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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is not an Activity or a Course. It is not like a Workshop that you attend over a weekend and be done with it. It is not like a Mobile Phone or Computer Setting that once you set it, it's permanent, and that it doesn't need to be looked at again. It is not like a Graduation / Post-Graduation Degree that once you get it, it's yours forever. It is not an organization. It is not copyrighted by any one organization.

Spirituality is your lifestyle - slightly modified
to live each step in the awareness of your non-physical-ness.

You will read more about the "non-physical" aspect of you in the subsequent article(s).

Spiritual Lifestyle is a Choice

Just like life itself, Spirituality is a journey without a destination. It is something to be experienced and expressed on a moment-to-moment basis. It is your personal, private journey, irrespective of your gender, age, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or your job profile. It is "equal opportunity" to every individual in this world. It is open for everyone to explore. It is a choice.

If someone does not want to explore this side of life, it's perfectly perfectly perfectly fine!

It's personal

Spirituality is an individual's personal journey. Nobody can define it for anybody else, nor can anybody criticize someone else for not following it their way. So, even if one person follows a set of decorum or a particular spiritual organization, he does not have the rights to call someone else - who does not follow the same things - wrong. This keeps happening though, because a bird born in a cage naturally believes that flying is a sin.

It's not a diversion

Although many people tend to say, "I turned to spirituality during the worst phase of my life", there are two important flaws in this statement. First, spirituality is not an object or a direction which you turn to. It is like a road, not different from your present life. You don't have to change any road. Second, if someone turns to spirituality just because they're unhappy in their lives, the result is that they can never be happy in a spiritual lifestyle as well. It is, therefore, important to remember that Spirituality is nothing but realization. Just that we choose to open our eyes only when we think that we're out of options.

Spirituality is NOT about renunciation / surrenderance

Renunciation means giving up or abandoning something from your life or possession. It is a very common misunderstanding that "turning to" Spirituality means renouncing one's possessions that one has earned in life. People think that they'll have to abandon Families, Relationships, Fashion, Food, Romance, Sex, Movies, Partying, etc. in order to live a spiritual lifestyle. This is 100% false.

As I've laid down a very clear understanding of the set of things to be taken care of when following a spiritual lifestyle on the article "Spiritual Lifestyle", if you read through it patiently and understand it deeply, you yourself will arrive at the conclusion that "Spirituality means Right, Positive, Correct, and Less Thinking". That's all that it is.

We are not in this physical world for no reason, and you will read more about this in the subsequent articles. Body and bodily pleasures (those of the five senses) are not meant to be denied or forcefully given up. Only one small correction in our thinking needs to be done, and you will learn about it by listening to my Life Hacks, and reading all articles in this (Awakening) section.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who try to teach others to forget bodily relationships, stop watching movies, stay single and celibate, stop buying houses blah blah blah, under the name of God, with the promise or claim that you will go to Paradise and become a Deity residing in it on following them, failing which you would decay in hell or not reach a high position in the future. The ones who preach such stuff are... sort of... missing the whole point!

That is not how it is at all. You will understand more about Paradise, the path to it, and the value of your present life in its truest sense as you read ahead.

We Are NOT Here To Renounce Everything, we are here to embrace life... now, with the correct understanding of life. That's why my strong emphasis is on living this very present life in the right manner, while learning more and more about and honing the self. My Activities) always aim at that.


Superiority Complex

Superiority Complex is a defense mechanism that is developed by an individual just to conceal or hide one's inferiority complex. But, a complex is a complex, and it is not a positive sign. A superiority complex is as negative (if not more) as an inferiority complex. Now, these are purely spiritual terms that I am referring to here - not scientific researches or studies

Generally, in inferiority complex, you're at least closed down and with your own self. When feeling superior to others, you cause unseen and subtle harm to yourself and to others. It is, therefore, more detrimental to have a superiority complex than having an inferiority complex.

Many people develop superiority complex after beginning to realize these spiritual truths of life. They consider themselves "higher" than the rest of the world. They stop touching elders' feet; stop eating food cooked by their family members who are not on this journey; start disrespecting others' religious beliefs; start calling others impure, dirty and viceful, while calling the self pure, pious, and elevated; start subtly dominating those around, criticize others' manifestations, and calling the self - angels / deities / special children of God. They start behaving arrogantly with "impure / patit souls", and try to force their spiritual realizations onto others. Many of them even behave very badly with their parents who have devoted their entire lives for them. I've seen this happening in front of my eyes. They criticize all others, while saying that they're here to bring Paradise into this world.

In Psychology, there is a term called 'Arrogance of Clarity'. A person who develops such arrogance dominates, criticizes, or denigrates others silently or openly.

This is NOT Spirituality. This is utter ignorance. Such people block themselves from well-being, and get unhappy in their lives due to an incorrect understanding and practice of Spirituality. Many such souls have, in fact, got in touch with me, to fill those gaps, and are now on the right path. I take no credit for that. They desired the right knowledge, and they attracted it  😊 

A simple reason behind why people develop such Superiority Complex or Arrogance is that whoever learns something new - experiments with it, and finds desired results and clarity - begins to REALIZE the beauty of life. There's a little trap there. One who begins to realize the beauty of life also starts believing that now he knows it all, and this is due to one's limiting consciousness. One fails to realize that there's never an end to this spiritual journey or learning, besides, merely KNOWING is not enough. IMPLEMENTATION is required. It's of no use if it does not change YOU and YOUR LIFE. Knowledge is not Power until it is put to use.

Where People Go Wrong...

Spirituality is supposed to liberate you, make you feel freer and happier in life. However, sometimes, people - due to their limiting beliefs or incorrect guidance or narrow mindsets - bind themselves to unnecessary rules and decorum under the name of spirituality, and end up living lives worse than their non-spiritual lives. Worse, enforce those beliefs onto others.

I see many non-spiritual people valuing their own happiness and their lives a lot and being truly happy in life in the way they define life. This makes me wonder whether non-spiritual people are happier than spiritual people in this world, when it should be - theoretically - the other way round.

Although, they (spiritually unawakened) don't know what spiritually awakened people know, however, what's important to understand here is that we - often under the name of spirituality - live life unhappily. That's where knowing spirituality in its correctness becomes necessary. I'm sure this website will inspire you in that direction.

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