within ourselves, and we keep gravitating those kinds of life-experiences towards us due to the law of attraction. This happens the other way round too. Whenever you get hopeful about something, enthusiastic, positive, and motivated, you gravitate positive and happy life-experiences towards yourself by the virtue of the law of attraction. In such a mood, even if you come across something that is actually negative, you will deal with it very well.

What are life experiences after all? They are the situations and circumstances that come from the other end i.e. that which happens towards you i.e. in your direction. You driving your vehicle is your ACTION, whereas the road being very bad and bumpy is the SITUATION. How you feel about it becomes your LIFE EXPERIENCE. You THINK bad about the situation, FEEL bad and your mood changes to ugly, and that is when you (for example) either create a new HABIT (of irritation), or re-affirm/negate an existing one (learning to let go). How you perceive it is based on your BELIEFS. Thus, beliefs are the core of everything. Through simple introspection, you can find out your pain-causing beliefs and gradually change them.

Self-understanding, self-empathy, self-love, self-counseling, deep thinking, and silence of the mind, [all of these being the common forms of meditation] boost up this process.

The common saying goes, "You attract what you are, not what you want".
Let me correct it to, "You attract what you are, and you CAN attract what you want."

"Be the change"

Everything we get in life is by the virtue of our Vibrations. Whatever we lose from life is also due to our Vibrations. When we are a match to something/someone, it is drawn towards us. When we are not a match to something, it automatically gets drawn away from us. Understanding the law gives you the opportunity to change and become an energy match to the kind of energy you're looking out for. We usually consider the LOA as the "means" to get what we want in life. That's an incomplete understanding. LOA is not a pipeline or a medium. It's just law, an understanding - that you get what you ARE. In other words, the package of Habits / Beliefs you ARE keeps attracting matching life situations towards you. So, whatever you are presently seeing in your life is due to what you ARE (or in better words, it is a match to what you have become over a period of time). If you want to change your life, you have to change your Vibrations. That's exactly what Mahatma Gandhiji said, "Be the change you want to see in the world". By becoming (in terms of energy and vibrations) what you want (which is also a pattern of energy), you 'law of attract' what you want. Found that cute image on this blog. Thanks to the creators.

A simple question that may arise in anybody's mind, "I want a boy-friend, so what does it mean to 'be' what I want?". Well, it only means that you should be of that caliber. You should be 'the girl-friend'. You cannot be a sad, sulking, negative energy-carrying person to attract the kind of boy-friend you are looking for. Well, if those are your current vibrations, you will only end up attracting a boy-friend who is also sad, sulking, negative himself (if at all you do). You don't want that, do you? That is why it is said that you should GIVE what you want from others. It essentially means that you should CREATE those types of Thoughts and Feelings within your package of Vibrations, so that you will then start LOA'ing those kind of life-situations. People are sad that they don't have partners. They attract other sad partners into their lives. Then there are break-ups, and they get even more sad, concluding, "I don't deserve a partner", and they never attract the right partner thereafter. That's such a loss!

There's such a simple change required in one's life (in the above example). One just needs to be happy in general (i.e. vibrate happiness) to attract a happy partner, be giving in general (i.e. have that belief that 'giving means creating means gravitating what you want') to attract a giving partner, be understanding in general (i.e. have that personality trait) to attract an understanding partner. Why deprive yourself of what you want, when all that you need to do is a slight change in the way you think and perceive?

Vibrations do not travel! You gravitate situations...

You read above that everything that is happening in your life is due to the law of attraction. So, if your kids are constantly fighting with each other, does that mean that you have attracted it? Absolutely Yes. Blame them only 50% for it. 0% in fact. If you witnessed an accident on the road, did you attract that scene into your life? Absolutely Yes. Each and everything you experience in life is attracted by you and only you. Well, what you witness may also happen independently in your absence, e.g. the road accident, the children fighting, but if you witnessed and experienced that scene, you attracted it. It means that you had a vibration within you that caused you to attract it. Now, depending on your will-power, inner-strength, you face the situation. So, one parent may get furious watching his kids fight, whereas the other parent may just not care about it. Nevertheless, both these parents attracted the situation individually.

The mind / soul is non-physical, i.e. meta-physical and so are vibrations. So, vibrations do not really travel as such in time and space, however, whatever it is in your thoughts and feelings, based on your actions, you see or bring those kinds of circumstances into your life. For example, if you want someone to get healthier, it is not that your thoughts reach them and they get healthier. It means that you see only their healthier side. If they have the will-power, they get completely well and that is how you think that your thoughts changed them. Actually, you cannot take any credit towards their wellness. If they are sometimes well and sometimes not, because of your pure thought of seeing them well, they will come across you only when they're well. You experiencing a life-situation is purely based on what you contain within.

So, how to find what needs change in yourself, especially if you do not want to attract what you may be attracting?

Well, if you observe your life, at least for the significant situations that cause you emotional pain, you will observe a pattern. Irrespective of whether or not there is a pattern to undesired situations, all you need to check is how you feel while facing the situation. Your FEELING is the indicator of whether you want such situations more often or less often. If you like something, you feel good, thereby wanting more of it. If you don't like something, you feel bad, wanting less or none of it. Once you identify your feelings, thank the situation for mirroring your feelings to you. Then go back and check the underlying perceptions or beliefs or assumptions you may be carrying in your mind. Check them if they are correct. If there's something you don't like, there are certainly some vibrations that you need to change completely or modify slightly. No one else can do it for you. Elevated knowledge based on some truths of life - such as that mentioned on this website - can help you correct your beliefs, and change or modify them as necessary.

Let's take a situation as an example - I visit a Shopping Mall in a pretty ordinary mood (neither happy nor sad). I shop for all that I require, and then come to the billing counter to come across the biller boy who is not focused on his work. He cracks jokes with his co-workers, bills the items incorrectly, and does not do his job well. Now, suppose this makes me uncomfortable (not just because my time is wasted, but because he is not giving his customer proper attention), I experience discomfort, I will be irked. I may instantaneously shout at him and try to teach him what's right. This indicates that I have several beliefs, such as, "Sellers should treat customers well and with politeness", "A customer is allowed and supposed to get angry", "I am a customer", "He will do his job well after I teach him a lesson" and so on. Let's take these few for now and dissect them:

- I am a customer. We are not this body. We are energy. I have been to that mall as a customer, but I am a loving, peaceful energy that can create my life the way I desire.
- Sellers should treat customers well and with politeness. Well, yes, they should, but if they don't, it wouldn't harm me if I give them some understanding and the energy of cooperation.
- A customer is allowed and supposed to get angry. Well, a loving and peaceful soul/energy is only supposed to love and be polite and not disturb the self, because this disturbance takes one away from creating what it is that one desires. What do I desire here? That I want better experiences around such a situation in the future. Wouldn't it be nice to create those kind of thoughts at that point?
- He will do his job well after I teach him a lesson. That's often why we try to teach something to someone in anger. Does it ever work? People do not change by this method. They may just temporarily change or pretend to be well in front of you, but that is not what you're looking for, are you?

Well, if you want people to be scared of you, and if you enjoy getting angry at someone (and not regret it later), and if you want people only to be nice to you (irrespective of how they are otherwise), that's a separate story altogether (not in the scope of this website).

Identifying Beliefs

Beliefs can sometimes be really tricky to identify. To reach the exact belief from the point of the conscious feeling and thought can be really tricky. Let me speak the truth and only truth. Have you watched The Crystal Maze game in your childhood on TV? It has always been one of my most favorite TV shows. If you've been involved in the game, you have definitely created the feelings, "just about to get it (the crystal, the ultimate goal), but not getting it". You are certainly facing its consequences today, because while watching the TV series, you created the belief that it is possible that you just reach 99% there and not get it fully. So, now you may be certainly coming across experiences that make you get what you want only 99%. Well, I'm not at criticizing the amazing and innovative game show (it has been my absolutely favorite then and even now), however, this is just an example to illustrate how deeply beliefs can be formed and executed. It's true also when we play video games or watch television soaps or cricket so 'addictively'. The same reason why there is suddenly a wave around the world to not read newspapers early in the morning.

We created those feelings in ignorance then, now that we've identified the possibility of our failures in life, let's negate that negative belief and make it positive. This is still a broad example. Thoughts and beliefs can get even more subtler, trickier, deeper, but they are not hard or impossible to change.

Creation of beliefs happens sub-consciously (though it starts from the conscious place)
and that's the level at which the law of attraction works

I said above a few of times that it's a cycle - We PERCEIVE situations based on our BELIEFS, which are essentially our THOUGHTS, we then FEEL accordingly, and then we re-affirm our BELIEFS. This creates our PACKAGE OF VIBRATIONS / BELIEFS. This results in the LOA to bring vibration-matching circumstances in front of us (in the form of people and situations). Although it's a cycle, and even though a cycle does not have a start or an end, we are the creators of our thoughts, and we are the ones who have the power to break the cycle at any point. Even if a Belief has been built up over thousands of years, it doesn't necessarily take another thousand years to erase it. It can be erased within a second, and this depends on your conviction and more importantly, your willingness to change it.

It is not only a tried and tested guaranteed method by me, but also by quite a few people I have advised this - When a difficult person comes across you and behaves in a particular way (may be through words, gestures, or even looks), notice YOUR Feelings. They will lead you to your Beliefs. You have to identify your Beliefs and bridge them (thought-by-thought) slowly and then change them to positive beliefs. Nobody else can do it for you. If you want to see change in your life, you have to make these efforts - not just once after reading this, but consistently. You will start seeing results only after a consistent, regular, uninterrupted practice of a couple of weeks. Changing Beliefs is not difficult at all. However, it's a change. Like how it is not difficult to re-paint the house, but it needs consistency, efforts, and time, so is this. However again, if you do this so that others change, it will never work. If you do this so that your life experiences change, it will definitely work.


You will get it only if you want it

Here's a very important understanding that you should have - It is your thoughts and overall vibrations about your life that will bring you what you want. If you are a person who believes in having only peace and not very fond of physical materials, you will definitely be a peaceful person living in little, and that's perfectly fine for you. However, if you have not created the thoughts of wanting a car or a house, the Universe or God or whoever will not say, "Hey, he / she is such a nice and selfless boy / girl, let's gift him a complimentary car or house, because he is peaceful." That's NOT how it works.

It is essential that you become a vibrational match to your desires before you can get something, and that is why happiness is the predecessor of any physical manifestation that you are eager for. However, a physical manifestation will not be the successor of happiness, when it is not desired. If I am happy in my life right now, and I simply do not want a bungalow, why on earth will I get one?

There is no "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE" offer in the Universe, where if you are working towards only Peace, you will get a Lover too (when you are consciously not wanting it)!


It works like Google Search

Suppose you want to search for "heart shapes" on the Internet. What will you enter in the Google's Search Bar? Obviously, "hearts" or "heart shapes" or something like that. Correct?

Now, tell me, if you DON'T WANT to search for "chocolates", and if you enter "No Chocolates" in the Google's Search Bar, what will happen? Your search results will be full of chocolates.

This is exactly how the Law of Attraction works. When you say, "I don't want that irritating person in my life", or "This world is horrible / impure", or "People are so troublesome and viceful", or "I hate this ghor kalyug" or "I don't want to be lonely", that's exactly what you'll get back multiplied.

It's similar to hating 'Comedy Nights LIVE' - the comedy show that appears in place of 'Comedy Nights with Kapil'. What happened roughly during 2015-16. Everyone loves Kapil, and it is natural to not like a kinda "forced replacement", but look on the Internet. Everyone seems to be talking about 'Comedy Nights LIVE' more than how much everyone appreciated Kapil when his show was being aired. We are probably talking about the hatred for this new show more, that too in a negative manner. The logic is simple. If you keep the channel ON and then come back on the Internet and express your hatred towards how that show is bad, you are contributing positively towards the TRP of the show, isn't it? If you don't want this show to be aired - simply switch to another channel or switch OFF the television, and then take steps towards bringing Kapil Sharma back on television. That would be a better way of focusing towards the wanted, isn't it?

You magnetize / amplify whatever you think about - whether you like it or dislike it, whether that's what you want or that's what you don't want. This happens because you haven't changed your Thoughts and Beliefs and are exaggerating the unwanted in your mind.

You cannot push away anything from you. All that you need to do is change its perception in your mind. To not search it in Google's bar, simply don't enter that text. Similarly, to not experience that in your life, just focus on something else altogether until your energy changes.

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