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Life Coaching

I've been doing this work for the last 15+ years now, and you know what the most difficult part of it was? Presenting myself. What exactly do I call myself? How exactly would people refer to me? What would be the perfect title for me?

It was, then, a realization that the work that I am doing can be categorized into a set of roles that I am now known as.

Sagar Sonker is a Spiritual Life Coach,
Spiritual Advisor and Personal Counsellor.

(only for those who are intensely fast up the spiritual ladder)

As of now, I'm doing this as a Freelancer, at a very very very small scale. At the same time, I am always open to bigger opportunities to do this work on a big scale. However, I would like to do this (on a big scale) with a like-minded team of people. Not alone.

My work as a Spiritual Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor

Life Coaching is essentially about self-development and has common ideas as psychotherapy / counseling, consulting, and mentoring. Despite these similarities, Life Coaching is different in many ways. I - as a Life Coach - am not superior to you. On your journey towards self-development, I am your partner and a confidante. Gives me the liberty to be stern with you as well at times.

Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, as a Spiritual Life Coach and Advisor, I delve into your deep rooted beliefs and your connection to the divine. I help you work with the Laws of the Universe to get what you actually want out of life instead of just accepting whatever comes your way.

A Spiritual Life Coach is a Coach that helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level, and not just scratch the surface. Spiritual Coaching encompasses all areas of life, and is, thus, a much broader, deeper, and a higher understanding of everything that's going on within and outside of you.

Spiritual Coaching is not a separate area of life (as is Business / Leadership / Career / Executive / Relationship / Health Coaching). Spiritual Coaching is an umbrella activity that directly (and practically) impacts and improves you in all other areas of life.

While other types of Coaching are specific tools that you learn to improve yourself in specific areas of life, Spiritual Coaching is The Only niche of a happy life! Everything else just scratches the surface and keeps you at a superficial level.

Spiritual Advising is not different from Spiritual Life Coaching. However, it is not the same as Life Coaching.

A Spiritual Life Coach works at a much deeper level as compared to a Life Coach.

Do you need this?

Anybody who seeks change or an improvement in life feels the need to have an external Coach to guide them towards the desired goal.

Following are the most typical reasons why people seek coaching from me.

- Finding solutions to a problem or an ongoing situation;
- To attain a goal which seems out of reach;
- To grow their business and / or career / career change;
- To deal with a challenging professional / personal situation;
- To deal with challenging situations in romantic relationship(s);
- To deal with transitions like relocation, retirement, etc.;
- To discover their life's purpose;
- To deal with anxiety, depression, or stress;
- To improve motivation;
- To become self-aware;
- To build or renew their identity;

- To talk with someone;
- To have someone hear and understand them;
- To develop self-confidence and self-belief;
- To enhance lifestyle or quality of life;
- To enhance potential;
- To grow spiritually;
- To develop strengths or talents;
- To improve health;
- To lead a more fulfilling life;
- To find inner peace;
- To sort family issues;

This is not a comprehensive list, though.

Which Life Coaching model do I use?

There are a variety of models that humans have come up with that act as a set of principles that help you structure your coaching sessions logically to make your intervention successful and effective.

Some of them are enlisted below:

G = Goal
R = Reality
O = Options
W = Will/Wrap-up

C = Contracting
L = Listening
E = Exploring
A = Action
R = Review

S = Subject
T = Target Identification
E = Emotion
P = Perception and Choice
P = Plan and Pace
A = Adapt or Act

O = Outcome
S = Scaling
K = Know-how
A = Affirm and Action
R = Review

So, which model do I use? None of these! HAPPINESS is the only "model" that I believe in and use.

FAQ: Sagar, despite being spiritually elevated and a Life Coach, how do you put up your own shirtless / underwear photos on the Internet? You're also publicly Gay. Don't you care about your image? Does this mean that you're attached to your body? Don't you think it's against what people believe you to be?

Oh, I love this question! I'll happily answer all the points in it.

Being on a Spiritual Journey does NOT make me abnormal. I am still the same person. Same, yet different. I don't need to pretend to look or appear or dress up as being someone different. Spirituality is only about changing your thinking. Not your lifestyle. It is about adding a Spiritual layer on your existing Lifestyle. That's what a Spiritual Lifestyle means. Read for more.

Not that I don't care about my image, but how you choose to judge me is only the reflection of who you are, and I really (honestly and sincerely) don't care about what and who you are! For me, I only care about what I think and feel about myself and the world around me.

Gay is probably the last thing that I am. I'm first the beautiful Being that I am. Then this package of 58 KGs that I carry around everywhere. Then a Male. Then a Son, a Brother, an Uncle. Then (not a very good) Friend :P Then Gay... and... there's a LOT more to me than that. You need to dive deeper!

Spirituality was / is never about renunciation from the physical world. It is NOT about cutting-off from People or your Daily Intentions. Spirituality is NOT about abstaining from Sex. Spirituality is NOT about reserving your place in Paradise. Spirituality is NOT about detaching from your body. People who detach from their bodies should also stop bathing, according to the logic. There are so many people I know who change their lifestyles under the name of Spirituality and start leading frustrating lives. That's totally undesired. You don't renounce / minimalize in Spirituality.

Spirituality is ONLY about reconnecting with yourself. That's where it ends. That's where it begins. It is only about realizing your forgotten Inner Wholeness.

If at all there's anything I'd like to demonstrate to you all, it is that you can comfortably live a balanced life... that which balances your physical-ness with your non-physical-ness.

As far as my body is concerned, I not only immensely respect and take care of it, but I also love it, and the lovely pairs of underwear I put on on that body. Ufff! Even those have come off in some pictures.

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