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Color Psychology

Color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Colors play a very important role in our lives, and - unless someone has consciously worked on treating all colors alike - we tend to think / feel differently depending on the colors we see around.

I personally love colors (and flowers, and birds), and you will see the evidence of that in my house. It's full of a variety of colorful adornments.

 💡  One common advice from all the astrologers I'd been to during my non-spiritual days was to not use the black color, as it would cause me harm. On the contrary, I was asked to donate black-colored objects / clothes in order to absolve my past sins or to repel evil energies. Yes, I believed in all of this at one point of time... until I realized that I have my own personal Mind that can think on its own, and that it does not need to blindly follow what others say. Wearing a black-colored shirt / t-shirt always caused me some kind of harm on the same day until I consciously talked myself out of it one day. Today, I appreciate absolutely dark black color of a (probably hated bird) crow as well.

Ever since then, I started loving colors even more. Not that I rebelliously started using black, but I came to the point of appreciating all colors equally. I still, however, have a few favorites. My favorite colors - in this order - are Green, Yellow (Mustard), Pink, Cyan, Blue, and quite a few others.

It's mere perception

Been playing with the Mind for 15+ years now, so I have now come to the realization that - just like matter - colors are only perceptions of Energy / Vibration.

Pablo Picasso says that Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions, however, now you know that your Emotions and Mind are generated by you, and that everything else is the result of that.

   It is also an important realization that if you feel anxious in a yellow room or calm or relaxed in a blue room, it is only because that is what you have consciously or sub-consciously come to believe. It is these beliefs that companies / offices use to work around the psychology of their employees. However, these are very short-lived things, in my experience. You cannot retain employees by painting walls in specific colors, can you?

Your hidden Beliefs

Spirituality does not mean renunciation. So, even if someone - on turning to spirituality - may start saying, "Now, I'm neutral, and I don't love any particular color. Let me only believe in one color, say, White, and discard everything else", let's understand that it's a choice. You have the freedom (and you must use that freedom) to CHOOSE what YOU want.

If you believe you have resident Beliefs in your Mind about colors, why not make use of them in a positive way? The only purpose of Science is that you make the best use of it in your favor, and that's what I've started doing.

Recently, I went to the shopping market, and bought myself a few artificial flowers of various colors, and placed them in specific corners of my house, just for fun, and my house looks even more beautiful now. I determined the color corners of my house using another science, which is commonly known as Feng Shui (which I call Fun Shui, as that with Awaken with Sagar's Twist).

Following is a brief chart of what humans believe as the relevance of colors in our lives:

Green Color

Green is my Top favorite color. Pink is my second favorite, and Yellow (Mustard) is the third favorite.

You may have heard the Superhit Hindi Movie Song "Maar Dala", in which she says, "Humpe Yeh Kisne, Haraa Rang Daala...". About "haraa rang dala" - why not another color? In islam green color symbolizes paradise (people in paradise wear green). The song is a urdu poetry (ghazal / mujhra) so emphasis on color green makes sense. In short she feels that she is in heaven.

Green is the color of nature. The greener the planet, the more healthy it is. Nature is as its best when it is fertile. Therefore, green is also the color of fertility, which is one of the most beautiful aspects of womanhood.

I also asked my mother (to check, if she knows 😉 ), and she said, Green is the symbol of "soubhagya" or "Good Luck" for a woman, which is why Hindu women (I'm specifically talking about Maharashtra here) wear Green Sarees during (their sons') weddings or on special / religious occasions.

We know it's just a belief. I got divorced within 10 days  😕 


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