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The Law of Karma goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction. Based on the Cause-Effect principle, the Law of Karma is essentially an easier way of understanding the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is at the basis of everything, however, the Law of Karma is framed for the easier understanding of the common man.

There are many ways in which the Law of Karma is described and understood by various people across the world. At the same time, there are many misunderstandings about the law.

This page is the most comprehensive, detailed, core, deep, practical, and implementable understanding of the Law of Karma.

What is a Karma?

Every single Thought that you think is your Karma.

People usually think that a Karma is something external, so they believe that only an Action is a Karma. Action could be a physical action done using the body (that includes words spoken through the mouth, gestures done through the hands or other body parts, hugging someone, slapping someone, or having sex with someone). Well, yes, these are Karmas, however, since they originate from the mind, and since Thoughts are at the root of each Action, a Karma is basically the Thought that you think.

What Is The Result Of A Karma?

People rightly believe that the Result of a Karma (commonly known as Fruit / Destiny) is what comes from outside towards us, in the form of people, life-events, and circumstances.

However, the one part that they miss is that it is coming back to them by the virtue of the Law of Attraction responding to their Present Energy (that which you can also call your Aura).

That may sound something new to you, but stay with me on that.

How Karmas are created

Your Thoughts are your Karma. Your Thoughts are essentially based on your Beliefs (i.e. Perceptions) about Life. You know, by now, that your every Thought contributes to your overall Energy. However, it's a bit more than that.

You Perceive something based on your Beliefs. You think Thoughts, and perform Actions. These Actions essentially create your Destiny / Life Experiences. Based on your Destiny (i.e. based on what your life is constituted by), you strengthen your Beliefs / Perceptions about Life. So, it's a cycle.

Let's understand this with the help of an example: If, due to some experiences, you have come to the Belief that 'When someone (a newly made friend) suddenly stops chatting with me on WhatsApp, it means he does not like me anymore.' Now, when you make a new friend and get in touch over WhatsApp, that Belief is still within you. You both chat for a couple of first few days of your new friendship, and one fine day, he does not reply to your 'Good Morning'. This repeats for 2 days. Don't you think it's natural for you to think based on that Belief (mentioned earlier)? It is. However, if you make yourself a big-hearted person, and give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking 'that he may be busy and engrossed in something very good at his end, or may be something very bad is happening at his end' (not a desired Thought, but okay for this example), your capacity to understand another increases, thereby increasing your chances of being a better friend. Whereas, if you take it personally and start feeling low, you lower your Self-Esteem even further, making you someone who nags over such trivial issues, who people - consequently - avoid. As you saw, there are two Destinies mentioned in this example (both underlined).

Where did these two Destinies (i.e. Karmic Fruits / Results) originate from? From your "Past Karmic Account"? No. From your "Horoscope"? No. From your "Past Birth?" No.

The Destiny was created from your Belief, based on which you did your Karma (i.e. Thought in that direction, and then take actions, such as being rude to him, or arguing with him for him not having replied to your message(s)). Well, yes, there are points of discernment there i.e. you CHOOSE how to respond, and that choice is based on your Beliefs and overall Perceptions about life, but let's talk about it later (when we look at how to change / nullify your Karmas).

How and Where Karmas are stored

Your Thoughts are your Karma. Your Thoughts are stored within you (i.e. the Soul), in the form of Beliefs / Perceptions that form your overall Energy. Thus, your Karmas are inside of you only. It is like a repository of files on a computer that accumulates over a period of time. Do you remember the movie Inside Out1 and the memory dump mentioned in it? We can use that immensely cute analogy here.

Karma is not stored anywhere outside of you. It is not recorded by God, or by the Universe, or by Chitragupta1. [Chitragupta is considered to be the 'holder' of our Karmic Accounts, with the simple intention that we should not be too carried away with our good actions, and not even be bogged down by our bad actions. We should just let go of it all, and focus on our actions at present.]

Beliefs result into Karmas, and Karmas form new Beliefs. These are just two words, but they're essentially two different ways of referring to the same thing. I mean, you may write '2 x 3' or '4 + 2', both essentially mean the same thing represented in two different ways.

Your Karmas are stored within you, and the Law of Attraction continuously brings back to you circumstances, life-events, and people that match those Karmas (i.e. your overall Energy) on an ongoing basis.

This is all that the Law of Karma is.

"But I did not do anything bad to anyone...!"

That's the common statement by many of us - that we did not do anything bad to anyone in this birth, at least knowingly. So, "why is the bad stuff happening with me?"

Here's the answer - You've been in this world even before you came into this birth. Every single Thought you thought resulted in an impression within you. These impressions (as you read above), are known as Beliefs / Perceptions.

These Beliefs are created, strengthened or weakened, one by one, gradually, over a period of time, based on your Life Experiences.

Your overall Energy or Personality today, is an aggregation of all that you've lived so far. Therefore, as of today, you're a package of all of those Actions-converted-into-Beliefs (actions being your Thoughts, Words, or Physical Actions). You may now understand that there is a past to a new born baby as well. That's why we come across physically challenged, ill, or diseased babies around.

We can categorize Emotions into many types, however, simply stated, there are two types of emotions - ones that feel good, and the others that feel bad. Happiness, Joy, Love, Freedom, etc. feel good, whereas Sadness, Anger, Jealousy, Revenge, etc. feel bad. We create both types of Emotions (based on our Thoughts), and these get deeply ingrained into ourselves. They remain within us until we identify them and work on them to eradicate (i.e. weaken) them.

A lot of negativity in the form of Beliefs is resident and residual within us. I call it Resident Evils. Unless and until one faces negativity in life, it is almost impractical and impossible to identify those Resident Evils within the self and get rid of them. However, they're still there, and since they're there, the Law of Attraction - on a continuous basis - brings life experiences to you that match those.

You can, in fact, make use of your Life Experiences to identify your Resident Evils (this includes your worries, fears, low self-esteem, inferiority complex, and all other negative traits), and eradicate them. That's when your life experience becomes one that people call MIRACULOUS or LUCKY.

Karmic results are NOT brought back to you
based on what you HAVE DONE in the past,

Karmic results are brought back to you
based on what you ARE doing in the present (in your mind)

and that is hugely influenced by your past.

As You Sow... So Shall You Reap!

Let's understand this really well, again. We think that a Karma is something that we did in the past (like throwing a boomerang in the air), and now it is coming back. Yes, that's the perfect analogy for the Law of Karma, but I'm sure you now understand that it's a bit deeper than that. The way this statement is commonly understood is pretty incorrect.

When the stomach aches, we think we must have fed poison to someone in the past birth. When we notice that since birth we've always lived a money-deprived life, we think we must have cheated someone in all the past births. When someone robs us, we think we must have robbed someone. That's NOT how it is.

You have thought Thoughts and taken Actions ever since you've come into this physical existence, and they have formed your overall Energy as of today. The Law of Attraction is responding to that overall Energy on a continuous basis. So, when your stomach aches, it is probably because you're careless in your eating habits (that was / is your Bad Karma). When you're deprived of money since birth, it is probably because you don't consider yourself worthy enough or because you're running too much behind money (that was / is your Bad Karma). When someone robs you, it is probably because you have the tendency to disrespect things or people in your life (that was / is your Bad Karma).

One of the biggest misunderstandings about Karma is that people think that they've done something in the past that is now OUT THERE, and it will return at any moment. Thus, they fear Karma, instead of acknowledging it. You are thinking Thoughts on a continuous basis. You did so in the past (i.e. sowed Beliefs in the past), and you are doing it in the present as well (i.e. sowing Beliefs into your Energy in the present). It's very important to understand that you are doing it in the present as well. You are continuously creating Karmas i.e. thinking Thoughts and that can never Pause.

All of those sowed Beliefs are within you(r Energy), and until those Beliefs are within you(r Energy), those kinds of experiences will be brought back to you in the form of life experiences by the virtue of the Law of Attraction. This is what 'As you sow, so shall you reap' means.

Karmic Accounts / Bondages

A misunderstanding that people have about Karmas or Karmic Accounts or Karmic Bondages is that they are time-bound and that they need to be faced or served for a certain (unknown to us) period of time, until one's account (that which cannot be controlled by the self) is over. People assume it to be this way because they do not understand where and how Karmas are stored.

For example, if you have come across your parents, your life-partner, or a person at your workplace, you may have this incorrect understanding that you have to serve that account until it is over i.e. until that person goes away from you or completely changes. That's untrue.

Just imagine if you read or say this DAILY, "You have Past Karmas and you are now seeing the results of it", why will you even want to change anything about it?

Now that you've come to this page, let's clarify it all.

You attract people (souls) and circumstances by virtue of your Energy due to the Law of Attraction. At the moment of this rendezvous1 (a metaphysical collision of energy point at which you magnetize something towards you), which is less than a fraction of a second, your so-called Karmic Account with that soul finishes there itself (because of the law of attraction has done its match-making job). How you take it further is brand new Karma. What thoughts you choose to create constitute your brand new Karma. There is nothing such as "until that Karmic Account gets over..." The Karmic Account is already over. There is no 'Karmic Account' as such. It's only about your Beliefs!

Unfortunately, due to this misunderstanding or misinformation, as people are unable to understand this phenomenon / truth in the right way, they end up dragging relationships unnecessarily, fighting amongst each other daily, dissatisfying each other time and again, and being unhappy in those relationships. They don't work on making changes in any way, because they wait for an external change to happen with the misbelief that that's when the Karmic Account will be automatically over.

A person comes to you, because of that matching point, and thereafter, even if that person is not a match to you in real, you either establish a one-sided love-relationship with that person, or you both (without giving enough time and recognizing if you are actually a match to one another enough to live together for the rest of your lives), get into commitments, and end up being unhappy later in life. This is what I would call Forced Relationships. This often results in divorces (because we have alternative choices and options in plenty today). That's when we say, "Now, my Karmic Account is over!". That's untrue. The account was over when you met.

Every morning when you wake up, you (may be unconsciously) choose to live with your parents / spouse / co-worker. You are making that choice right now, right now, right now. Life is forming as you're moving ahead.

Another misunderstanding that people have is that once an account is over, the person goes away from us. If you've understood (and once you experience) what's written above, it will also be understood that that's untrue. The account was over long back (when you both met). Thereafter, you choose now, now, and now to be with that person (or to go away from that person). You perpetuate your Karmic Accounts.

It is all counted!

You may not be aware of all your Beliefs / Thoughts at a given point of time, however, the Law of Attraction is. Therefore, there are instances when you're pretty happy or in a normal mood, but you come across something that disturbs you. Although it may appear that such an incident defies1 the Law of Attraction, but it doesn't.

It is all within you only. Therefore, there's no chance that it will be missed out.

When does a Karma "return"?

Your past Karma (you know what it really means now) is returning back to you on a continuous basis. Every single manifestation around you is a blend and an amalgamation of your overall Beliefs / Perceptions / Attitude / Energy about your life. The manifestations that are 100% accurate according to your Desires are the result of your Pure Beliefs about those areas of life, whereas the manifestations that are not 100% accurate according to your Desires are the result of your Impure Beliefs. Beliefs become impure due to Thoughts of misbelief.

So, your Karma is returning to you on a continuous basis. Everything that you are getting is the result of your Thoughts. The form or precision in which you are getting it is the result of your Belief / Faith in your Desires.


How to "nullify" Karmas?

Let's put it in the right words. You cannot 'nullify' your Karmas. That is not the purpose of your life. You can clear your negative Karmas though.

I'm sure you're clear by now that Karmas are essentially your Beliefs. If something comes to you, it is based on your Beliefs. I'm referring more to the negative ones here. It is next to impossible to know your (negative) Beliefs without experiencing the negative side of life. What we call negative is actually something that we do not like while facing it. Essentially, those corresponding Beliefs are triggered within us, and we feel sad, bad, and negative.

That's the perfect opportunity to change your Beliefs. When someone speaks rudely with you, do you feel angry or low? What are the first few thoughts you naturally think at that point? Some examples are: I am unworthy. People in this world are bad. This workplace sucks. Something is wrong within me only. Such types of people are bad only in all cities. People should change. The society should change. Some people don't deserve what they have. These triggered Thoughts vary from person to person, and they are millions in numbers, really. You only know the ones that hold true for yourself.

Unless and until we are aware of how this mechanism works, it is simply not possible for us to even think of the possibility of changing our Thoughts and Beliefs. That's because we continue to think that it's the world that needs to change in order for us to get what we want, without understanding how the Law of Attraction works. When YOU change, you magnetize favorable conditions towards yourself, and that's only what the purpose of your life is. Once each one of us starts doing this at an individual level, this world will automatically become a better place.

Once you're aware of this phenomenon, you will know that you have the choice to change your Thoughts right now, bridge your Beliefs and make them more positive, and that will automatically change your overall Energy, and end up changing your life, and what all you attract in it. How exactly to change your Beliefs is by thinking more positive and the right Thoughts, and my Life Hacks1 will definitely help you in the same.

How you deal with the situation is what decides whether your Beliefs will be strengthened or weakened. Have you experienced that when you are going to office and someone on the road does not drive his vehicle properly, you will most probably get irritated or angry. On the contrary, when you are on a holiday and someone does the same thing, you will most probably laught it off. This is because your Mood i.e. your Energy is different in both the situations. If you can keep your "holiday mood" active daily, life will become much easier. That's why people have now come up with the concept of Friday Dressing. Whatever comes back at us, we call it DESTINY, and now you exactly know how you create you Destiny. You are creating it right now, right now, right now.

Past Karma can be a thought one created two minutes ago as well. Majority (almost 80%) of the Past Karmas are nullified within the womb itself. In more correct words - most of the realizations (and Thoughts correction) happen within the womb itself. No wonder it is called a Prison / Jail by some. 90-100% of what we are facing now is the result of our Thoughts in this birth. So, if I have the acidity problem (in my stomach), it does not mean that I must have kicked someone's stomach with my leg or I must have fed poison to someone when I must have been a king a few thousand years ago. It means, "I did not pay attention to my eating habits in my 20s, and I drank lots of tea!" That was my past Karma.

Now, every single thought you created in the past is adding up to the huge mass of your Being. Every single Thought you create NOW is also adding up to that huge mass. It is actually such a tiny mass that it is invisible to one's eyes. You may have had bad past experiences. You will not have created bad feelings for all of them. For some, you may have just laughed at, for others, you may have been into a sad mode for some period of time. All of those post-event thoughts added up to that mass. Now, the Law of Attraction presents you with situations mirroring your overall mass - not just the Thoughts you are actively thinking now. So, even if in a happy mood you came across a bad shopkeeper, it was due to your past hidden Energy (Resident Evils, as I call it).

Now*, coming to the main point. You have a choice RIGHT NOW. Whether to lovingly laugh at yourself and at him and make the situation light OR sulk and feel low saying, "Iron Age / Modern Society is bad and tough, people are impure, this is the result of my past Karma, I am superior, how can he behave like that. This always happens with me. This happened to me in that other shop as well. I will never go to shops, instead, I will go to malls where I don't have to interact with anybody." Now, in this second case, you are reiterating, reinforcing, restating, re-ingraining your own existing Beliefs. Well, that these Thoughts are "existing" thoughts itself means that they've come from the past. The natural attitude of any person on this planet is that to take things lightly and move on happily, but if you're creating something negative or sad, it's because of some kind of past experience (the basis of it being fear). You may have noticed that when you fight in public, many others look at you in a weird way. There is only 1 or 2 person(s) who agrees or join you. That's because majority people have this inherent happy-go-lucky nature.

*At that point, if you change your past and create new thoughts (based on this knowledge, faith and understanding of the Law of Attraction), you just changed yourself (and what some call 'tipping point or turning point'). Once you change yourself, your mass changes, and then the Law of Attraction keeps responding to that new mass. That shopkeeper may not suddenly start behaving good, but YOUR ENERGY changed and you felt better. That's important, because your future experiences are improved. But this needs to be started somewhere by none else but YOU.

QUESTION: How to finish past Karmic Accounts?
ANSWER: 1. By taking care of our own thoughts and feelings
2. By being more non-judgmental, letting go of fears, and worries
3. By just being happy and enjoying life
4. By understanding that the Karmic Account is actually already finished at the point (fraction of a second) when you came across that person / situation. What you do / did thereafter is brand new Karma. You perpetuate your Karmas (unnecessarily).

Can Good Karma nullify Bad Karma?

These days, human beings are so sure that they've done Bad Karma in the past that they take many steps towards Good Karma. Their intention is the best and very innocent. Often, many people say that even if they may have done something wrong inadvertently, doing Good Karma, such as Donating Money, Books, Food, Knowledge, etc. Sharing, and so on, negates or nullifies the existing unknown Bad Karma.

However, as you may have already read on this page, Karmas are Thoughts. Thoughts are based on Beliefs. Thoughts constitute to your overall Energy, and although Energy is not specific to situations, Beliefs are specific to situations. So, even if you may have created negative Thoughts in one situation, those are resident within you, irrespective of your situations now. They are not changed automatically, unless you nail those specific Beliefs after experiencing a negative situation.

What is sown will be gifted back to you anyway. Many times, people are taught to "send positive wishes and vibrations" to the souls they have problems with, so that the relationship gets better. This is nothing but a wastage of time, especially when you try to forcefully send positive Vibrations without continuing to change your Perception about relationships. No wonder it fails to work.

If you want to maintain your connection with that person or have better relationships in life, you are required to change your perspective of looking at that person, look for the positive traits within that person, and take care of your Thoughts and Feelings while you interact with that person, and change your Energy and Beliefs about relationships, in general. You have to change yourself and your Energy, before you can see a change in anything / anybody outside. Negative people automatically go away once you change, or you get opportunities to grow and go to newer, better places. That is how this works. You have to change your Perceptions in order to nullify your past Karmas, and you have already read above as to how you can do that.

Some of the Mind Exercises1 on this website will immensely help you in that.

However, there are two reasons why people prefer believing that doing Good Karma nullifies Bad Karma: First, they fear looking at and acknowledging their Bad Karma. It takes courage and rising above your own ego to say, "Yes, I have done this-this-this wrong". Second, they're simply not aware of their non-physicalness - that YOU are now aware of, after having bumped into my website. They just see things "happening to" them, and want to correct them externally though Actions.

So, when they do a lot of Good Karma with a 100% pure and innocent mind and heart, they start getting the results of that Good Karma quickly. That's because this internal "miraculous" mechanism doesn't stop working if you don't believe in it. As a result, their life-experiences become positive, and although their Resident Evils are still within them, they're able to overcome and eradicate some of those Resident Evils within them, because they have now (after having done a lot of Good Karma) started seeing a lot of positivity in life.

Now, if you do Good Karma (in order to nullify your Bad Karma) with sincerity, it works. If you do it even with the slightest of negative intention (e.g. if I donate 10,000 here, I should or will get 1,00,000 from somewhere, or such intentions), it not only fails to work, but also backfires.

Karmic Accounts / Manifestations are not specific to one person!
It's about your Energy.

Whatever comes to you is because of your Beliefs, by the virtue of the Law of Attraction. Your Thoughts are your Karma that are based on your Beliefs. These Thoughts contribute to your overall Energy. Whatever you radiate out into the Universe, comes back to you in return in the form of people, life-events, or circumstances.

If you have had a specific negative interaction with someone in the past (could be this birth or any past birth), and you two complement each other so much that such an interaction can happen only between the you two, if that Resident Evil is still within you, you will not only attract that same negative person back towards yourself, but also attract similar negative people. This will continue to happen unless and until you change that Perception from within yourself. Anyway, there is no way to prove that you had had a similar negative interaction with the same person in the past. You only need to understand that if you face something you don't like, all that you need to do is (instead of focusing on people / situations), just work on that Resident Evil and get rid of it, and your interactions (essentially, life-experiences) will change.

If, however, you believe in the Law of Karma incorrectly, and if you believe that you have an 'account' with someone that needs to be served, and if on having a negative interaction with someone, you believe that that was the person with whom you had a negative Karmic Account in the past, you will continue to be in this false illusion that the account is over, especially if you don't work on your Resident Evil. Other negative people will continue to be part of your experience, and it may take decades for you to realize it. Why do you want to experience this in life, when the right understanding is right in front of you?

Wonderful - does this explain something to you? Can you read between the lines? It is said that you have a negative Karmic Account with someone else, and once your Account is over, it will be over forever, so that you LET GO of the fear of any more negative interactions. The intention of saying this is to change your Belief, and soothe you. However, changing the Belief is very important here. Therefore, stop parroting the statement, "This is the result of my past Karma... This is the result of my past Karma...". It will lead you nowhere. CREATE NOW. CHANGE NOW.

Thus, your Karmic Account is not specific to one person, but it keeps repeating with people unless and until you change your Perception of looking at that situation. Negative and unwanted people go away from you when you remove those kinds of Perceptions from within you, not when you change jobs or get divorced, thus, carrying that Energy with you. When you carry your Negative Perceptions to new places, there are new people ready there to match those Negative Perceptions and satisfy your Negative Beliefs. Change yourself first, and then change the job. Otherwise, you will continue to attract new partners / jobs / financial conditions / health conditions exactly like your previous ones.

Why do senior spiritual leaders fall ill if "Karmic Accounts" can be ended within a day, as you say?

The spiritual journey of one should be focused only on the self, and one should not look at others. Spiritual leaders can be inspiration for you, but they cannot define your life, because yours is unique and disparate1 from theirs.

All of us humans have exploited the nature and environment for hundreds of years now (too much in the last few decades). We are all part of this system, falling under the same environment and climatic conditions. However, as mentioned above, focusing on "not getting ill" does not make one healthy. Not even the thought, "I am healthy", if it is said with a negative root thought of fear. A package of 100% healthy Energy can only bring well-being. Since we are not always actively aware of all our Thoughts, and since the Law of Attraction is uninhibited and fair, all that the soul contains, it receives back (in the form of life-experiences).

If one makes use of one's illness as a booster to create powerful Thoughts of health (with zero fear of unwellness), one has no reason to fall ill. Moreover, not everybody works on this in the right manner.


Then why did someone as pure as Jesus Christ get crucified?

First and foremost, what EXACTLY happened in those times is not exactly known to YOU (you doesn't mean you, but in general the readers having this question). What we believe in now is based upon what we read in the Bible or various scriptures. These scriptures have exchanged hands of writers over a long period of time (at least 3,000 years now), and obviously, the interpretation and verbiage has evolved and modified as humanity evolved. Therefore, although one can get the glimpse of what happened in the past, one cannot just take everything that's written in it literally, especially after having come to this deep understanding of Spirituality and the Law of Attraction.

One thing that majority of us miss is the reincarnation of Jesus. The first birth of Jesus was the purest, and all the beautiful stories we read / watch (via YouTube) / and listen to are His. He transitioned as it is to the non-physical dimension (to become part of the non-physical consciousness), but was later reincarnated as well. It was that later reincarnated person who was crucified. Since the soul was the same, we tend to believe that that very first Jesus Christ was crucified (which is correct in a way as well).


So, if there is something really bad that one may have done in the past (such as terrorism), and if that person removes it from within, will that Karma be negated?

The point to understand here is that you cannot say that you've removed something from within yourself, and then do nothing about it. You attract situations Now, Now, Now, based on what you're thinking and feeling Now, Now, and Now. So, even if I may have done an intensive 14 years' meditation course, and I believe that I've completely changed myself, on the first day of the 15th year, if I have a fresh brand new Negative Thought (for any reason whatsoever), I am ready to see new negative experiences in life.

Now, if you are under the belief that after such a 14 years' meditation course one can never create a negative thought, you need to dig deeper into Spirituality and understand it.

And Yes! If a person transforms completely, and removes negative thinking and behaving habits from within, and then keeps a regular check on his Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, and Perceptions, there is no reason why he will face any kind of negativity again. That's why there is a well-known proverb - Never ask a saint's history, and never judge a criminal's future.

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