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Being Wealthy

Wikipedia defines 'Wealth' as the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions. An individual, community, region or country that possesses an abundance of such possessions or resources to the benefit of the common good is known as Wealthy. However, this definition and our hardcore belief is based on the common misconception and notion of Wealth, which is having lots of money and a big bank account. The words 'valuable resources' or 'valuable material possessions' in Wikipedia's definition only refer to physical resources and possessions - those that need to be earned by hard work. As you read this article further, you will be led to the understanding of all the basic flaws that are hidden in such an understanding of Wealth.

The words that we generally use synonymously with Wealth are Richness and Abundance. In this article, let's just use the single word Wealth in place of all the three. At the same time, since we have been considering 'Money' as 'Wealth' for almost eternity now, I will be talking about 'Money' as well.

Wealth ≠ Money

Being Wealthy is naturally defined as possessing 'a lot of' money. Everyone survives, but those who appear to have surplus of money, big cars, big houses in good localities, largest television sets, and the most expensive mobile phones are the ones we naturally call Wealthy.

Why do we need money? The green piece of paper? To buy things, make our lives comfortable with those things, make use of those things, and be happy in life. That's perfectly fine. However, let's get back to the basics.

If we understand how the creation process works, each and everything we bring into our lives is by the virtue of our Thoughts, and while every person (irrespective of whether he is aware of the law of attraction or not) magnetizes what he wants when he positively pursues it, change and evolution is natural, and when one loses something that has been earned by a lot of efforts, that feeling of loss has the potential of completely turning around a person's life from 'success' to 'failure'. This is where the understanding of this knowledge (of the self and of the law of attraction) becomes crucial.

We all know the story of Devdas who belongs to a 'Wealthy' family and has everything in life, but eventually - due to a heartbreak - loses everything, not just his house, money, and possessions, but also his health, well-being, and eventually, life. So, was he really ever wealthy? Is there a Devdas hidden inside each one of us? Does losing one thing paralyze us to the extent that we begin looking at everything else that we have negatively, and eventually lose that as well? Are we forgetting the basics here?

That which can be taken away from you is NOT Wealth. That which eternally remains with you is the truest form of Wealth.

Your Beliefs, Thoughts, Ideas, Knowledge, Education, Skills, Talent, Abilities, Powers, Virtues, and Values are your true possessions. Nobody can take them away from you, EVER. Well, you can use something or someone as the reason for losing these true possessions as well, but not until YOU give yourself the permission to do that. It is through the use of these inseparable, imperishable, indestructible, and eternal possessions that you can bring anything and everything that you desire in your life, and retain its essence forever.

Whether it is a house, a car, or a pile of green paper, we own it only temporarily, and that too through the laws of the land(s) we live in, through mutual (human) agreements (that this is mine and that is yours as per this paper), and so on and so forth. However, we get so possessive about these things, and we consider them so naturally "ours" that we simply forget what's truly ours and what really we all are fighting over.

Someone was once visiting our house. They had planned to come at 4:30 pm. My mother told me that they're 'Extremely Rich' people, and I was like, "Oh Okay!". They didn't turn up till 6:00 pm, and I whispered into my mother's ears, "They're not really Rich..."

Material things (that are bought using money) are present today, and may or may not be present tomorrow. So, we never really 'possess' anything. This is not to make one feel insecure about everything one has in life as of today. This is to gently remind the self of what's more important and what the true possessions are. If any 'thing' has the potential of perishing and going away from us, it means that we cannot possess it. We can only make use of it, make the best of it to our benefit until it is with us. Every object around us has a lifetime of its own, and it goes away from us in one way or another (either by becoming old and discardable OR by prematurely and accidentally going away from us OR by it being of no value to us anymore), and that's a good thing. We keep finding newer and better versions of it for our use, and that's what keeps us refreshed.

Money ≠ Happiness

Another common misconception is that Money equals or brings Happiness. Everyone knows that money does not bring happiness, but almost everyone pursues money with happiness being nowhere in the picture.

The only way to earn 'a lot of' money is to do 'a lot of hard work', and if earning a lot of money and possessions is one's aim in life, it's perfectly fine for that person. However, let's check with ourselves if we're earning just money at the cost of our Values, Virtues, and inner Peace and Stability? If yes, we might as well earn a lot of money, but money earned using negative energy can never benefit anyone. The hollowness remains, and despite having everything material, one does not feel complete. I've seen a lot of examples of such people, to the extent that despite being extremely rich, they feel depressed and suicidal. One doesn't realize this when one is young. There are a lot of addictions (from Drugs to Sex) available to divert the mind, but as one grows old and gets tired of these things, that's when the eyes open.

When someone comes surveying to us using only a few shallow questions and asks, "What do you work for? Money or Job Satisfaction?" Conceptually it sounds very easy to say or to choose the online option, "For Passion / Job Satisfaction", but to find the real answer to that, don't give a hike to an employee for a couple of years, but just enhance his role or designation. If he stays, he really means that he works for satisfying his passion for work. If he quits the organization and joins somewhere else at a higher salary, he only works for money, and passion for work is secondary to him. Our surveys should be deeper and have a variety of deep introspective questions to get the real answer.

I do not mean to say that you should work for a zero salary. You must get the return (in the form of money and facilities) for your energy, skills, and talent you spend at your workplace, and that return should grow as your contribution and responsibility grows, but whether you work for yourself or for someone else is all that would be good to check. Only if you work for yourself and your passion for work, you will not only be working, but also be happily working and earning what you desire and deserve. When you only work for money, your contribution to your workplace and to your creative skills will be very limited, and your talent will remain unexposed and unexplored for a long period of time - sometimes, your entire lifetime.

Money & The Law of Attraction

You may say that if Thoughts create physical manifestations, one should not be required to work in order to earn money. That is 100% true. You do NOT need to work in order to earn money. You could be sitting at one place doing nothing and earning a lakh rupees monthly. I'm not just making statements from thin air here. This is provable and it has worked for people (including me).

However, the question here is - if you 'work hard' and 'make efforts' (by changing jobs, by buying more shares and stocks, or by creating more advertises of your business), you are not being naturally easy flowing. You are taking more actions than you are catching or holding the energy that can inspire you in the perfect direction to do the things that will precisely give you the money you desire. Merely 'working hard' does not yield a lot of Money. Working Smart and that too by enjoying what you do and doing what you enjoy does.

Most importantly - you can never 'think and grow rich' unless and until you're aware of your non-physicalness.

Wealthiness is relative

Hope I've convinced you by now that Wealth is not the amount of Money in your bank or the number of Things in your house. Wealth is what you carry within, and it's what you carry within that is the direct decider or what, how, and how much you magnetize towards yourself. Those Bollywood Celebrities are not rich because they work in movies. They're rich because of their Perseverance, because of their Focus, because of the Purity in their Thoughts. Although we only look at their superficial appearance, we fail to realize that they sacrifice much more than you and I do. They cannot have the experience of eating a roadside Paani Puri. They cannot go shopping at a Vegetables Market. They cannot eat everything that you and I can. Although, there is no virtue in sacrifice, what I'm highlighting here is that what has given them the abundance and prosperity that we're in awe of (and many-a-times jealous of) is (I repeat) their perseverance, focus, and purity in Thoughts. They love and enjoy what they do. That's what makes their work effortless to them.

If we compare or benchmark ourselves with others (no matter who they are - our neighbors or those celebrities), we lose our perseverance and we can never really be focused and pure in our Thoughts. And here's the secret - if we can catch hold of that perseverance towards our goals in life (then whatever it could be), if we can be positively focused on what we desire in life, and if we can maintain the purity of our Thoughts and Desires by only looking at nothing but our Goals, nothing is impossible then. We will then attract much more than we desire. We will attract that which is more than sufficient for us to call it our 'abundance' - who knows, it could be way more than what we were comparing earlier with.

It is true that money isn't everything but everything in this world requires that you possess money.

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