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What Is Your Role?

If we all are Energy, we all must be the same, and although our Goals, Targets, and Achievements differ from one another's, there must be something deep down that must be common. Let's explore that.

Goal or Ambition or Target

A person's Goal is his Desire to achieve something in life. It could be a position, a possession, or a spiritual state. This is unique from one another, and nobody can define it for another person. It is each individual's personal choice. Goal, Ambition and Target are the synonyms of one another, and although their bookish definitions may vary, they all are essentially the same. Let's simplify life now.

Examples of Goals are:
- Working hard to build a mansion of one's own
- Building a perfectly gym-toned fit and attractive-looking body
- Finding a Perfect Partner and settling down with him / her for the rest of the life
- Becoming a Life Coach or a Spiritual Leader to serve the world
- Becoming financially free by saving ₹ 2 Crore in one's bank account
- Renouncing everything, surrendering to a Spiritual Organization and disconnecting from family and the world

Amongst the examples given above, whose Goal is correct and whose is wrong? Nobody's. They all are correct.

Your Role

Often people ask me a very innocent question: Then, what is my role in this world?

Whatever you're doing in your life as of now is indeed your role. If you're married and have a family, that's your role. If you're single and looking for a partner, that's your role.

You choose your role at every single step in life. You chose to work in that company, you chose to create a Facebook / Instagram account, you chose to become an Engineer or a Doctor, you chose to marry your partner (even if it was an arranged marriage, you chose to listen to your parents for some reason). Didn't you?

You are a package of Roles. Through life experiences, your Goals in life might keep changing, and that makes you modify your Role. Your Role is completely in your hands. However, a Role has more meaning when a Goal and most importantly, a Purpose is attached to it.

Your Role is not fixed. You have not been assigned any fixed, pre-defined part on this world's stage that you are now supposed to fulfill or bring to a closure. Nobody has pre-defined or pre-decided your role or your life. This is a dynamic Universe. Every single Thought you think is dynamic, fresh, new, and free. Nothing is pre-destined or pre-written, and you will read more about this in the subsequent articles.

Your Purpose

You are an eternally expanding being, eternally evolving. You are here to explore. There is never an end to your existence. While no two people in this world can have the exact same set of Goals or Roles, Spirituality teaches us that every single human being has (or must have) one Purpose in life. That Purpose is to Be Happy and Joyous.

Purpose is the reason for your being in this world, and it is directly attached to your inherent Desire to experience Freedom. Freedom to choose your Thoughts and achieve anything / everything that can meet your Purpose. While Being Happy and Joyous is the primary purpose of life, the little work that we need to do is to be Unconditionally Happy and Joyous. Today, we are very conditionally Happy and Joyous.

Any Goal or Role that you may choose to adopt in life (based on your inherent basis of Freedom) to achieve this Purpose (of being Happy and Joyous) is right / suitable / correct for YOU. Like I said above, your Goal and Role may keep changing as you grow in life. However, everything that we all are doing in life today is only to achieve that Purpose which is defined here. That is, to be Happy and Joyous. Human beings inherently know this, but due to lack of the realization or remembrance of this, they tend to do things that take them away from their Purpose in life.

What You Are NOT Here For...

Simply stated, anything that does not bring you Happiness and Joy is not what you're here for. The reason I say that is firstly you never do something that doesn't please you. Secondly, even if you do it, you don't do it happily.

Freedom (of choosing your Thoughts and, thus, creating your life the way you desire) is what forms the foundation of your life. You CANNOT live happily without freedom. Period. Nobody in this world can - ever - dictate to you your choice of Thoughts. Others can share their experiences, their points of view, their opinions. Sometimes, others can forcefully impose their Thoughts upon you, however, if you think deeply about this, nobody else, but YOU choose to do what you want in your life.

You CANNOT live happily without freedom. Period.

Since Freedom is your core Desire of life, you have the potential to be creative enough to the extent that nobody else has ever been so far. You are not here to limit yourself based on all that you see around.

You are NOT here to "Get it done". Often, you may come across people who are constantly running in life to achieve Targets. They could be spiritual targets or materialistic targets. Remember that this is a never-ending process of creation. You can never "get it done". In other words, you never reach anywhere. This is an eternal journey of life. So, it is important to not just do-do-do without being aware of your inner being.

You are NOT here to "blindly follow the herd" - then it could be a herd of spiritual people as well. You have the Freedom to be, do, or have anything and everything YOU desire. It is a natural tendency to "follow others" without using one's power to discern whether that's the right direction or not. Even if you "belong to" the same spiritual organization, for example, YOUR path is unique, individual, and independent.

You are NOT here to "Go Away" or "Renounce" or "Forget Everyone". Yes, temporary separation from limiting elements that appear as blocks in life is sometimes a way to step up in life, however, you are not here to leave all the aspects of this material / physical world and just 'BE' non-physically focused. If you're someone who does that, remember, that not only limits your spiritual growth, but it also defies the purpose of your being in this physical world. This physical world is our creation, and it is the absolutely stunning manifestation of all that we've desired. Wanting to run away from it is escapism as well as lack of understanding of what spirituality is all about. Specially as far as relationships are concerned, if you lose interest in your relationships after "turning to spirituality", you have not understood spirituality and are following it incorrectly.

You are NOT just here for BEING and doing nothing. You are equally here for DOING... and now, it would be WITH the awareness of your non-physical-ness.

Your job is NOT to surrender to any organization AND / OR "only churn the knowledge 24 / 7". That is a choice. Unless you have nothing else to do in life... if you only keep churning the knowledge, you will miss out on the most important message it conveys - Being Happy. Be aware of the knowledge. That's all. You don't need to be like an inebriated person thinking about nothing else, but 'spirituality'.

Your role is NOT to change people (or this world). Your role is not to dictacte to others what they should want in their lives. Your role is not even to tell others what's right and what's wrong.

Your role is NOT to be a World Servant and try to fix the problems of this world. Your role is NOT to transform this world into Paradise. Your role is NOT to live life in solitude, away from all the beauty that this world has to offer to you. Competing with others, or benchmarking / comparing with others, or running a race and winning it (because there is no race going on, there is no competition going on anywhere, it's only an illusion) can never bring you Joy.

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