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Awakening - Negative People.

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Everything teaches something. People are your best and biggest teachers. However, this world is FILLED with erratic people who (seems like) enjoy behaving weird.

Here are a few pointers that will help you in tweaking your PERSPECTIVES and APPROACHES towards such people, and you will be able to RESPOND better DURING those situations.

So, let's get started: .

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How To: Stop Caring about Others' Behavior

Here are a few tips on how you can stop caring about other people's behavior.

When you are Self-aware, and clear about your Intentions in life, nothing else really matters. You don't need to focus on whether / why others are not Self-aware. Anyway, others don't even need to be Self-aware. We cannot accommodate too many people in Paradise

Don't be People-aware. Be Self-aware.

You are NOT here to change the world. Focus on what matters in the given situation. Focus on your Priorities. Get your work done, and move away. There is really no need to invite unwanted energies into your Energy (even if they're within 2 meters). Remember, you have the power to change the world through your mere Thoughts (as long as those Thoughts are unequivocally focused on yourself).

Work on yourself. Not on others
Don't put efforts in someone who isn't putting efforts on the self.

What people say in a moment is 100% based on their Beliefs, Perceptions, and Life-experiences. It is not the measure of who you are. Who are they to measure you. A one-off gesture, behavior, word, statement, or judgment about you simply does not matter. You may, sometimes, take it too seriously, because you are working on yourself, and giving high importance to your behavior. Others simply don't care. You should do the same! Not care!

People are too pre-occupied with their own worries to think about you.
Their opinions change every other day. Stop pleasing others!

When you are Clear, Self-aware, and Self-focused, it becomes very easy to STAY STRONG. Remember, being strong does NOT mean being rude or disrespectful. It means being UNSHAKEABLE from within. Since you know what's going on inside of you, you can continue to STICK to it.

A rhinoceros's skin is around 5 cms thick. Can yours be too?
Hey, you can be thick-skinned and friendly at the same time!

We all know how the Social Media has desensitized people (especially the youth) to violence & sex to a pretty good extent. Over-exposure to something makes you blase to it. Now that you have been exposed to weird people several times, can you not desensitize your Emotional Triggers?

"I don't care!" is the best Affirmation to
transcend above the behavior of
pathetically-behaved people.

Raise your Energy beforehand. Always. Meditate regularly. Raise your Energy at regular intervals. Take emotional breaks every few hours.

Don't make your own Negativity your Self-fulfilling prophecy!
Take yourself out of the Infinite Loop.


Dealing With Negative People | Elaborate Discussion

By your Correct Thinking, you can let something unwanted fade away.

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