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Beliefs are at the core of everything that is going on in the world. It's the core of everything that is going on in your life. Beliefs form the foundation of one's life. It's the set of Beliefs that a person carries in the Mind that shapes his / her life.

Let's recap:

A belief is a Thought that
you consider as a reality of your life.

No two persons in this world will ever have "Belief Combos" exactly identical to each other. It is similar to the uniqueness of Bar Codes, QR Codes, IP Addresses, or GUIDs. That's what brings uniqueness to every individual and variety in the world.

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How are Beliefs formed?
Past Births?
Where your Focus lies
Flawed Beliefs
You can CREATE / CHOOSE / CHANGE Beliefs
Feelings are based on Beliefs


How are Beliefs formed?

IN THIS SECTION: Core Beliefs | Teachers of Beliefs | Acquired Beliefs
When you first came into this physical world (which could be way before this present birth that you are aware of), you had very Basic Beliefs of well-being. However, as you interacted with people, observed them, and lived with them, you started building more Beliefs about Life, and you started considering them as truths of your Life, just by observation.

During each new birth, the past births' Beliefs are faded away, and only the basic Belief that Well-Being Abounds is dominant within each person. However, as one grows, one builds more Beliefs due to one's keen observation of life. So, we cannot really blame (or consider) the Environment or Life Experiences as the contributors to our Belief Systems. It is our own Observation that is responsible for the Belief Systems we hold today.

💡 A person who has always seen poverty since childhood, will believe that it is natural for him to remain poor. He will simply not imagine being a rich person, until he comes across this knowledge or unless he has strong Will Power. On the other hand, a person who has never seen poverty, will not even be able to imagine the life of a poor man.

So, does that mean you IGNORE or become BLIND to what's happening around? This is discussed in the section on FOCUS below.

Parents are the second most influential people in building the Beliefs of a person. Rich parents' children are usually rich, because those parents demonstrate well-being and richness on a daily basis to the children. On the other hand, frustrated parents demonstrate negativity to the child, and that's how the child becomes.

This is where Parents play a CRITICAL role in a child's development. Their intentions are the best, no doubt, but they can be the best (or sometimes, the worst) teachers - as far as one's development is concerned!

💡 When the child gets hurt by a table and the parent beats the table just to make the child happy, the parent fails to understand that (believe it or not) the child is learning that irrespective of how he walks in life, it is someone or something else that causes him pain. When the child fails in his exams, the FIRST best thing a parent can do is celebrate that moment, so that as the child grows up, he will not fear failure. Of course, he will not celebrate it, but he will definitely not fear it, and one who conquers the fear of failure is always successful. Of course, it is the duty of the parent to make the child understand how important it is to work more diligently towards one's goals, however, by shouting at the failure of their children, parents only induce the Fear of Failure and a lowered self-worth and self-esteem into the child's mind! If you shout at your child in the 5th Class, because he failed in one subject, don't be shocked if he thinks about suicide when his boyfriend / girlfriend betrays him / her. Both are types of failures, isn't it?

💡 Parents bribe the Traffic Police Officer in front of the child to avoid a receipt of Rs. 500/- and settle down for Rs. 100/- Have you ever thought what the child is learning? Then why get angry at the child when he lies to you, or breaks the rules of the house?

At the same time, let's understand that Beliefs are not just downloaded from Parents into their Children. The parents merely re-affirm that which is already present within the soul.You can sneak peek into this blog to read more about this, and then dive deeper: You choose your Family

This is where having a Guide, Life Coach, or a Mentor helps. Strong positive hammering of positive Beliefs surely helps. A Life Coach or Mentor is the best parent that you can have, who can help you instil new Beliefs into yourself.

Uusually, people watch other people's lives, and form beliefs, based on the observation. They start considering the set of those observations as the Truths of Life. That is what they start believing in. However, that does not need to be the case.


Past Births?

Some beliefs are carried from the PAST BIRTH as well, although these are not too strong or high in number.

Parents play an important role in strengthening or weakening them.


Where your Focus lies

We cannot BLAME the surroundings or information that exists around for its negativity. What's negative for you is not negative for someone else. It's the truth for them. You need to decide what's positive for YOU and what's negative for YOU.

Your CONSUMPTION of the information (or reality) around is what contributes to your Beliefs, and we must understand that majority of that which is shown on the television, in newspapers, that which comes on WhatsApp, or your Facebook's News Feed is AGAINST your Well-Being. You CANNOT look at something negative and feel positive. It is IMPOSSIBLE. I'm not saying whether you should or shouldn't. I'm saying that it's not possible. That's how the magnetism of the Mind and your Emotions works.

If you want to be "well-informed" about what's going on in the world,
prepare to live an unhappy life.
Don't complain later.

So, should you bury your head into the sand or put on blinders on your eyes and IGNORE all that's happening around? I would like to dare to say YES. Yes, you should do that for every single element that is negative and against your Well-Being.

💡 The best thing about that is that YOU and ONLY YOU get to decide what's positive for you and what's not. Nobody can decide that for you. For that, you need to start developing your sensitivity towards your own Feelings. If looking at something makes you feel off or uncomfortable or unhappy or unpleasant, that's negative for you. Now, you have a choice - whether you continue to look at it and keep adding it into your Mind, or to divert your Mind towards something else.

Of course, there are some unavoidable conditions that occur under your nose, and you cannot ignore them (e.g. a boss's behavior), in which case, you just need to change your perspective of looking at the situation. That's also about Focus, isn't it? Focus on the Positive aspects of the situation, and bury your head in the sand whenever a Negative Thought occurs to you about it.

Your Mind is like a 🛒 shopping cart. Whatever you put into that cart gets billed for in the form of a matching life-experience. So, now, you can "reverse engineer" your life-experiences, and check all that you've been putting into your Mind, and then delete it from there.

😥 Repeatedly watching that perfumes attract girls, soft skin attracts guys, pizza = happiness - even if you say that's true - these are not the basis on which one can live life. You obviously tend to focus more on maintaining your hair using oils, rather than building your Energy and emotional state of being. This results in temporary and shortlived pleasure, which is misunderstood as Happiness

Whatever is within you, the Law of Attraction keeps bringing it back towards you in the form of Life Experiences. People find it hard to believe that TV is one of the biggest sources of sadness in this world, but this is one hundred percent true. Now, that job has been taken up by Instagram and TikTok.

Ants are so much like human beings.
They do everything, but watch television.
- Tor Nørretranders


Flawed Beliefs

It has been found that nearly 19 out of 20 people live Beliefs that are not their own. They've just heard those Beliefs from others and are merely living them, without even evaluating or trying to come out of that vicious cycle. This is so harmful, isn't it?

That you are this Physical Body (and not the Energy making everything work) is one of the most flawed Beliefs majority of the human beings live with today. Thousands of Spiritual Organizations across the world are now becoming aware of this and advocating this truth. Not that this is being revealed now (like some of them claim), it was already known to many great people of the past, and is also present in many religious literatures. Humans are now only realizing it now.

When you consider yourself a perishable being, you do everything with the shortage consciousness, "This is limited and I should grab it before someone else does...". That's how your life gets full of Stress & Pain.

This has been explained in details in the section "Who are you?"


You can CREATE / CHOOSE / CHANGE Beliefs

IN THIS SECTION: Building Beliefs | Right Beliefs vs. Wrong Beliefs | It is how you believe it to be One of the most important benefits of realizing that you're not a physical human consumer of all that exists around, (but a CREATOR of Thoughts and a radiator of Energy) is that you can actually choose your Thoughts and radiate the Energy that can bring you what YOU desire by the virtue of the Law of Attraction. When you realize that the Universe is abundant and your life is limiting only if you believe so, you can actually change your life completely.

The beauty of the Mind is that you can MAKE yourself believe whatever you wish to. How? Just by knowing that you can 😁 You can choose to believe the weirdest of things that nobody else believes in, and create / magnetize 🧲 it into your life by your Mind's Power. I posted a message on Facebook, "True love always comes back", looking at which, someone asked me, "Is this true?". My response was, "If you believe that true love always comes back, it does. If you believe it doesn't, it doesn't." What that means is, Your life is how you believe it to be. Your life is determined, molded, created, and carved only based on one thing, and that is Your Beliefs.

You cannot really remove your existing negative Beliefs, because it's not a physical object kept in a box that you can throw away. It is physically-non-tangible Energy. You just need to think new positive Beliefs, and that automatically takes care of overriding your negative Beliefs. You don't need to (in fact, you can not) jump from a negative Belief to its corresponding opposite or force-feed yourself with positive Beliefs (unless you get hit on the head by a brick), but you just need to build your overall Beliefs about life from negative to positive.

My 30 Days Affirmations Activities help in cultivating positive and healthy Beliefs, which are in the 100% positive direction of well-being.

After a few years (or decades), I will update this section with a real life example from my life, as to how I attracted a PRECISE life-experience that you (and almost anybody else) will consider absolutely impossible. It has been the BIGGEST attraction of my life so far.

Where you are depends upon your Energy at that point of time, and that's extremely important to recognize and acknowledge. I am fine where I am. Such self-acceptance, self-acknowledgement is extremely important. That's where you can move further. It depends on your Willingness though. Not on your past karma, or your ability, but only your willingness. That's when your Energy begins to change enough for you to be able to shift and bridge your Beliefs.

Building Beliefs
Affirmations are one of the easiest ways to build or create Beliefs. An Affirmation is a Thought that you would like to make the reality of your life. Therefore, it should preferably be about what you would want to build as a Thought Pattern in your mind.

You can find a Mind Exercise called Law of Attraction Affirmations on my website that can totally revolutionize your life. These Affirmations are so powerful and easy that on reciting them regularly, you will notice that at least one Affirmation comes true daily.

Right Beliefs vs. Wrong Beliefs
As mentioned above, it is YOU and ONLY YOU who gets to choose what to believe in, and what not to. Nobody else can define it for you or enforce it onto you. You are FREE to choose what you want.

A bird born in a cage naturally believes that flying is a sin. There are many people who try to enforce their Beliefs onto others, by creating false alarms and fear about how compulsory it is to follow them. However, you are in this world to live your life to the best of your ability. Nothing else. Choose wisely. You have the complete freedom to choose your Desires and Beliefs.

At the same time, it is very important to be Self-focused and not enforce your Beliefs onto others. This is the Mantra of my Life:

Stay out of other people's Beliefs and Desires.
Mind your own business.

- Awaken With Sagar

As you may have read in the article What Is Your Role?, it is not your job to fix other people's thinking or life, because you simply can not.

But, what about the truths? What is the difference between Truths and Beliefs? There is only one truth - that you are Energy and that you can create whatever you Desire in your Life. Everything else is just an elaborate way of understanding the same Truth.

It is how you believe it to be
Your life is how you believe it to be. If you believe that this world is a bad place, you'll only come across challenging people. If you believe that true love does not exist, you will meet partners who will ditch you. If you believe that you don't have sufficient money, you will always deprive yourself of your favorite things (despite having money in your wallet) (that's a beautiful tip, right there). If you believe that finding jobs is difficult, you will miss out on really good job opportunities (even after cracking interviews).

Your life is how you believe it to be, and that's because your root Belief determines your Perceptions towards the world, and your Perceptions, Thoughts, Words, Actions, and Behavior determines whether your life is positive or negative. It's as simple as that.

Check what you believe in by looking at the Quality of your Thoughts. Do a little self-talk, and see how it feels. See what you talk. Check its quality. That's the quality of your life. The world inside is a projector, and the world outside is the screen of the real life that you're living.


Feelings are based on Beliefs

The way you FEEL in any given moment determines your Life Experiences. That's the measure of your Success. That's the measure of your Beliefs. That's how you can check and change your Thoughts, Perceptions, and Beliefs. You cannot simply make-yourself-believe in something until you relate to it or Feel it.

The Law of Attraction teachers who know the Law of Attraction in-depth teach that you need to do all the Mind Exercises, or that your Feelings determine what comes to you, or that you need to CREATE the Feeling in order to attract what you desire.

However, what's at the root of a Feeling? A Belief. And here's how: You cannot FEEL Abundant, if your underlying Belief is, "There are limited resources in this world". You cannot FEEL Romantic Love, if your underlying Belief is, "All men are jerks, and they just want sex." In other words, you cannot FEEL something, if your underlying Beliefs are contradictory.

So, it is very important to override your existing negative Beliefs with positive Beliefs that are based on Truth. This website and my Life Hacks help you do that.

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