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Letting Go

Remember the first time you did something wonderful? May be met someone, or bought something? It feels very nice and different for the first time. If you like something, you naturally tend to want more of it. In the process of wanting more, you tend to develop the fear of losing that thing from your life. That's where you end up in polluting and adulterating your Thoughts, and you end up losing that thing or person, because of your own negativity. It is as simple as this. This is partly the reason why break-ups occur (especially the painful ones). Think over it.

This is where the much disliked phenomenon of letting go comes into picture. Whenever we speak of LETTING GO, a picture of bird taking off a tree, or leaving some thing out of our hands, or a man hanging on a trapeze comes to the Mind, and it is understandable how unlikeable that feeling is. As children, we did not leave our favorite toys from our hands easily, and we cried when someone else snatched them from us, and that is the exact Feeling that triggers when someone comes and tries to teach us about letting go - the fear of loss or the fear of becoming lesser or hollower.

This is the same principle on which my Mind Exercise Pufff is based. However, let's clarify the misunderstandings around Letting Go first.

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Misunderstandings around Letting Go


Misunderstandings around Letting Go

First of all, it is essential to understand how abundant and infinite this Universe and its resources are. If someone steals something from your possession, you feel loss. Actually, you do not need to feel any loss, because you can gain it just as easily as you 'lost' it. If someone else gains something from you (e.g. in situations when someone takes away something from you), it does not diminish from this Universe in order to keep you deprived. It is still there, in another (often better) form. If you retry, you get it again (always in a better form than before). If you give up, you never work towards it, so you never get it.

Letting Go does not mean sacrificing, compromising, or giving up. People usually take it in the incorrect way and miss out on the beautiful lives they deserve. Letting Go is only that of the obsession about the things you desperately want in life. You may have noticed it yourself that things you are casual about come into your life more easily than the things you are desperate about. In the process of studying and applying this knowledge to your life, you may have also noticed that the desires or wishes that you create and forget about come true more easily than the ones you over-think even a little bit about. In other words, the best things in your life that have occurred in the past are the ones you didn't even work hard towards, but you were very very natural about them.

If you want something, LET IT GO... This does not mean that you stop wanting it. It only means that you live your life so naturally and happily that all that you keep wishing for in the process comes true on a continual basis.

Most important: Remember, the Law of Attraction does not respond to your words, wishes, or desires (not even your raw Thoughts, for that matter). The Law of Attraction responds to your Energy, which is essentially composed of your Feelings (which are the results of your Beliefs and Thoughts). The Law of Attraction does not GIVE you anything or take away anything from you. It is not a person. You attract (or fail to attract) situations based on your Energy. So, don't worry about Letting Go. It's not that the Universe will say, "He is not speaking about it, he has let it go, so let's not give it to him."

In fact, the Universe is constantly looking for a complete hold of your Desires.

It's about realizing one very important thing,
and saying it to yourself,


Do you really want it?

At this point, you must read the section "Do you really want it?" under the article Desires, if not already

Over-thinking happily?

You may have noticed that when you plan and book a holiday, you are excited about it and you think day and night about the holiday... way before it actually begins. You think about the things to do, the plan of action, things to carry, cash to take, etc.

It is a LOT OF THINKING about the same Desire, but it is not obsessive / fearful thinking. You assume and KNOW that it's there, and you are 100% Positive - not just about the Holidays, but about Life as a whole.

Try being negative before the Holidays begin, and see how those holidays get screwed. Well, don't try it, but you know what I'm trying to say. It does NOT need to be just about the Desire (viz., Holidays), but about anything in life. It comes from a place of lack, hollowness, and feeling deprived.

Natural Wanting vs Desperate Wanting

Some things in life are Subtle. If you do not want it at all, that's a different question altogether, and the way to know this is when you look at or think about something you want, you will feel either a natural want for it or discomfort. Natural want indicates that you will get it easily. Discomfort indicates desperation. Not that you won't get it if you are desperate, but there is a possibility of one of these two things happening:
- it will be delayed, until you remove the desperation out of your life OR
- it will be provided to you in the distorted (not 100% fully ripened / fructified) form

Therefore, for a while, get busy in other areas of your life. Some examples of "getting busy" are: Pursue hobbies, focus on your career, chant (as spoken in a Mind Exercise by me), meditate, or leave everything and remember just God (as some spiritual organizations teach). You get what you want once you stop thinking negatively about it.

By being desperate, you focus negatively on it, instead of working towards it. When you are negatively focused on something, you FEEL that it is absent in this world OR it is absent in your life. Therefore, you are UNABLE to think even one Positive Thought about it. When you can't think even one Positive Thought about something, how and why on earth will you get it? You keep missing opportunities to manifest it. You keep getting disappointed.

Life is about Creating. This is where two important points come into picture. First is Purity of the mind (explained in the next section), and second is Ask for what you want (explained in a previous section). You do not need to create more than one natural Thought for something that you want (even if deliberately), but if you are not in a state to create even one Thought, why would you ever get it?

There is no "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE" offer in the Universe, where if you are working towards buying a Car, you will get a Lover too (especially when you are consciously not wanting it)!

Positive thinking can be deliberate,
but let's keep in mind that desperation is subtle,
and it leads to nothing, but frustration.



Faith is the key to all manifestations, and the key to practice LETTING GO. but what is it?

Faith is going into a temple once and making a wish, and never ever thinking about that wish again! It means never even having the Thought of walking again into that temple to make the same wish. Why? Because you trust that the deity / God will send it to you.

Let's go deeper - Faith means walking into the temple and not even asking for anything, knowing that all that you Desire in your life is coming to you. Knowing that it is on your way. Knowing that it is "being sent" to you.

Well, the word "temple" is only used as a analogy here. It essentially means not feeling the need to think a second Thought about your Desire. You impurify your Desire even with one new forced Thought.

When you have Faith in your Desire, you automatically let it go. It doesn't cross your mind again, until it manifests into your life. If something about your actual Desire crosses your mind and it makes you feel almost nothing, that's what Faith is. This happens even when you are working towards it, without hankering for it.

However, if something about your actual Desire crosses your mind and it makes you aware of the fact that you don't have it yet, that's lack of Faith. It is such lack of Faith that keeps holding the manifestation of your Desire away from you. Why? Re-read this page.

Therefore, instead of making your Faith specific to your Desires and ending up in focusing negatively, just build and maintain a general Faith in this Universe and its ability to continuously provide you with all that you Desire and Deserve. Faith is not a practice or a quality, it is an attitude. This comes with self-love and acknowledging one's powers and abilities.

Is it possible that you have Faith in your Desire, and still continuously think about it? Yes, very much. However, those Thoughts are subconscious, natural, and those which are based on the absolute Confidence and Knowing that what you want is already there!

Letting Go of the past

You have very little or no use of the past now, so think and talk almost nothing about those INCIDENTS, those Thought Patterns, and those Beliefs. Otherwise, the Law of Attraction will keep bringing back to you circumstances matching that Energy, re-creating similar INCIDENTS in your life now. This is what the Law of Karma is. That's why it is very important to LET GO of the past, in terms of past Thought Patterns, past Memories, and Past Negativity (of any kind). That is only how your past Karmas get absolved or nullified.

So, if you've had a couple of break-ups in the past (which were due to your Energy then), change your Thoughts NOW, and start telling yourself new Thoughts of well-being and good relationships, instead of sad Thoughts of "unsuccessful relationships" or "loneliness". This is why understanding the Law of Attraction helps.

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