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Desires are at the root of everything. Desires are natural. Having Desires is normal. If people in this world would have no Desires, this world would come to a halt.

Here's a very important quote by Derek Rydall: The word "desire" means "of the sire" or "of the father." In other words, that strong impulse to achieve something is actually the "something" already in you, seeking to come out!

Another beautiful way of understanding that quote is that God Himself has put that Desire into you, for you to come into this world and experience its full fruition.

I like to use the word Intentions as a synonym of the word Desires.

As we live life and explore and experience it, we come across circumstances that are favorable to us. At the same time, we come across circumstances that need more improvement. That's when Desires are created. Wheels were invented with the Desire to travel from one place to another. Telephones were invented with the Desire to speak with one another. Internet was invented with the Desire to communicate faster with one another. WhatsApp was invented to be able to closely communicate with one another with more features than ordinary SMS service. Instagram was created with the Desire to corrupt the Minds and Behaviors of youngsters. Youngsters join TikTok with the Desire to become famous... [laughs] and so on and so forth...

Desire is the passion that guides us to living an enriching life. When we hold back the river's flow, the flow of love, we tend to run and hide in fear from our light. Therefore, suppressing your Desires is the worst punishment you can give yourself.

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How are Desires born?
Do You Really Want What You Desire?
The Evolution of your Intentions


How are Desires born?

It is not just Negativity that gives birth to Desires. Since we are intelligent beings, we demand a constant Enhancement in everything that we experience on a moment-to-moment basis. That need for Enhancement doesn't necessarily have to come from anything unfavorable.

However, unfavorable incidents are definitely the moments when you are more powerfully focused on the "need for a better experience". That feeling is as powerful as the force with which a rocket is launched. That is why negative experiences are equally precious.

We consider ourselves physical beings, and tend to measure everything in quantity. That's what leads to wanting MORE and more of what we have (or what we don't have yet). At the same time, since competitiveness today has gone into the roots of our thinking, we tend to believe that we may lose what we already have (or what we want) and someone else may get it.

Often, you notice or feel or misunderstand a LACK of what you want and then demand it (or work towards it), and that's what the root contrasting belief or experience is, which creates a new Desire or Intention. Nothing is limited or lackful, but our own limiting consciousness. Even though it is this limiting consciousness that gives rise to new Desires, that is fine, but there's a catch.

Any Desire or Intention born out of such negative / lackful thinking is always negative and not very satisfying. It is, therefore, very important to evaluate what one Desires.

On the other hand, any Desire or Intention born out of stillness and calmness of the Mind is the most satisfying and life-enriching experience you can get.

To Summarize, there are two ways how Desires are born:
1. Lack Consciousness (like a frustrated mid-aged man)
2. Wanting More (Moreness Consciousness - like a little child)

With every single new Desire that we create or realize from within, all that we want to experience is Happiness, Love, or Freedom To Be.


Do You Really Want What You Desire?

There are many things we think we want, but we don't really want them. We think we want them, because we see others having them, and that's because COMPARISON with another human being is an extremely deep, subtle, and hardcore trait that we (humans) have, making it very "natural" for us to compare with others. This is, essentially, the reason behind every single negativity going on in the world today.

Nearly 15 out of 20 people do not think their own Thoughts. They think the Thoughts that they've heard from others.

You Sign Up on Instagram. You look at the wonderful photos of Dubai, Indonesia, and Venice, and you like those pictures. Now, instead of merely appreciating the world and being happy about it, you instantly create the Thought of being there (which is fair-enough). Then you read someone's TripAdvisor review about how beautiful the place is, which "naturally" (as described above) creates a Desire within you to visit there (which is fair-enough as well). Now, with a lot of residual negavitity within you, for example, since you cannot create the necessary (physical / non-physical) resources to bring that experience towards you, that leads to frustration, and this affects your overall being, and not only you cannot travel to that wonderful place, but also you lose your overall enthusiasm in life, while adding a set of new Negative Beliefs into your consciousness. This is how we say that Social Media is negatively affecting the Mind. Those products aren't doing anything by themselves. I mean, they are, but more than that, we are looking for those things.

The above paragraph means deeper things than what may appear. Assumptions about you already having studied the Law of Attraction at least a little bit have been made there. However, do you get the rough gist of it?  😊  Evaluate what you want well. Gently and lovingly question yourself as to WHY you want it. And the answer to that WHY should be mild, not desperate-types or justifying-types.

Here are a few more examples of lack of self-control or self-evaluation:

There are many "aspiring actors / models", who want to become models / actors, not because they have that Desire (that bug, that passion) within, but only because they think they can become models / actors, because they see others being so. Where they first go wrong is even before they've established themselves, they create Facebook Pages, calling themselves 'Public Figures', and all that they crave for are Likes / Followers / Comments. This indicates lack of focus, desperation for social acceptance, and fame lust, and that's why they often remain from growing in their field. Have you noticed that some of the "struggling actors" who have just started and are doing very well are not very social-media-conscious? They're working hard towards their main intention / desire (i.e. to grow in the field), and that's why they're doing well.

A survey has shown that 19 out of 20 people have no idea why they get up and go to work. They do so, just because they see others doing that. On the same lines, majority of the people get married and produce children - not because they want it, but - just because they see others getting married and having families. They might as well give you the reasoning / justification behind it, but it is, often, not their own thinking. It's just Mass Thinking.

So, what's the solution to this?
Bring back your Focus. Well, if you're reading this website, you're on the right path - that of self-evaluation, that of stability. Slowing down is OKAY in life. Just make sure that you do only what you really would enjoy doing - or don't do it at all. If, for some time, you may be required to do something you dislike, find out the benefits that it offers. Keep that Positive Thought active, and the Law of Attraction will gradually and smoothly transition / transfer you to the conditions that are favorable to you.


The Concept Of "desirelessness" Is Flawed

You may come across some people who try to practice or preach having "zero desires" or reaching the stage of desirelessness. However, the concept of desirelessness is flawed in itself.

If you want to renounce everything and want only "Peace" in your life, remember, even that's a Desire. Moreover, if you forcefully renounce everything with the Desire of having "everything" in your future birth, you are blatantly wasting your present birth, and one does not get anything in future births, especially with such negative focus. That's because that's how the Law of Attraction works.

That stage of desirelessness is not possible. It's not about whether that's right or wrong - that's simply not possible. Not wanting physical material is one of the most non-creative Thoughts one can have. People who forcefully stay away from the beautiful aspects of this world OR who oppose themselves to the flow of the world invite frustration into their lives in one form or another. Then they go around Facebook writing nasty comments on other people's posts, only displaying publicly how frustrated they are and further destroying their own image.

This physical world is our creation, and we must enjoy all that we have created - whether it is Money, Love, Marriage, or Sex. Now, on this path of awakening, all that we need to take care of is the non-dependency on it, as you will continue to read throughout this website.

Renunciation is only that of Negative Thinking. Not anything else. Renunciation of Negative Thinking happens naturally, by focusing on and developing your positive thinking. My Life Improvement Course helps in that.

No human being in this world was born to have "zero desires" and sit under a tree or roof or a mountain doing nothing. This is an evolving Universe. Everybody's Desires are unique, and one cannot point to someone else's Desires calling them wrong. Well, if forcefully renouncing all physical material and only meditating is your Desire, that's perfect fine for you - as long as you're doing that with the correct attitude. Sorry for you, though.

Last, but not the least, it is very important to be Self-focused and not enforce your Beliefs onto others. As my mantra goes:

Stay out of other people's Beliefs and Desires.
Mind your own business.


The Evolution of your Intentions

If you noticed a line above, I mentioned that every single person comes in this world with specific and unique Intentions. Although we all came into this world with the same set of Intentions - of those of wanting to experience love, wanting to live a free life, wanting to share, wanting to experience peace, over a period of time (as we evolved in this world birth by birth), our Intentions got modified.

Every individual's quest is to satisfy the Intentions with which he / she has come into this world. He / she always does anything and everything that he / she can do in order to satisfy his / her Intentions. On the way to trying to satisfy those Intentions, as he / she comes into this physical, material world, he / she comes into interactions with others, and due to the "shortage consciousness" that one develops because of his / her physical focus, there is negative competition experienced in those interactions. While, there is a choice at this point, majority of the humans go into the mode of being more negatively focused, and thus, their Intentions get modified.

For example, the original and pure intention of "wanting to experience love" gets modified to something like "wanting to experience love, at the cost of someone else's happiness". The original and pure intention of "wanting to live a free life" gets modified to something like "wanting to make sure that only I live a free life, and not the other person"... something like that!

So, now, an individual's intentions are modified ('adulterated'). Over a period of time, the individual becomes so physically focused in this world that he / she considers physical conditions as the only ways to satisfy Intentions. However, since conditions are limited, uncertain, and dynamic, one fails, and loses hope. Thus, one is trapped in this vicious cycle of "not being able to satisfy the original intentions that one is not even clear of". Because one is not clear of his / her original, pure, and root intentions, he / she keep running and running and running... hopelessly.

Irrespective of what you're going through in your life as of now, all that you need to do is get back to your original, pure, and root intentions... rather, realize that that's essentially what you seek. Ones who have realized it are living magnificent lives (I said magnificent, not necessarily rich), and they are able to enjoy their lives to the core (much better than most others who are probably monetarily richer).

Getting back or resetting your intentions is as easy as writing them down on a piece of paper. Just write down, "I intend to enjoy my life thoroughly" or "I intend to enjoy my today thoroughly" and stick it somewhere in your house. Begin from here, and go deeper as you experience all that within you that needs change.

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