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Self-Esteem, according to me, is the most important (and yet, the most ignored) aspect of life. Nobody teaches us about the importance of a high self-esteem, neither at home, nor at work.

99.99% of the problems that you have in your life are because of Low Self-Esteem Issues. We live in times when self-esteem seems to be low, by default, amongst the majority, and nobody is doing anything about it.

On this page, you will understand everything about Self-Esteem from a purely Spiritual perspective.


Here's a very dictionary definition: Self-Esteem is generally regarded as the evaluation that a person makes about himself / herself that expresses a self-judgment of Approval, Disapproval, and Personal Worth.


It is natural for every individual to want to raise one's own Personal Worth / think + feel better about the self. The steps that one may take are subjective, and vary from person to person, and also vary with each situation a person goes through.

However, as you may read further, working on improving one's Self-Esteem is crucial for one's overall development, failing which, one sees consistent failures in life.

That 1% Missing Piece always remains missing,
when your Self-Esteem is not worked upon.

The Knowledge Of Self-Esteem

Parents or School Teachers, who are themselves not aware of the aspect of Self-Esteem or its Importance, have nothing to impart to the kids around them, therefore, nobody is to be blamed here. Once you're aware, half the job is done.

It would be a good idea for Parents to begin working on THEMSELVES right after getting to know about this. In fact, it would be even better, if every individual works on improving their Self-Esteem BEFORE even getting married / having kids. More than half the job will be done.

Once you work on yourself, you won't need to make special efforts to IMPART this knowledge to your kids. You will end up in demonstrating it to them... and this should begin as soon as possible.

An individual's life is shaped in the first 18 years of his / her life, and this is the best time for anybody to take their Self-Esteem to a high level, and keep there!

Checking Your Own Self-Esteem

The easiest way to check the Level of your Self-Esteem is to take a score of your overall life, so far. Just ask yourself a few questions like these:

How have you felt about yourself? How have people influenced you? How do you feel when someone behaves in the way that you don't like? How do people treat you? How do you feel when something goes against your will? Are you proud of yourself? Are you happy about your life? Are you willing to do something new starting tomorrow?

Even though you can create a scale of your own, Self-Esteem (from a spiritual standpoint) is not Measurable, as such. Psychologists may have come up with Grades and Codes to denote who lies where in the Self-Esteem spectrum, however, it primarily boils down to WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOURSELF + HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF.

But hey, even though it sounds easy, it may take decades to even slightly begin FEELING GOOD about yourself and your life.

Unfortunately, there are many people who live their entire lives in Low Self-Esteem.

People With Low Self-Esteem

These are some of the Common Traits that people with Low Self-Esteem tend to display:

- They do not think of themselves Highly.
- They are, often, rejected by others.
- They're only happy when they're in the lime-light.
- They get hurt very easily.
- They start new activities with over-enthusiasm, but fail to be persistent.
- They blame others for their failure.
- They draw towards themselves, people who make them feel worse about themselves.
- They, often, fail to achieve success in any areas of life.
- They easily feel jealous of others' success, even if they're doing fine themselves.
- They are, usually, addicted to bad habits.
- They expect others to treat them well first.
- They expect almost everybody to approve of them.
- They tend to change themselves for others, to fit in.
- They do several things to gain others' attention.

NOTE: These are just a few traits, and not all traits may be displayed by an individual with Low Self-Esteem.

Remember, someone with a Low Self-Esteem is NOT (necessarily) a bad human being. In fact, such a person may be very hard-working, good in academics, may have good values in life, and be a very affectionate person as well, however, due to Low Self-Esteem / Low Energy, such a person continues to lead a life full of negative experiences.

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