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Everything happens... and is happening... only and only due to the Law of Attraction. Everything means everything. All physics, chemistry, biology, motions, emotions.

Relationships are not exceptions. However, human beings are so externally focused today that they often misunderstand the true meaning of Relationships. They have forgotten that they are Energy. They are, thus, under the illusion that Relationships are established by Good Words, Roses, Gifts, or Sex. That's untrue. Everything is about (and based on) Energy Exchange.

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How You Magnetize People [...]
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Beliefs and Relationships

Relationships are Established, Sustained, or Broken due to the Energy Exchange that happens between two people. Two people who come close to each other in a relationship (no matter what label you assign to that relationship) are ALWAYS LIKE each other.

We - often - think that two people (e.g. husband-wife) contrast each other in their nature, however, if we observe, we will clearly see that - deep down - they are exactly similar to each other. We think our natures are contrasting, because we only look at the external behavioral traits. We need to look at some simple traits and realize that two people who are close to each other are, in fact, LIKE each other - in the way they think, believe, feel everything, and perceive the world. Although their physical / verbal responses to outer situations may be different, their Emotional Responses Deep Down are similar.

Often, Beliefs are COMPLIMENTING. 'Complimenting' means 'matching', so let me use the more general word 'match' hereafter.


How You Magnetize People

Often it is the case that women who are fearful since childhood magnetize a husband who is angry (which evokes fear from the wife) or a husband who creates situations in their married lives that causes the wife to experience more fear. A person who often feels insecure about his life will always experience people moving out of his life. A promiscuous person will always bump into other promiscuous people, and will find it hard to stabilize with one partner.

The strange thing is that you don't always become aware of those traits within you unless and until you're Connected. Since you're aware of yourself now, hereon, as you begin observing your life incidents more closely, you will be quicker in identifying those Patterns. Once you start working on your Patterns, those kinds of situations will no longer continue to occur in your life.

An extremely important point to understand here is that the Law of Attraction responds to ALL your Beliefs, because it considers your OVERALL ENERGY, and not your specific Belief. So, for example, if you are actively hunting for a partner with MIXED Energy, you will come across people who have traits that you Like as well as Dislike. There are no accidents. Everything that happens in your life is by the virtue of the overall Energy you carry.

In no case will you come across something that does not match you.

You only come across people who carry traits corresponding to yours. So, if - at your workplace - you come across annoying or annoyed people, that is only, because there is something within you [may be the Tendency of getting annoyed about annoying people] that ends up in you magnetizing them.

💡 Suppose you have the Beliefs A-B-C-D-E within you. Let's say that someone else has Beliefs A-B-1-2-E within them (note: A-B-E are common between you and that person). A third person may have A-B-C-D-1 whom you may call someone who understands you the best (since most Beliefs match). A fourth person may have 1-2-C-R-S (very few Beliefs match), and that person might cause you nightmares in your life. However, in no case will you come across someone (e.g. P-Q-R-S-T) who does not match you in any way.

Relationships are like Bar Codes.

The bar code of each person is unique
and different from one another,

but similar products are always placed
close to each other in Shopping Stores.

You do not need anybody to prove this to you. If you can just begin to observe your life and the people in your life, you'll be amazed.

Relationships have become so fragile today that people feel the need to sign prenuptial agreements (of DOs and DON'Ts) before getting into committed relationships e.g. marriage. However, if you think about it, if there is a need for having such agreements in place, it means that there is a basic - yet major - problem already. And although those agreements are made with the intention of having harmonious and smooth relationships, such agreements can never bring harmony into relationships.

😕 To ease lives, people have come up with the concept of OPEN RELATIONSHIPS - you go and do whatever you want, and I will go and do whatever I want. They think this gives them freedom. Think about it, is there any value in such a relationship?


A Quick Secret

Every person is made up of a package of Beliefs (or Perceptions). That Package is unique to each individual. However, when you are by yourself, the situations & experiences you come across (under a given set of conditions) will always be different from the situations & experiences you come across (under the same given set of conditions) when you are with someone else.

💡 So, your Solo Shopping experience is always different from your Shopping experience with - for example - a loved one. That's because the Energies of the both you are actively playing their parts.

I'm not just referring to superficial things here. Little-little experiences.

That's why people - often - find it "safe" to take someone along with them, or sometimes people may say, "I don't like going out with a particular person."

It's actually the other person's overpowering Energy that makes you feel safe or unsafe.


Parents and the Law of Attraction

It is commonly said that you don't choose your parents or your parents don't choose you.

From the Law of Attraction's perspective, that is not true. Parents and children (the souls) get magnetized towards each other based on their complete package of Perspectives and Tendencies. Same goes with any other relationship in life.

💡 Example: An angry, disciplined, lazy father, and a loving mother who cares about others first will certainly attract a child who is angry and who cares about relationships too.

 So, personality traits are not hereditary. Parents and children (the souls) get 'law of attracted' towards each other based on their complete package of Perceptions and Tendencies. Same goes with any other relationship in life.

Your Traits or Tendencies or Perceptions are already present within you. They only get re-affirmed or strengthened (in 95% of the cases) by you being around your parents.

That's exactly why an angry father's child, often, has Anger Issues. 95% of poor families have children that grow up and stay poor. That's because that's the behavior that they SEE and LEARN. That's why you should STOP watching movies / spending too much time on the Social Media. You become dumb and stay non-creative.

So, as a child, don't blame your parents for what they're doing or what they did. The traits were already within the child (i.e. you). The parent was just a re-affirmer of that trait. Also, now, as a parent, you know exactly what to do with your children. GIVE THEM SPACE while working on yourself.

There are always exceptions of children having great will-power and deliberately become what they want to become.

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Interpersonal Relationships

What next? People are your Mirrors. I like to use the word Indicators. People are your Indicators. They indicate what's present within you through their behavior.

So, if you have "challenging" people around you, it's time for you to know that you have those "challenging" Tendencies within.

In an Interaction with someone, if you feel uncomfortable, that is the best opportunity for you to check your Feelings, then go deeper into your underlying Beliefs and Thoughts. See what's the best thing that you can do to change those Perceptions.

As you change, the world changes. Often we don't know whether we have changed or not, so interacting with others lets us know very well about it.

Feel blessed anyway.

So, as you change, depending on your influence, people around you either change or drift away from you or you naturally move away from them, by the virtue of the Law of Attraction.

Often, instead of letting the Law of Attraction take care of things, we want to RUN AWAY... thinking that we will have a better life. We change jobs, get divorced, break-up, cut-off, form a Nuclear Family.

While, taking none of the aforementioned Actions is wrong, we do that with the wrong Mindset, on a negative premise, and that's what strengthens the Resident Evils within.

Actions taken with wrong Mindset fail 100% of the times.
Actions taken with right Mindset succeed 100% of the times.

When you reject people and their behavior, you essentially reject the need to change yourself. Thus, the Law of Attraction keeps bringing more of YOU to YOU through people.


What About People You Want To Stay Away From?

If you don't want something / someone in your life, that's perfectly fine and acceptable. Life or God or the Universe does not force you to have something you don't want.

Often, we find it hard to deal with some kind of people, and despite a lot of Self-work, they simply don't seem to go away. It's not the hard work that counts. It's the right focus that does. If you're annoyed by certain people, it indicates that you are actively focused on them, instead of being focused on what you want. It indicates that you are probably not doing enough Mental Exercises to shift your focus or Mindset. Just try a little bit more, and trust that it works, because this is pure science, and it really works!

Unwanted people start fading away from your life as you shift your focus on WHAT YOU WANT in your life, in terms of the Feelings that you wish to experience. Shifting focus is not difficult at all. However, if you try to change the people, it may take forever, and the results are not only uncertain, but also impossible to achieve.

💡 So, if a Call Center Employee calls you at the wrong time (e.g. an afternoon when you're on leave and taking some rest) asking you for a Credit Card or Insurance, if you get furious about it, disrespect them, you are strongly telling the Universe to bring more of that to you, and those calls will never stop. If you lovingly, politely, and respectfully tell them that you are not interested, trust me that those calls will eventually and permanently stop, because your focus is not on getting annoyed, but on self-care and the humble Thought that you do not want something in your life. Don't push it away. The third option (that I practice) is to simply hang up without even getting into the conversation. They don't mind that (in fact, they don't even care), because they have a hundred other Customers to call. It's not personal.

By your Correct Thinking, you can let something unwanted fade away.
Just work on your tendencies.

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