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Feeling Good

Feeling Good is the primary purpose of life.

We only came down into this world for creating the desired life and feeling good about it. Even if your life may appear messed up as of now, ultimately what you're reaching out for is FEELING GOOD - whether it is by eating good food, traveling to good places, doing fun activities, or having sex.

What happens when you feel good? You firstly feel good. When you feel good, (i) your Thoughts are more in the direction of what you want, (ii) you are more compliant with all the things you've asked for in life, (iii) you take actions towards opportunities which are not only pleasing to you, but also in the direction of what you want. Thus, your wishes / dreams / desires come true.

Taking Material Actions To Feel Good

There is no "right way" or "wrong way" as far as 'taking actions to feel good' is concerned. Most of the times we feel the need to perform some external actions to feel good. For example, listening to music, shopping, wearing good clothes, dancing, exercising, gymming, talking to someone, playing games, traveling, eating chocolate, having sex, or anything else.

It is NOT wrong to perform external actions in order to feel good. However, let's understand how that mechanism works. Everything that we do in life is to be able to respond with positive / good-feeling Thoughts to that action-reaction. However, this introduces dependency upon those actions in order to feel good, and one may not experience good feelings in the absence of those materials.

Will music be available to you all the time? Will you be able to dance when you're at work? How much will you shop? What if you don't have the money to shop when you're feeling low? Will a partner be always available for sex / love? How will you feel then?

Besides the factor of dependency, after repetitive usage of these external means, they seem to get boring too.

Let me make it clear. I am not at all discouraging anyone from doing anything externally in order to feel good. Materialism is our manifestation, and we must make the best use of all of it to our advantage. However, be smart about it. Use all these external means at the perfect time, to push yourself up energetically, and have more fun with those, instead of doing those in order to change your bad mood to good.

Mind Exercises to feel good

Mind Exercises are the reminders for you to feel good. They are at the core of your being. The primary, and, in fact, the only purpose of all the Mind Exercises is that you FEEL GOOD. Whether you create a Vision Board, stick a Money Cheque on your wall, paste the photo of your favorite actor you have a crush on, practice Gratitude for all that you have, or meditate, the ONLY purpose is that you feel good. And that is why I insist, if you don't feel good while doing any of the Mind Exercise, pause, take a break and avoid practising it  🙃 

 😉  Here's the secret behind The Secret: If you feel good RIGHT NOW while making a statement (no matter what tense it is in), that's all that's required. Remember, the Universe mirrors to you your Energy (Thoughts / Feelings), not your Words or Tenses. Especially in situations when you feel miserable, it is perfectly fine if saying something like, I will get a life-partner by next year for sure, because I am preparing towards it, makes you feel good / hopeful / positive / happy now, that's all that is required to build a bridge of positive Thoughts.

This is what bridging beliefs is all about. You cannot jump from a negative belief to a positive belief. You have to build a bridge. The length of the bridge varies from belief to belief.

People spend a lot of time gathering or researching on Spirituality without understanding one simple thing in life, and that is - Feeling Good (no matter what your present situation is) is all that you need to do in order to get whatever you Desire in life.

Meditate to elevate yourself in the present.
Not for a future manifestation.

If your focus is on a future manifestation,
you are being negative in the present.

The Law of Attraction can guide you only
when you are focused in the present.
Otherwise, it cannot find you.

You do not need to know about the Law of Attraction, you do not need to know anything about this elaborate Spiritual Knowledge, you do not need to know that you are not the perishable body. You ONLY need to be Happy. That is when all that you want will come to you. That's all what Spirituality is all about.

Feel Good about your Desires

This is the key. Feel Good about your areas of interest. Feel Good about life as a whole. Feel Good about what you don't have, not because you don't want it, but because it's a way of accepting where you are, which is only when you can begin to move in the correct direction  🚶  Let every Thought / Belief about that topic of interest / desire feel better and better to you. Train yourself. Work on yourself.

Mould your Thinking to mould your Destiny.

   If you don't have enough money, and you're longing for more money, that's only because you're somewhere thinking negatively about the topic of money. If you don't have a partner, and you're longing for one, that's only because you're somewhere thinking negatively about the topic of relationships.

And until you keep thinking negatively about it, you can never get it. Once you GET this, you'll get to another level in your life.

At the same time, anything else that you feel negative about needs to be changed to positive, not because it's an obligation to do so, but so that you have better energy, which will help you change your Thoughts / Beliefs about the Topics of your Interest.

If something hasn't manifested as of today (whatever today's date is), and that's the reality of today, that does not mean that that reality will remain as-it-is forever. It will change as your Thinking begins to change. This is a deep statement, isn't it? Today your lover or your money is absent, but that's not a permanent reality. Enjoy today, because the absence (of whatever it is that you want) is temporary. Once you get it, you don't want to look back at today saying that you missed out on enjoying your life.

Consistency in Unconditional Happiness

It is important that you stay CONSISTENT about being Unconditionally Happy.

You cannot practice Mind Exercises so that you get what you Desire. That may sound like a shocking statement to a few, because you may have thought that Mind Exercises are the means to get what you desire. Well, not directly.

You cannot MAKE something HAPPEN anyway. Life is fluid and naturally flowing. If you try to forcefully create something, it will always be created in a distorted form.

Secondly, you cannot practice being happy for 2 days and lose hope saying that you didn't get what you wanted. You have to be natural about this. You have to realize that happiness is natural... so natural that you don't even feel a bit of fear and worry in life. And then when you float in such happiness, one fine day you see your dream(s) coming true in front of your eyes... like a miracle. It's not a Miracle. It's Attraction.

The Universe does not forget your Desires / Wishes / Dreams. So, just chill, forget everything, leave everything out of your Mind, and stay happy. Just one week of fearless / worry-less (and like I always say, a bit of shameless) happiness will have you bump you into the physical / manifestational bits and pieces of OR paths towards your desires. Try it.

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