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Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, often to the point of orgasm (along with semen ejaculation). (The word "often" is used, because not every time you experience an orgasm. Sometimes, you only ejaculate.)

This article is based on my own experiences, and, therefore, is specific to MALES only 🍌 It has been written for normal men. Therefore, if you're from another planet, you may skip. This is very effective for Singles as well as Partnered Men, especially who masturbate once every (less than) 7 days.

You will also read about a new Exercise Penis Reset (term coined by me), based on my own experiences. This is the best way to describe this Exercise.

This article is NOT about:
 Semen Retention
 Porn Deaddiction

The 'Penis Reset' exercise, in fact, helps you in improving your Magnetism, Focus, and Sex Life.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT practice this blindly. This is a very Spiritual Exercise, and it WILL have an effect on your Mind, Brain, and Body from the immediate next day. It is assumed that you've read the complete disclaimer linked on the first page of the Awakening section. Specifics always vary from person to person.

Table of Index
Why Do Men Masturbate? [...]
Is Masturbation good? [...]
Organizations Promoting Abstinence [...]
Should you? Or should you not? [...]
Masturbation & Manifestations [...]
Reset Your Penis [...]
  ↳What is Penis Reset?
  ↳Why should you practice this?
  ↳What Penis Reset is NOT?
  ↳How to Reset your Penis?
  ↳What is the minimum period to Reset your Penis?
  ↳When do you start seeing results?
  ↳Is it difficult to practice?
  ↳How it works...

Why Do Men Masturbate?

You may consider that as a Dumb Question. However, think about it. Primarily, there are two reasons why men (you) masturbate.

1. You Do It When You're Happy:
- You masturbate, because you're doing it for fun.
- because you want to enjoy the moment alone / with someone.
- because you're happy and satisfied with your life.
- because you want to enjoy the images / memories that are activated in the moment.
- because your partner is away, and you're sexually aroused for some reason.
Let's call it Happy Fapping.

2. You Do It When You're Unhappy / Depressed:
- You masturbate, because you're simply habituated to doing it every 2 / 3 days.
- because you're stressed / tired, and want to relieve yourself.
- because you're unhappy about not having your partner OR you're a sad Single.
- because you're bored and want to escape the boredom.
- because you have lots of problems in life, and this is only when you feel happy about yourself.
- because you have a bad / no Sex Life.
Let's call it Sad Fapping.

So, it is not just the release of the sexual tension or the desire to please oneself when a man masturbates. That happens in both the aforementioned cases. How you have been feeling for a few hours or days before that... totally matters.

Masturbating frequently is the most WRONG way
of trying to get out ot Depression.

Practice 'Penis Reset' instead.

Is Masturbation good?

The answer should be obvious from the former section, isn't it?

It is the General Law of Life that anything that is done with HAPPINESS is positive and it contributes to your well-being. Anything that is done with SADNESS contributes to your misery.

Earlier, I just used to Masturbate whenever I had the urge. I just used to go out Shopping whenever I had the urge. With this practice, I give myself the incentive to shop after controlling myself for 7 Days / 14 Days, and so on... It hugely adds to the overall Energy!

Organizations Promoting Abstinence

There are some Spiritual Organizations that promote "No Sex for Life" and "No Masturbation for Life" - they'd literally throw you out, if you even try to ask questions around those topics.

While, I am not against anybody, it is important to understand that you do not necessarily need to do what someone else is doing, just because you think they're happy by doing it.

There are SO MANY men (and women) practicing Celibacy / Abstinence who I've personally seen being UTTERLY FRUSTRATED about life.

There are many 'No Masturbation' Groups online (& offline) who only keep counting the number of days they've not fapped. While being aware of the 'number of days' is helpful and good, it appears that they're AGAINST Masturbation. That's a very negative approach, and it doesn't really add value to your life.

Therefore, it is NEVER about the physicalities of life. It is only about YOU and WHAT YOU DESIRE.

Should you? Or should you not?

I would never ask you to STOP doing something that you feel like doing. However, I would always encourage you to evaluate if your energy is being retained or depleted by your actions. Answers, Reasoning, and Desires must come from within, for them to be successful in their implementation.

Always evaluate if your actions are giving you something or only taking away from you. It's not as much about "short-term pleasure" and "long-term pleasure", as much it is about "if this action is adding value to my life".

Be Natural! But hey,
Masturbating Daily is NOT necessarily natural.

Masturbation & Manifestations

What you visualize while masturbating / orgasming has higher chances of manifesting, because of the high amount of focused energy involved in that moment.

Furthermore, as part of the INTENSE Penis Reset Exercise mentioned below, your Mind is focused on "how you are feeling RIGHT NOW" more than ever. Therefore, your chances of manifesting what you want increase (especially from the 5th day).

Manifestations during the Penis Reset Period are always better than Manifestations during Masturbation. Just keep releasing Thoughts into the Universe during the Penis Reset Period. You will see great results.

Reset Your Penis

Penis Reset is a term coined by me.

I have personally practiced Penis Reset several times, and seen huge benefits. I would strongly recommend every male reading this to practice it.

Penis Reset is about Energy Retention.
Retain your Sexual Energy for a while before releasing it,
instead of continuously expelling it - merely out of habit.

The feeling of 'being horny' is essentially the feeling of 'being full of Energy and Power' (literally - down there). Moving around with the attitude, 'I can use my Power whenever I want to (with / without someone)' - who wouldn't want to carry such a feeling all the time? Letting that power out with the perfect intention, energy, and attitude is what makes the difference.

↑↑ Playlist consists of videos in which I've spoken about this Exercise. ↑↑

Penis Reset is a way to regain your Will Power, Inner Focus, Bodily / Penis Control, and Self Awareness.

It is called Penis Reset, because it is an INTENSE Exercise. It has an IMMEDIATE effect on your Brain, your Entire Body, and your Mind, especially if it is something that you've never done before. It literally resets your Thinking.


So, if you begin this at 5 pm today, you must not masturbate until 5 pm of the 7th day from today.

The 'Penis Reset' practice helps you in getting out of the mechanical (and often, thoughtless) Masturbation Loop / Cycle.

If you're Single (and eventually looking for a Partner), having frequent Masturbatory / Sexual Urges is natural. However, simply masturbating (every now and then) while indulging into Lascivious Chats on Dating Apps keeps you directionless. If you end up in having frequent Casual Sex Dates out of directionlessness, that interferes with your Inner Pure Desire to have a Partner. Thus, the manifestation of your Perfect Partner can be delayed.

The 'Penis Reset' practice pauses all your Sexual Activity, deactivates you Sexually, and mentally takes you back to those adolescent days, from where you can (optionally) begin your Partner Hunt afresh.

It's like, when someone asks me
why I sleep so early (at 10 pm),
my typical response is,
"because I don't have a boyfriend to keep me awake!"
It's that kinda habit.

If you desire to have Sex Dates (as a Single), adding the Penis Reset practice on a regular basis uplifts your experience, not just sexually, but also emotionally.

This Practice also helps Married Men who wish to have more satisfying sexual experiences with their partners.

Detailed benefits are enlisted below, however, remember, do it ONLY IF you would enjoy doing it. It is NOT mandatory. Nothing is. You can continue to lead your life the way it is right now, however, if you'd like to take your life to the next level, this is one powerful Exercise.

Do it with the right understanding, motivation, and intentions. DO IT FOR FUN!


Penis Reset is:
- NOT necessarily an attempt to deaddict yourself from Porn
- NOT a sex repression exercise. You are sexually more aware and active during this practice.
- NOT escaping / shying away from masturbation
- NOT Celibacy
- NOT about semen retention. You want to let it out when you want to let it out!

Also, if you've not masturbated for a long period of time, because you were depressed, you've not really done a reset. You were just depressed. This is a Conscious Exercise.


Minimum period is 7 full days (168 hours). You can continue beyond Day 7, for as long as it is possible!

- There's no need to be over-ambitious. You can do this 7 Days Practice several times, after every few days.

The reset actually begins from Day-4.


In order to complete the Penis Reset Exercise successfully, take care of a few things:
- No tight undies. Aggravates your masturbatory urge. Boxer shorts help.
- No fondling, rubbing, dry humping whatsoever!
- Avoid sexual stimulation by yourself or anyone else. You may fail.
- Avoid dating apps (to completely avoid titillating chats)
- Avoid titillating content (photos / videos) - unless you want to test yourself.
- Plan your Sexual Activities (e.g. Sex Dates, if any) after the Penis Reset Period
- Stay away from the bed as much as possible

As you set yourself on this journey, the Law of Attraction will provide you with enough new opportunities to keep your mind diverted.


When I feel that it's getting a bit difficult, this is how I diffuse the feeling:
- I play a lot of computer games
- I clean the house
- I cook interesting dishes
- I go shopping (online or offline)
- I listen to music (either lyrical or just instrumental)
- I go out of the house
- I talk to people around me
- some other activities

Remember, "feeling horny" begins in the Mind. As soon as you change your Thoughts, it goes away.

I'll be honest. It is NOT easy! It gets the most challenging on / after your regular Masturbation Frequency Day. However, when your Motivation is Clear, the Building Charge adds to your Motivation.

The first time I practiced this for 7 days, I had constant headache after Day 4, and pain in my genitals. Those were the most difficult 7 days of my life! The masturbation, however, that happened on the 7th day was heavenly and long-lasting - the best ever! I've gone beyond Day-7 several times.

However, those aches could be only during the very first practice. Not thereafter. Also, the "intense horny feeling" remains quite constant after the 6th day, and it is even more an enjoyable feeling after Day-10.

This is not self-torture.
This is Self-Love (through self-enforcement)!
I call it Penis Love 🍌 ♥

Semen fills up. You feel Charged (even Overcharged). You feel Powered-Up. You feel Fuller / Wholler / Loaded. You feel Capable. You feel Sexy. Enjoy that feeling. Accept 'Feeling Horny' as part of your Life (at least for min. 7 days).

Assuming that you're a normal human being (just like me), even though Erections will be more often during this period, remember that you do NOT need to be scared of having an erection all the time. Keep yourself engaged in physical and non-physical activities that you enjoy doing. You'll be fine.

Emphasize more on Not Getting Horny at all (mind).
Don't focus on Not Ejaculating (body).

I have enlisted a few experiences that I (and a few others who have practiced this) have seen:

Day 3 Onwards ↓

- A totally new experience for your brain! You may experience mild headaches, especially when you're idle. In my experience, it goes away when you engage in an activity.
- You may feel like urinating (peeing) more often. That's how the brain processes this reset.

- Immediate surge in Will Power and Confidence.

"Don't you wanna gain more Self Control?"

Day 4 Onwards ↓

- Mild pain in genitals / testicles (especially after you've had a sexual urge / arousal). This is normal..
- Bloated testicles (obviously)

- Reduced Social Anxiety
- Increased Motivation
- Newer perspective towards life begins to develop
- Your Focus moves to doing more and new things
- Best day to start practicing Edging** (optional)

"Oh! That bulkiness is a damn good sight (& feeling)!
The Reset actually begins only today."

** Edging (optional) is the practice of stimulating yourself sexually, and stopping just before you orgasm / ejaculate. It makes the ultimate orgasm / ejaculation much much more powerful / intense - depending on how many times you 'edge'. This is best practiced on / after this day.
WORDS OF CAUTION: 1. This needs really good self control, and unless you're really aware and controlled, you might end up in losing control. I would NOT recommend doing this, if you are practicing Penis Reset for the very first time in life. You can do this from the second time onwards.
2. This may contradict a DON'T, in the sense, you ARE stimulating yourself sexually, but, hey, I never asked you to be celibate!
3. Once you 'edge', the feeling (down there) gets even more intense. Not just higher blood flow, but thereafter, you feel like as-if the semen has filled up your penis right up to the tip. It's a sweet feeling, but it could make you feel hornier for a while.

Day 5 Onwards ↓

- Increased Penis Sensitivity & Bulkiness
- Higher production of smegma (white, sticky substance generated at the tip of the penis) that stinks, if not cleaned
- Increase in the Testosterone level may increase body odor & deepen voice

- Condensed Thoughts (if you can visualize this) - leading to Increased Mind Clarity
- Beginning in Improved Overall Magnetism in in General Manifestations
- Beginning in Improved Sexual Magnetism
- Raised self-esteem
- Higher Power to Manifest what you Desire

"You're getting sexier!
You're becoming a Sex Magnet.
Don't Give Up!"

Day 6 Onwards ↓

- You start getting used to the Intense Sensation & Feeling down there, even if you cannot ignore it completely.
- Testicles start hanging lower than normal. Personally, I love it that way.
- ** Possibility of those sweet Nocturnal emissions / Wet Dreams / Nightfalls (might happen during your afternoon naps too)

- Development in Masculinity
- Increased Virility

"Don't you like when it feels bulkier than usual?"

Don't fret. Nocturnal Emissions / Wet Dreams are Involuntary.
Therefore, your Practice is NOT broken.
In fact, space is created for you to keep going.

** Wet Dreams occur, because the testicles build up unreleased semen. There is too much of it. There comes a point (varies from person to person) when the testicles are full of semen and cannot hold it anymore. Therefore, it has to be expelled to make room for fresh liquid. It gets involuntarily released while you're asleep.
- You may or may not have a Sexual Dream. You may not may not wake up during the Wet Dream. You may or may not experience an Orgasm. I've had a variety of experiences.
- It's messy after you wake up, but hey, it's a sweet sight. Remember, only 15-20% of semen has been leaked out i.e. only ¼th of what is released during masturbation / sex.
- Since new room is created, you may feel lighter.

Day 7 Onwards ↓

- The Glans (head of the Penis) may have turned purplish due to non-arousal. Don't worry, it turns back to pink / red during / after masturbation.

- High Virility & Better Focus
- Extremely Good Mood and Energy (sexual and otherwise)
- Saturation Point. You are FULL of Energy. You are WHOLE.
- Improved Overall Magnetism in in General Manifestations
- Improved Sexual Magnetism
- You have evolved into a Better Version of yourself.

"Damn! Can't believe you've gone to the next level.
You've just broken a Loop!"

At this point - unless you already have something planned, you will naturally not feel like releasing the Feeling (the Energy), but preserving it for experiencing / using it in the future.

🎁 Gift yourself something without fail.
I go shopping on Day-7, Day-14,
and so on, to treat myself. 🎁

If you continue beyond Day 7...
Take Stronger Care of the DON'Ts mentioned above.
(below-mentioned Benefits continue to be seen)

Day 8 Onwards ↓
"It's the day you FALL IN LOVE with your Package!" 🍌

- Prostatic fluid leak is LOVE! (sticky, transparent secretion before / after urination)
- Edging might be risky at this point

- Transcending Sexual / Masturbatory Thoughts is the trick to not feel the urge
- Higher vigor to do new things
- The body vibes out the desire to the Universe to "create a baby"! (i.e. increased partnered love)
- Sexual Magnetism at its Peak! Irresistible vibes. Contributes immensely to your Sex Life.

"This is a Magical Day.
Fully Charged & Horny, but
surprisingly, you may not feel like giving away
the Sweet Pain & Precious Feeling."

Day 9 Onwards ↓
"You should feel Proud of yourself!" 🍌

- You will be completely aware of the charge / load. Unless you're constantly thinking of Sex / Masturbation, there will NOT be discomfort.
- Be prepared for Nocturnal emissions / Wet Dreams / Nightfalls

- Transcending Sexual / Masturbatory Thoughts is the trick to not feel the urge
- Continued Powerful Sexual Magnetism (from sexually active people)
- You will definitely feel like a new person.
- Your voice may already have gone deeper.
- Go out. Try something new.

"The longer you don't ejaculate, the longer it takes to ejaculate.
(as long as you do it right! )

Day 10 Onwards ↓
"Everything mentioned (in all the days above) applies."

- If you ask me - personally - I LOVE to see the purplish colored Glans (head of the Penis), as it indicates my Self-Control in accumulating the Charge. Not having masturbated for 10+ Days is a Damn Sexy Feeling.

- Transcending Sexual / Masturbatory Thoughts is the trick to not feel the urge
- You will feel like a new person altogether. A new, sexier, powerful, and magnetic person.

"I have gone far beyond 10 days, and man,
never realized I was this Sexy!
You must try it as well..." 🍌

I have enlisted a few benefits that I (and a few others who have practiced this) have seen:
- Increased Confidence to try new things (seen immediately)
- Increased Will Power (seen immediately)
- Clearer Mind (seen soon)
- Increased Motivation
- Improved Overall Magnetism in General Manifestations
- Reduced Social Anxiety
- Reduced Fear when approaching someone who interests you
- Reduced Anger
- Sharper Focus
- Ability to Focus "In The Present". This is highly tied to your physical state during this practice.
- Reduced Stress
- Higher Energy / Better Mood, because you're sexually more aware and active
- Increased Virility
- Improved Sexual Magnetism. Naturally attracts sexually active people towards you.
- Increased Attractiveness. Others cannot resist your vibes.
- Improved Sex Life (harder, long-lasting erection; naturally delayed ejaculation)
- Your approach to sex is with higher Power, Vigor, and Energy (and loads n' loads of Semen)!
- Yes, you CAN last longer in bed.
- More Powerful Orgasms.
- I personally believe that prolonged semi-erections and frequent full erections can help in naturally enlarging the Penis Size. Some men have also reported an actual enlargement after having practiced this for 30 days or more.

As you practice Penis Reset for your betterment, with the Energy of Fun, you powerfully emit out the Energy (or vibes) that translate to such Thoughts.

(NOTE: Being aware of the Benefits is good, but that shouldn't be your Focus. Your Focus should be on "Being Sexy". For example, consider "Sexual Magnetism" as one of the benefits - you naturally magnetize sexually active men / women towards you - it does NOT mean that you go around telling others how much semen you've accumulated. They just know it (energetically). Just focus on "Being Sexy" and enjoying the feeling.)

These (illustrative) Thoughts result into the benefits mentioned above:
- "I am working on myself. I am taking better care of my Penis."
- "I am good at diverting my Thoughts to prevent thinking about sex."
- "I want to enjoy Penis Reset."
- "I am full. I have more."
- "I am aware of the state I am in."
- "I can release my power whenever I wish to. It is in my hands."
- "I have concentrated power that I can share with someone else who'd like to have it."
- "If I can do this, I am capable of anything."
- "I am potent. I am fertile. I am charged. I am hot."
- "I have high volume of semen in ready state."
- "I can have great sex with you. I can sexually satisfy you."
- "I can last longer in bed."
- "When to discharge my semen is in my control."
- "I am sex. I am sexy. I am a sex magnet."
- "I am passionate (in bed & as a person)."
- "I am ready to have sex whenever you wish to."
- "I have greater chances of becoming a Father."


Emitting those Thoughts with heightened / concentrated sexual energy works more powerfully with the Law of Attraction in action. You are, in the moment, more powerful than someone who masturbates (say) daily, and yes, that's because of the huge load of semen you're carrying.

You tell me - if someone had to choose between two men - one who has just 10% Semen within him, and another who has 90-100% Semen within, who would that person choose? No Brainer!

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