Awaken with Sagar | Discipline
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Discipline is the basis of a Happy Life. There can be a very sweet person, but if he / she is undisciplined, that person can never really be happy.

A gym-toned person is disciplined.
A rich person is disciplined.
A great achiever at work is disciplined.
A good progressive organization is disciplined.

Discipline comes with Passion.

Lack of discipline only takes you down. Gradually. The fall down is not overnight, but the negative effect and impact is shown slowly.

Laziness is the opposite of Discipline, and the bridge between these two States of Energy is ENTHUSIASM or PASSION. One who is enthusiastic about achieving something ALWAYS works positively and lovingly towards it. Then it's not called "hard work".

One who lacks enthusiasm is lazy, and always digresses from development.

I personally don't believe in "making plans" as such, but making a plan is definitely an act of disciplining your own Mind, because forgetting is a natural tendency. What you do for yourself always helps you in keeping in touch with it with passion and love. This is where the need to put things on paper and reminding yourself of them regularly comes into picture. It helps!

Always keep yourself disciplined - in the place you live, in the way you talk, the way you think, the way you walk, what all you do, when you do it, for how long you do it, with whom you do it, who is in your life, who you want to kick out of your life, who you deal with, who you exchange Energy with. Ultimately, it's about Self-love and Self-respect.

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