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The Law of Attraction

As you may have read in the previous article, the Law of Attraction is the basis on which everything (including your Thoughts and Emotions) works. Here, I take this absolute pleasure to introduce it to you. Everything that is written in this section is based on my own practice, exploration, implementation, and experimentation for the last 15+ years. A lot of hard work has gone into it. Needless to mention: it is not copied from anywhere. Quotes, if any, are credited appropriately. So, let's start.

Everything that is going around in the world today (and in our lives) is due to the Law of Attraction (LOA). You are the (non-physical) Energy in your (physical) Body. The Who are you? page talked about this in detail. This Energy (i.e. the inner you) thinks, decides, acts, and does everything that is going on in your Life. This Energy (i.e. the inner you) feels Happy or Sad. Everything in this Universe is created by this Energy (i.e. the inner you). The Law of Attraction works at the level of this Energy.

The Law of Attraction works at the level of the INNER YOU.

What you speak, act, or behave externally hardly plays part in your life. It's what you believe, think, and feel that defines your life. All saints, sages and philosophers of the past have explained us how our Thoughts create our Lives. Let's look at it from the point of view of the Law of Attraction.

Definitions - A quick precap

What you think is a THOUGHT.
You think Thoughts based on your BELIEFS.
When you think similar Thoughts consistently for a couple of seconds, it produces a FEELING within you.
Your Thoughts and Feelings together form the non-physical & invisible VIBRATIONS / ENERGY radiate out of YOU.
The other simple word for Vibrations / Energy is MOOD. A pretty simplistic word.
These Vibrations 'are' nothing but your KARMA. This is explained later in details.
Your Karma returns to you in the form of your DESTINY.
How you perceive your Destiny contributes to your BELIEFS.

No matter where you heard it first from, one of the most initial sources of the word 'Vibrations' in this world was Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich (published in 1937).

I prefer the word Energy. Get a better sense of control.

Revisiting Energy

You have come into this physical form which is more than just this birth you know of. Ever since, you took births after births. In the process, you interacted with Souls around; created Thoughts, felt Emotions, took Actions, and got the Results of those Actions. You call them Life Experiences. These results created Memories and Thought Patterns within you, thereby creating, strengthening, or dissolving your Beliefs. Happiness, Anger, Laziness, Love etc. are examples of personality traits, which result from your underlying Beliefs.

The Law of Attraction works
at the level of your
Energy / Beliefs / Feelings / Thoughts.

Just look around right now, observe someone, look at something, speak with a person. What are your Thoughts and Feelings in the Mind while you do that? That is your Energy. Energy is a synonymous word. If you step out of the house and feel awful on looking at the traffic, you are radiating awfulness. If you step out of the house and feel awesome on looking at so many vehicles, so many people around i.e. looking at the same scene in a different manner, you are radiating awesomeness.

To change your Energy, you need to change your underlying Personality Traits / Beliefs / Attitudes / Perspectives. I'm using all of these words together, as, even though their dictionary definitions are different, energetically, they are the same.

You are actively aware of some of your Beliefs,
while not actively aware of some other Beliefs.

Beliefs can be broadly found out from our Life Experiences, but, at times, they can be really deep and tricky to recognize. When you BLOCK someone on Facebook or WhatsApp, you are actually creating or re-affirming a Belief within you that blocks you from changing that within yourself that causes you pain (i.e. the lack of your ability to ignore the unwanted). See how deep it can get? You will read more about this later, but here's another simpler example, when your wife or mother gives you something to eat when you are not ready, if you get angry at her, it's not her "wrong timing" that you're angry about, but it's your residual anger (related to 'the need to be perfect') that pops up.

The Law of Attraction

Now, let's get the Law of Attraction into picture. "Like attracts like" is the simplest definition of the LOA by Wikipedia. Sometimes people fail to understand the statement "like attracts like". Here, I am strictly referring to Energy (that too meta-physical energy of the Soul) and not material energy. We need to be clear that it is Energy that attracts matching Energy.

Energy does not repel energy.

Positive energy attracts positive energy and
negative energy attracts negative energy.

You may have seen that fearful people attract angry people into their lives. Irritated people attract more irritating situations than chilled out people. Rich people are always around rich people and they stay among rich societies and surroundings. Happy singles always end up getting a very good partner, whereas (broken-up) sad singles suffer loneliness for a long time.

As you read above, your Energy is the result of your Thoughts and Feelings and can be considered as invisible waves radiating out of us (like a lighthouse), hence the word Vibrations is used. In simple words, what the Mind / Soul contains, due to the Law of Attraction, it receives back matching life experiences. At first that statement comes as a surprise, but all you need to do is observe your Mind and observe your life in parallel, and you will be amazed.

That is why, as I talk in this short video, you should just STOP Complaining about life. We seem to have developed a very strong habit of it.

Understanding the treasure of knowledge that is written on this website gives the mind an avenue to open up to the truths, thus improving our life experiences.

Why is it important to know the law?

Why is it necessary to know Traffic Rules when you're driving in a new country? Why is it necessary to know your Product's Development Lifecycle Process while you're working on the team? Why is it necessary to be aware of the Law of Gravity when you go Paragliding?

All these have the same reason - an understanding, a knowing, and awareness of the laws or rules makes your journey smoother. You MAY achieve results without knowing the laws as well, however, there are bright chances that your journey will be rough and you may make unnecessary / redundant / avoidable mistakes on the way.

What about IGNORANCE IS BLISS? Well, let me say this loud and clear. Many statements / one-liners / television shows / movies / songs / dialogs were (and are still) made by some evil-minded people in powerful / influential positions to manipulate people's thinking habits and modify their behavior. Ignorance to Self-awareness is not innocence. It is stupidity. And "ignorance" is certainly not an excuse to be exempted from the negative results of your aberrant actions. Therefore, we need to STOP being under such 'bad' people's capricious malevolence, and use our own brains. And that is the reason why I stopped watching Hindi movies / shows long long ago. Dirt and filth is sneakily fed into the youth's Minds by some people with malicious intentions.

 💡  Q: Why would someone do that? A: Simple. To continue to be in power, and to control masses for one's ultimate benefit. This has been happening for centuries.

We all want freedom, and that's the basic nature of any being. However, we believe that knowing the laws and living life abiding to those laws will make life restricted. That's untrue. Living life abiding by laws (especially the law of attraction) gives you the greatest freedom you could ever have.

Knowing that you are free to execute / exercise your Thoughts in any possible way, and knowing that you can get whatever you want manifested as exactly as you desire it, isn't it the greatest freedom of all?

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