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Who is God?

Over many years we have read and heard many many stories about God. We have varied beliefs about God. Most of us (Indians) believe that Deities (Devi-Devta) are God. Some of us believe that Nature is God, Sun is God. Most of us believe that God is within each one of us or God is omnipresent (Sarva Vyaapi). Some of us also believe that God does not exist. All of these beliefs are due to all that we have heard from our most trusted sources. Now, it's time to re-evaluate.

Religions may not agree with one another on several things, but all of them do agree to one common thing and that is, "God is One". As per our understanding and interpretation of God during the last thousands of years, we have lovingly called God by a variety of names, such as Parmatma, Eeshwar, Allah, Khuda, Supreme Soul, and so on. They are the names of that one single entity.

On this Page:
Who / What God really is...
Present messengers of God
God does not "go" into anybody's body
God is One means...
Where is God?
Connecting with God
What is God's message?
What is God's role? and what is not...
Godly Service
Misconceptions about God
Where was God for all this while?


Who / What God really is...

Just like you and me (referring to that which is within the body), God is also meta-physical Energy, an eternal stream of non-physical consciousness. The meaning of each word will be clear to you as you read further.

The most important differences between God and us are: Firstly God does not come into the cycle of births and deaths like we do. He does not have a body of His own, so He is also known as "Abhokta" i.e. one who does not have bodily karmic experiences (i.e. bhog). We call God our Father, not because we are any lesser or lower than Him, or not because we take births as human beings. We call God our Father, because we (the souls) are the same meta-physical energy as Him. Just that He is detached and has an overall, non-judgmental perspective of everything, and that's what makes God more elevated or higher than us. That is also the reason why we call Him Supreme.

Hindus (Indians) believe in the deity culture. By, "All deities are one", we actually mean that they are all similar and the children of the same God. It does not mean that they are names of that same one God. It is believed that deities are 33 crore in number, and that they physically existed in this world. Deities were nothing but human beings with divine abilities. God is only One. All deities are as divine as God is. They are all God's children, but they are not God. God is separate. Deities are separate.

This makes it obvious for us to understand that God is not specific to or belongs to any one religion, but is only named and understood differently by different religions. He is the Father of all. And we are wasting time fighting with each other about whose version is correct. How silly, isn't it?

God is collective non-physical consciousness energy stream
that exists in another dimension as non-physical.

The reason I call it a "Stream" is because that non-physical consciousness is eternally available for anybody to access (like a river that is available from wherever you want to access it). You need to tap into that Energy Stream by deeply silencing the Mind. Many people attempt this, and quite a few have succeeded in doing that. The point to note here is that YOU can tap into that stream of Energy as well. It is not that only a few designated people with super-powers can do that.

The reason I call it "Collective" is that it is not one / a single unit. It is not a group in a way that is measurable. It's like a bunch, a mass, but it should not be visualized in any physical form - not even as a point of light.

We can also call Him the Source in another non-physical dimension. Unless you understand and accept God in this form, you will always continue to be confused about God. We call God a He, because we live in a male-dominated society (and for no other reason). God is Energy. Energy means consciousness. Consciousness has no gender.


Present messengers of God

These are some of the various messengers of God at present:

Esther Hicks explains that she translates blocks of thought from "Non-Physical Source Energy" or "collective consciousness" - which she also identifies as her "Inner Being" or "Soul" - and who refer to themselves in the plural as "Abraham" (no relation to the Biblical figure).

Darryl Anka describes it as a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being, named as Bashar. Lee Carroll taps into Kryon. Brad Johnson describes it as the multidimensional mentor, called Adronis. Sanaya Roman describes it as Orin.

Napoleon Hill, in his book, Think and Grow Rich, refers to this energy as Infinite Intelligence.

Brahma Kumaris also do that. They've named it 'Shiv Baba'. The only problem with them is that they consider only their version as correct and everybody else's versions inferior to them. Through years of research, they have come up with logical theories to make you believe how their version is the only correct version. That's brainwashing, you see.

Brahma Kumaris have a rival called PBKs. It's a small group of people who claim that God actually comes to them (inside a male leader). They've also named it as 'Shiv Baba', and they criticize Brahma Kumaris very heavily as a show-off organization.

There are many other such instruments / messengers (that I may even be unaware of at this point) through which God is communicating with His children as of today.

So, whose knowledge is REAL and CORRECT? Well, everybody's. No one organization can claim that their knowledge is right and others' is wrong. Unfortunately, Brahma Kumaris do that. I am not sure of the content of their present Murlis, but they've heavily criticized the 'dirty world' and called other organizations fake. They've written very bad things about some countries that they've also rolled-back. If it's not printed today it does not mean that that's not the premise or basis of their teachings.

Tomorrow, if you tap into that stream, you will speak out this knowledge only in the way customized as per your Beliefs and understanding of life, give a new name to God (as interpreted by you based on your consciousness and knowledge at that point of time), form a new spiritual organization and that knowledge will propagate for the years to come.

😊I have been able to get direct and personal inspiration, guidance, direction, thoughts, and clarity from this Energy stream on a regular basis. I believe that I don't just have the most accurate understanding of God as of today (compared to what I knew since my childhood or early spiritual days), but I also have a direct, unmediated, intimate and personal connection and relationship with God. I am living my life and fulfilling my desires under His guidance. I simply call it Higher Consciousness.


God does not "go" into anybody's body

It is a misunderstanding that God physically goes into someone's body to make revelations. This is specifically about the claim that some spiritual organizations like Brahma Kumaris make to gather followers by telling them that God "comes only to us and no one else". Let's understand this a bit more correctly:

If it were true that God chose a medium and went into that person's body, it would defy the nature of God in multiple ways, as follows:

1. A ball can go into a box, but that analogy cannot be used here. That which is eternally non-physical in nature, can not vibrate at a lower frequency, ever. It's not about ability, but about the nature of this game of energy.
2. Although God cannot vibrate at a lower frequency, we (human souls) can raise our vibrations and tap into that Godly stream of wisdom. At any given point of time, multiple souls can tap into God at the same time from anywhere in the world. If God physically went into someone's body, He would get bound by the limits of time and space, and in that case, someone else sitting somewhere else on earth wouldn't be able to tap into God at the same time i.e. multiple connections would not be possible. Multiple people CAN connect with God. It is actually possible and it is happening right now.
3. There are multiple people (not belonging to any one specific spiritual organization) who are able to connect with that very God. That itself is proof enough.
4. Very basic. We are originally non-physical. Just that we've forgotten that. So, we can quieten the mind and access that non-physical realm. However, God cannot come and go like traveling from one city to another. And that is why dates are fixed for 'Godly Revelations' at some spiritual organizations like Brahma Kumaris, because the messenger there decides to quieten the mind and taps into that stream.
5. We ALL are God's children. We ALL have access to God. We ALL can tap into God and gain the clarity of this spiritual knowledge directly from Him. God never 'chooses' any instrument / chariot / medium, because that would be unfair. You and I choose whether to quieten the mind and connect with God or keep living a physical, non-creative, default, limited, conditional life.
6. All the revelations that we are excited to know now were constantly being given to us, for thousands of years now. We were just not listening to them. We have realized them only now, and that's what makes us think that those revelations are only recent.


God is One means...

'God is One' does not mean He is one in number, because anything that is non-physical cannot be measured in numbers. This does not even mean that God is multiple in numbers.

God is the non-physical collective consciousness that is based upon the premises of truth, peace, love, and purity.

The names you attach to God are not important.
If one is aware and is able to connect with the non-physical, that is it.

You can give any name to this non-physical Source energy.

We humans are habituated to relying on an external entity (a third-party) to validate ourselves. That's exactly what God is doing now. He is certifying and validating the goodness within us that we are emerging and empowering. That is why keeping someone (e.g. God, Universe, etc.) as your supporter and validator is always helpful.

God's Qualities

The stream of Source that we call God is always flowing, always accessible, ever-loving, benevolent, pure, detached, non-judgmental, and eternally & unconditionally loving.


Where is God?.

In times of sadness, when our index finger automatically points upwards (towards God), we don't mean to say that God is physically somewhere up in the sky / space. We inherently mean that He is elevated and higher in the spiritual sense than us. Dimensionally beyond this physical universe and dimensionally beyond the reach of time and space is another dimension. That's the non-physical infinity that you can experience (not 'go to', because it's not a place, but experience) using the power of silencing your own mind. That is when you experience your true inner peace.

There are various words about this non-physical dimension that appear in literatures, such as Soul World, Paramdhaam, Muktidhaam, Nirvaandhaam, Supreme Abode, etc. It is Supreme or Elevated in nature. We are non-physically focused in that state. There is no sound in the non-physical dimension.

This "place" is not really a "place" as such, because it is not physically present anywhere. Nor is it "beyond moon and stars" (as you may have heard in some meditation commentaries), because it has got nothing to do with the physical. This is another dimension within this Universe itself. It's like a 3D movie. The 3rd dimension is within the movie, but not physically accessible. This is just an analogy. I'm not calling God 3D.

So, the souls who are still in the non-physical dimension, you can even imagine them being around you in a way. However, do not try to imagine it to be something physical. It is completely non-physical.

That is where this Energy Stream exists. That is where all of us (souls) are non-physically focused before descending into this world and taking our first physical birth. That is where all of us (souls) will go back later.

This place is not heaven as we commonly believe. We point our finger upwards, because we know deep within that God is elevated than we are. Mistakenly, we also believe that every person goes back to this place after dying (i.e. "He's now in heaven"). This is untrue (detailed later). Souls keep coming into the physical one by one from this non-physical dimension into this human world, and that is why the population keeps increasing despite deaths. A soul takes its first birth, and then continues to take births after births. In the interim, the soul does not get back into the non-physical. Not all of them. Once the soul is in this physical world, it continues to stay here taking births after births.

This non-physical dimension is accessible to each one of us
through deep silence of the mind and meditation.

It is a misconception (& a fake propaganda)
that it is accessible only to some special or senior people.

The Orange Light that some people experience while meditating
is nothing but this non-physical stream.


Connecting with God

Connecting with God means remembering who you really are. Churning the spiritual knowledge is one way of remembering God, however, that's outside-in.

When you silence / quieten your mind, you connect with that continuously flowing non-physical Energy Stream, where you don't see or hear anything (because it's not physical), but you experience something. That's Clarity and Peace. These are the first two immediate manifestations of silencing / quietening your Mind and connecting with God. Whatever Godly knowledge you may have at this point (be it religious or spiritual), you gain more clarity about it. That is why, even though 'The Knowledge' is essentially the same, different people promote it differently, and that is perfectly fine.

This is Meditation. You may give any name to this meditation, and it does not really matter. Trance and Light experiences are nothing other than this. It is not compulsory and you do not need to use any object (e.g. photos) or sound (e.g. meditation music or songs) to do this. You do not even need to do this in group. You may do that as well, but it's not compulsory. You just need to practice and train yourself to silence / quieten your Mind as often as possible. A variety of meditation methods are done only to achieve this, but unfortunately, we are more outwardly focused on creating the environment that may appear peaceful externally, but it's of no use when there's noise within. There is not just one right meditation method to connect with God. What's mentioned above is all that one needs to do. Rest are all just tools.

To remember God does not mean that you're sitting with a lazer-like beam (like a rope) actually established between you and something that is beyond this earth. That's only an illustrative, diagrammatic, pictorial way of depicting and describing your strong connection. Do you know the concept of DLLs in Software Programming? Just as there are shared DLLs that multiple programs can use, you have within yourself that "place" from which you can "call" God. People think that they have to connect to something that is not on this earth, that which is somewhere up beyond the sky, and they try hard to attempt something impossible and untrue. On failing, they give up on meditation and miss out on a vast treasure.

Spirituality is equal opportunity and unbiased, and so is God. Each and every human being has the ability to connect with God. A person does not need to belong to one particular organization or know God only by the name in which that organization propagates it. One only needs to know and practice silencing / quietening the Mind. That may take you years to practice, and that's perfectly fine.

Also, an important point to note here is that you can tap into God anytime, anywhere. That is why it is said to remember God wherever you are and whatever you're doing - whether you're shopping or at work or an outing. It doesn't mean that God is shopping or traveling with you. It means that God is accessible to you even when you're shopping or traveling.

If you hit the brakes of a car running at 100 KMPH, it will fly off into the air and cause an accident, however, that's NOT how the Mind works. You can pause your Mind at anytime without any effects other than positive. Just that if you're a beginner, you need to first slow your car, and then hit the brakes.


What is God's message?

In one line it is "I am energy and I can create my life the way I want to". This is the crux of everything.

Anything other than the line above is an extension and interpretation made by human beings. Various spiritual organizations from across the world interpret spiritual knowledge and advocate it in a variety of ways. However, all that God's core message is, is the line that is mentioned above in large font.

Some spiritual organizations promote breathing exercises as the means to realize that line. Some others promote spiritual exercises as the means to realize that line. Some others promote celibacy as the means to realize that line. Whose method is right and whose is wrong? Well, respectively, everybody's and nobody's! Whatever suits YOU is the right method for you. It does not really matter which spiritual group or organization you are part of.

The only problem is those organizations that say, "We are correct. Everybody else is wrong." It is understandable that human beings, usually, because of a narrow mindset and lack of awareness, think that their organization is the best, they're the right-est, and only what they know is truly God's message or Godly knowledge. Some even go to the extent of calling "everybody else" wrong. However, there is not "one right spiritual organization". A bird born in a cage would obviously consider flying a sin / unnatural.

As long as you're fulfilling the Purpose of your life, just keep going.


What is God's role? and what is not...

God's role was, is, and will only be to share His message with His children (i.e. all the people in this world). He shares it unconditionally i.e. without looking at the stage or state we are in our lives when He shares it. He shares it in a variety of ways.

God's role is not to make things happen, move particles of this world, or control our lives, or Karmas, or destiny, because if He'd be doing so, we would always precisely get all that we asked for, but since everything that we get is only by the virtue of our thoughts, words, and actions, and because our thoughts, words, and actions are completely driven by us, we experience the things we don't want to experience in our lives, such as anger, diseases, violence, corruption, wars, manmade disasters, natural calamities, natural disasters, and such things.

God only shares the knowledge. It is us, intelligent beings, who interpret the knowledge, apply it, and empower ourselves. We sustain ourselves. God cannot physically sustain us, and it is neither His job to. We sustain ourselves spiritually by implementing this knowledge.


Godly Service

We always want to do something for someone who loves us a lot. Most of the times it is our parents, or our siblings, or those few relatives, or that one close friend. What about God? What is the best way to serve God?

From the interpretations that have come about - the only way and the best way to serve God is by Being Happy in your own life, and living your life in a natural, mellifluous, obviously positive and free-flowing way. And then if you share this spiritual knowledge with others, it will be with the best Energy and the most impactful.

Many-a-times, people consider (or are even told or forced by some organizations to consider) their sole purpose in life to share this knowledge with the world. While there's nothing wrong with that, it defies God's message about creating your own life. You CANNOT change or transform others. You just have to transform yourself, and others would get inspired by that and transform themselves, if they feel the need to do so.


Misconceptions about God

A common misconception about God is - "God is within me". We would be eternally stable if God were within us. You wouldn't be required to visit this website if God were within you. Clarification - The way to reach out to God is from within us. With powerful focus and silence of the mind, we can tap into Him. Godly virtues are within each one of us. Saying 'God is within me' from that perspective is, then, correct.

Majority of humans in the world fear that God tests or punishes us. That is untrue as well. It is a common misconception of many (spiritual as well as religious) people that God distinguishes the right from the wrong, and that He dictates us what we should do and what we should not do, and if we (humans) do what is wrong according to Him, we get punished by Him or we lose something or turn into His step-children. Clarification - God is detached, non-judgmental, and eternally loving. He does not judge or point out what's right and what's wrong. If such words of criticism or dictation appear anywhere, remember, they are words written by human beings only.

Another misconception is that God is nothing but the Brahm element (Brahm Tatva), and that we all merge into Him. Clarification - God is energy. You and I are also Energy. Energy can never be merged into each other, because by doing so, we would be creating / destroying Energy, which is impossible.

Many humans believe that God is omnipresent. Clarification - If God were omnipresent, everything would be as perfect as God Himself. We believe so because we can actually access God from anywhere, and that gives the feeling that He's everywhere. So, this shows that people have been able to experience God for thousand of years now, due to which they've come up with such Beliefs.

An important misconception has been clarified earlier on this page. God does not belong to or comes in only one particular spiritual organization i.e. into only one chosen medium or chariot. We all have the potential of becoming God's chariots.

Sometimes it is believed (and preached by some spiritual organizations) that the only way of doing Godly Service is to renounce everything and surrender to their organization, and propagate Godly knowledge through their organization. Clarification - If you understand and more importantly experience God's message, you will automatically get the clarification of this misconception for yourself.

Another statement that is famous amongst some spiritual organizations is that God is the father of only those who are surrendered to our organization. They also go to the extent of calling others step-children. Clarification - This is 100% untrue. They say so, because they incorrectly believe that God only comes to their organization, which is untrue.


Where was God for all this while?

A natural question could be - where was God all this time while humans were busy deteriorating the world?

My first question to you is - does it matter what's going on this world more than what's going on in your life? Others may be deteriorating, but are you progressing? I would like to focus more upon whether or not I'm progressing in life, than whether the world is spiritually progressing or not.

God is the non-physical flowing stream of collective consciousness that 'was always' and 'will always be' present. We did not feel the need to connect with Him so far or even if we did, we were focused more externally on finding God. Not that He has come only now, and will never return in the future. He is always here, right next to us. We have just recently learned to tap into Him. This knowledge was always present, but it's only now that we're getting more and more clear about it. It is only now that we are feeling the need to personally connect with Him more and more.

The understanding that God wasn't present in this world earlier and has descended only now (during these last few years) is incorrect. God was and is always in the non-physical. If this wasn't the case, the great prophets and saints would've not been able to connect with Him hundreds and thousands of years ago. A lot of literature that was written in the past was written with connection to God, and not out of the blue.

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