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Always Celebrate Your Birthday...

Whether you celebrate it on a small scale or large, or with two people or two hundred... does not matter. How Happily you celebrate it, How Enthusiastically you live that day, How Motivated you feel on that day, and How Excited you are about being in this Life / Birth is the point here.

Yes, you are on a Spiritual Path, you are the Creator of Life, you are the Energy and your body will perish one fine day, however, you are in this Physical World living a Physical Life. Even though you are now living it with the understanding of your non-physicalness, it does NOT diminish the physical aspects of your life.

The realization of your non-physical self makes you feel like celebrating every single day as your birthday, however, your birthday is a milestone... not of the number of years you've lived, but the next new opportunities that you are about to live. Your birthday is also an opportunity to bury your past.

Never have regressive Thoughts on and about your birthday. Thoughts that do not let you enjoy that day. Thoughts that make you feel like being alone on that day. Those are NOT "spiritual thoughts", and that's not what you're here for. 95% of the people who don't celebrate their birthday do so, because they're in a Depressed state of Energy. That they call a "Spiritual Lifestyle". A Big No No!

Of course, I would not encourage you to enjoy using superficial and temporary ways (even though there's nothing wrong with that), however, Enjoy! Let that day be important. Let that day be special. Let that day be fun-filled. Don't leave a bit.

And... if you invite people to the party, NEVER say, "No Gifts / Cash / Presents". Be receiving. Be open.

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