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The world's focus has turned towards MONEY, because with Money you can live a comfortable life. People think they can experience PEACE, CONTENTMENT, and STABILITY with Comfort. Unfortunately (or should I say Fortunately), that is not true, and today's Mental Health Crisis across the world is the proof of that.

What role does Bollywood play in all of this?

As youngsters (especially, if we don't belong to privileged backgrounds), we tend to CRAVE for some basic things. Things like Love, Understanding, Money, Care, Romance, and Sex. When we see that in abundance on the big screen, we tend to develop false perceptions of a non-existent Perfect Life, and even though we shouldn't, we are Emotional Beings. Social Comparison (no matter how illogical or invalid) is natural to us. The relatable emotions that movies evoke from within us make us believe in those fantasies as being real, and when we don't see even whiffs of those moments in our real lives, we tend to feel bad about ourselves.

💡 At the same time, we watch these so-called "Celebrities" living luxurious, magnificent, rich, and perfect lives. No matter how 'peaceless' their lives might in reality be, we tend to believe that they are living superior and better lives as compared to us.

This is exactly how even the Social Media (the next immediate after Movies) makes us want to live "perfect lives" that do not exist on this planet.

These are the insecurities that Bollywood Movies & Social Media Products bank on.

🧠 Even though (as some filmmakers say) events and emotions in Movies are inspired by what's happening in the real world, the inducement of delusions that movies subtly do through soft influencing happens unfailingly, because of the exaggeration with which those delusions are portrayed.

I have stopped watching 'Bollywood' (Hindi) Movies since 2001.

Yeah, I may have randomly watched some movies with some people just for "Outing" purposes, but it has NOT been done to consume 'Bollywood' entertainment.

I prefer watching Horror, Zombie, Animation, and Dinosaur movies just because there is a sense of FUN and DETACHMENT in them. Zombies don't evoke romantic feelings within me 😂

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Destroys the Fabric of the Society


Destroys the Fabric of the Society

Well, it's not 100% true or 100% false.

I am aware that Aditya Chopra / Karan Johar don't come to our houses asking us to create delusional or false beliefs about life, however, Filmmaking is ultimately a Business. It's not just "a creative place to satisfy your cravings for displaying art". As CREATORS at such a massive level, filmmakers only tend to focus on that which is profitable, and not what's RIGHT.

Yes, RIGHT and WRONG are NOT subjective. What's right is right. What's wrong is wrong. No matter what the context is. Jumping a red signal is wrong. Period.

🧠 When Pizza and Burger Outlets are opened near College Campuses, do you think that nobody knows that this food is NOT good in the long run? Specially when consumed at a young age? Still, it is only profitable to open these joints where most of the youth moves around.
🧠 When a Hateful or Sexually Suggestive REEL is BOOSTED on Instagram, do you think that nobody (incl. the Policy Makers who wrote those Excel sheets / Moderators who follow those Excel sheets like donkeys) knows that that Content is NOT good for the youth? Still, it is only profitable to BOOST such REELS, because it evokes reactions, responses, and screen-time from the stupid, unemployed, uneducated youth of the country. A margin, of course. 💡 2-minute Silence for those who think that videos on YouTube / Instagram automatically go viral.
🧠 When a movie is made that subtly suggests hatred / hyper-sexuality, violence, arrogance, sadness, do you think that nobody knows that it is harmful to the Mental Health of the youth consuming it? Still, movies, songs, and dialogs are curated to the taste of the demographics that would consume it the most. And youngsters are 24x7 sad (does not exclude me - I also had "sad feelings for no reason" from 18-24.), so they make someone like Arijit Singh cry on the mic to gain maximum profits.

I may sound like a villain here. But I'm just being blunt. Not hateful. It's all business. It all may fall under Business Ethics. However, it does not fall under Emotional Ethics or the Ethics of Happiness or Well-being.

Ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarrassment.
They do everything like humans but watch television.
- Lewis Thomas

BLOG: Stop Idolizing Bollywood People

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