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Money is Energy. The Money you earn is the direct reflection of your focused Energy.

You CANNOT live without Money - no matter how "spiritual" you think you are. Every single thing that you have around you is because of your "Money Energy". There, I just invented a new term. Sometimes, on this Spiritual Path, you may realize the importance of a stable and happy Mind, which can make you feel negatively about Money. That is totally undesired. Money is an essential part of life.

You cannot buy Happiness with Money, however, you can buy Things that you may have tied your Happiness to. Majority of the people have tied their Happiness to the Things that they own, and while that's not a sin, as such, it is a high level of dependency. That part is undesired.

Money is the manifestation of your Energy,
not the parameter for measuring your Self-worth.

Saving vs Spending Money

There are some people who just like to SAVE Money (and not spend it at all). They're ready to live a miserable, stingy life. On the other hand, there are some others who do not like to save Money AT ALL. They're habituated to emptying their pockets as soon as it begins to fill.

Now, who is right and who is wrong? Well, we are no one to judge others, however, only after saving Money you realize how wasting Money is an act of Self Destruction - not just financially, but also emotionally.

Yes, you Earn Money to eventually Spend it, however, you cannot be blind about it. You cannot be an "Emotional Spender". It is very helpful to (i) keep a track of your expenditure, and (ii) save more and waste less.

Keeping a track of your expenditure is not just about making an Excel Workbook. It's about trying to optimize your spendings whenever and however possible. Delaying your spending, especially, if you recognize it as frivolous.

Nobody can decide what's frivolous for you, and what's not. Nobody, really, has the rights to tell you what to spend on and what not to spend on. You have to check this with yourself.

Avoid Thoughtless Buying at all costs.
Don't let those Advertisers / Salespeople fool you.

Are you an Emotional Spender?

You may instantly want to say, "No, I am not.", but ask yourself:

- Have you gone out shopping, just because you were sad or bored?
- Have you spent Money, just to feel nice about yourself?
- Have you over-bought something, just to show others that you can afford?
- Do you feel uncomfortable, if you can't go out shopping for more than 2 weeks?
- Do you have things that you've not used for more than 3-4 months?
- Have you shopped, just because your Credit Card's Amount Due was ZERO?

If the answer to any one of these questions is a YES, then yes, you are an Emotional Spender, and that is going AGAINST you.

Those who spend Money to feel good about themselves,
eventually go bankrupt and start feeling worse about themselves than before.

You may have read this in one of the previous articles that doing something FOR happiness is NOT the same as doing something WITH happiness... then whatever that activity may be.

When you eat food, because you're sad / lonely / bored / frustrated / depressed, you become unhealthy.
When you have sex, because you're sad / lonely / bored / frustrated / depressed, you stay dissatisfied in life.
When you spend Money, because you're sad / lonely / bored / frustrated / depressed, you run out of Money in no time.

The Mind looks for that kick / stimulus when it is unable to experience Happiness, and if you have programmed your Mind to be happy only by carrying out such external activities, you end up in worsening your Mental Health over a period of time.

You may buy all the things in the world and fill your house.
However, not one of those things has the power to make you Happy.

That's because, emotional gaps / vacuum CANNOT be filled with Money (or any activity). It can only be filled with Emotional Corrections. Short-term Pleasure is short-term. It excites you momentarily. However, the problems, the void, the gaps stay as they are, because no work is done in that direction.

There's nothing wrong with buying a Pen that costs INR 5,000.
However, if you do that for showing that you can afford it, you're already doomed for life.

You earn Money to spend it only. Not to keep it locked, rusting in your bank. However, spend it wisely. Be Thoughtful. Be judicious. Be scrupulous.

Oh, get out there and buy whatever the hell you want to (a thing or an experience), but ensure that that adds value to your life. At the same time, if you feel like doing a little shopping with the awareness that this is Outside-In Happiness, that's also fine. It's neither a Crime, nor a Sin. Just be happy, anyway  😊 

Teach Your Kids To Save Money

Never ever say to your kids that you cannot afford something (even if - in that moment - you actually can't). You don't want to impart / implant this belief to them for life.

Instead, teach them to be Smart Spenders. Teach them to spend with Self-awareness. Teach them to spend WITH Happiness, not FOR Happiness. Teach them to Evaluate, before spending Money (not regret after spending Money).

Your Kids should be enthusiastic about buying Vegetables from the Market,
as much as buying Toys & Clothes & Things from the Malls.

However, you can only teach something that is part of you. Everything that kids see you doing becomes part of them. Therefore, stop saying, "Yay! Let's Go Shoppingggggggg". Stop overrating the idea of Shopping. Let it be a natural, subtle part of life.

Teach them that Saving Money is not just about "Spend tomorrow, not today.". Saving Money is about "Spending Money at the right time.". Let me explain that: If you already have a pair of shoes, and you've already liked a pair of shoes at a Store, ask yourself, if you can wait for a few days. Ask yourself if you really want to buy it immediately or want to old pair of shoes to be worn out first. Then whatever the answer may be... do it! You've at least connected with yourself before taking the action.

Shopping is NOT therapeutic.
Shopping for Feeling Better is
an act of Self-destruction.

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