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Awakening - Changing the World.

When we express a desire to have a better world, with better laws, better government, better climate, better facilities, better roads, better people, better partners - although our intention is not wrong - we tend to forget something basic, and that is - 'the reason' behind us wanting things to be better. Whenever we want to see a change in something, it is so that we can be happier in life. However, such happiness is conditional.

Conditional Happiness is when you want something / someone around you to change so that you feel happier and better in life.

Just as a rose takes its own time to blossom, a mango takes its own time to ripen, people have their own choices, willingness, and the time they take to change. Change only comes from within, and that cannot be imposed from outside. So, you cannot even share this article with your irritating boss or spouse with the intention 'Hey you, read this and be unconditional with me'. This article only applies to YOU.

At the most, one or two people who love you very much (may be your mother or your closest friend) could try to behave differently so that you feel better or happier, but firstly, that's not change (it's only temporary adjustment), and secondly, that's not what true love is (from either side). This is very short-lived and it only backfires. That's why I always say that the worst thing that parents end up doing for a child who is crying for a toy is buying that toy for the child. An extremely wrong belief gets ingrained into the child's mind. Then when the child goes out there in the world, when the people in the world (partner / co-worker / shopkeeper / stranger / etc.) don't do small-small things for him, it leads him to frustration, anger, resentment, and ultimately he makes wrong decisions in despair. The parents should build a strong, an understanding belief system within themselves first, and that automatically gets transferred into the child. This is leading by example. You cannot force your child to brush teeth before going to bed at night if you've never done that. You cannot expect your child to not use bad language, when you've been using the 'F' word all your youth. You cannot change someone else before YOU change first.

Problem with Conditional Happiness

So, what's the problem with being Conditionally Happy?

Conditional-ness itself is unsuitable, besides, there is a high element of uncertainty involved. We feel happy in four cases: (i) someone does something we like or (ii) someone does not do something we dislike, or (iii) something we like occurs or (iv) something we dislike doesn't occur. We feel unhappy in similar four cases: (i) someone does not do something we like or (ii) someone does something we dislike, or (iii) something we like does not occur or (iv) something we dislike occurs.

Such an If-Else condition is good for software programs, but as far as we are concerned, we tend to depend our happiness on external circumstances, which makes us feel out of control of our lives.

Now that we know that 'my thoughts create my life, and my thoughts are in my control', we at least know what to work on in order to change life's circumstances. We do not need to work on "life" or the situations outside, we only need to work on our "thoughts" i.e. work towards life with the right perspective. We, thus, gain our life's control back in our hands.

Even though it is easy to ask others to change, even though one feels that 'just a slight change in "them" will change everything in my life altogether', even though one tends to think that 'the opposite person should change only that one small thing in them, and I'm ready to do everything for them', that's not how this Universe works.

More important than all of that, you don't need for the world to change before you feel better. You can choose to feel better anyway. Knowledge of the law of attraction becomes critical here.

Self Transformation

Self Transformation is the key to a happier life. Self Transformation must only be done with the intent of transforming the self for the self's benefit. It should only be done to make the self feel better. This is the only motive behind transforming / changing the self.

Self Transformation should not be done in order to change one's life (because that mission then turns into an outwardly focused work). Self Transformation should also not be done to change the world (because that is working backwards and negatively towards it). You CANNOT change the world. Period.

You cannot change the people in your life. You cannot change the people in your life. You cannot change the people in your life. This is a relieving statement. However, even if you feel incapable, that feeling of incapability is much much better than the feeling to need to change the people in your life.

Self Transformation leads to change in your beliefs and perception towards life. Once your beliefs and thoughts change, so do your Vibrations. As your Vibrations change, you being a magnet, you gravitate different kinds of people and situations in your life due to the law of attraction. Therefore, as you change, YOUR little world that you've created in your life changes (i.e. your life changes). The world as a whole is already beautiful and it does not need to change.

Note that the law of attraction was, is, and will always be working and bringing to you what matches you. As YOU begin to change, you will notice that people and circumstances around you will change too. That is due to the law of attraction, indeed. You can gain deeper insight by reading the basic articles on the Law of Attraction on this website.

At any given point, your life is a reflection of your thoughts, especially the ones that are deeply ingrained. So, if you are deliberately focused on the positive aspects of life, if you're more grateful about what you have than busy enlisting things you don't have, if you look at the good characteristics of the other person more than their bad characteristics, your focus changes, and thus, your destiny changes too.

What about others' "responsibilities" towards you?

Writing this for the fifth / sixth time on this page: You CANNOT change your kids, your parents, your spouse, or your lovers. Period.

I am referring to changing others here. You may correct others, force others to do what YOU want, be an obstacle in the path of someone else and stop them from doing what they want. However, you cannot change others. When you think others are not fulfilling their responsibilities towards you, you are expecting too much from others. Responsibility is an inner will to do something for someone else. Responsibility is not an act that someone does in order to fulfill your Expectation.

Only if one feels like doing it from the heart, it's the best fulfillment of the responsibility towards the other. If one does not feel like doing it from the heart, and still does it (out of any kind of fear), the outer job is done, but the fulfillment of the responsibility really remains unfulfilled. After all, it's not that outer action, but that action based on love that carries all the weightage, isn't it?

You might as well get things forcefully done from the other (just to satisfy your ego, may be) and call it the fulfillment of the other's responsibility towards you, but it really has no meaning. You are anyway not changing that person in any way. By expressing your negative emotion towards the other (when they don't do something for you), you are making them even more resistant to change.

Try being more friendly and loving in order to get things done, and see how it makes the difference. It is one of the greatest blessings that we cannot change others. Our life would be a bigger mess if we were given the responsibility of changing others. No computer in this world could keep all that data! You can BE what you think is idealistic or correct in your opinion. Seeing that others MAY get influenced and want to be the same. And then depending upon their willingness, capacity, ability, they may or may not change.

What is the use of the change in the world,
if you have not changed your perception to consume the change in the world?

Bringing positivity into the world

There are spiritual organizations who fix dedicated times to send positive energy of love and peace to the world i.e. the entire globe. Also, whenever there is a calamity in any part of the world, everybody sits together to 'send love and peace' to the affected people. It sounds and looks good, but it is a flawed gesture, and here's the reason why:

Love, peace, and good wishes are not courier packages that you can 'send' to someone else. It would be good to understand the mechanism correctly. You are energy that radiates and attracts similar things towards yourself (based on the content of that energy). That is the only thing under your control. You can neither forcefully influence or overpower the situations around. By your choice of thoughts, you can only (almost directly) choose what comes to you in your life as an experience. If it were possible to 'send' positive energy to the globe, first off, there would not be natural calamities and man-made disasters, because there is a default energy of well-being dominant in this world.

The only purpose and the true meaning behind radiating positive energy outside is that YOU attract more similar positive experiences into YOUR life experience. That is when you will get happy, and when you are happy, those around you will observe you and want to be like you. They will attract this knowledge into their lives and become happy and start feeling good in their lives. It's by the Domino Effect how Happiness, Love, and Peace can be spread in this world.

If you send "positive energy" with negative thoughts as the roots of those positive thoughts, it will backfire on you. For example, you cannot be saying, "I wish for a world with no earthquakes" OR "May all those affected by earthquakes be healed", because by that it indicates that your root thoughts are negative, and they will be of no benefit to you or the others. This is deep and someone may take time to understand it.

This is the understanding with which such meditation should be done. You do not need to send beams of light to the globe. Some images depicting such meditation can be misleading, if you're doing it just as a monotonous 'exercise' without understanding what exactly the intention behind doing this is. Just send those beams to yourself. Essentially, Be Happy. That's all.

The reason we enjoy sending light to the world is subtle. We want to do something for the world and feel proud about it. However, it's always good to implement spirituality correctly. Often people belonging to those spiritual organizations do these activities as part of their daily routine, like mandatory rules, without understanding this real meaning. Sometimes they insult those around saying, "Keep quiet, I am meditating". The positive effect of such practice gets nullified even before they create positive thoughts.

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