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This is the time of knowledge. The time of awakening. The time of realizations. The best time for fulfilling all your wishes, dreams, and Desires. The best time for even Creating New Desires - ones that you may have never even thought of, and getting them fulfilled. This is the opportunity to experience life to its fullest, not just in leisure, but in relationships, learning, spiritual development and challenging activities.

Welcome to the World of Magic!

This website / section / page is completely owned and managed by me (Sagar Sonker). It has taken me many years to REALIZE and EXPERIENCE all of this knowledge. Like many of you, I too thought that I've been thrown into this big bad world all alone, helpless, wandering, and lost, but thankfully, despite no guidance from anyone, I have been able to emerge over time, and today, I'm flying. I've always been famous for sharing technical / academical knowledge (at my school, college, and workplace), and I believe that if I have been gifted by this talent and ability to share this spiritual knowledge in a way that others benefit from it, why not. That is precisely the motive behind creating this website and I am glad to see that this website is benefiting many people worldwide.

This website or its corresponding Facebook page does not represent or promote any spiritual organization.
The aim is only to promote correct, truest and the deepest spiritual knowledge.

A lot of your misunderstandings about spirituality, if any, will get cleared. All content is based on my own experiences, Thoughts, Beliefs, Interpretation, and Realizations. Everything written here is from all that I am as of today. However, I have written it here in a more simplified way, for the readers to understand it easily. Please note that I am not surrendered to any spiritual organization, and will neither do so ever. I neither intend to start any group of my own. I am doing this at a personal level, and essentially sharing the story of my awakening, only because it is benefiting people like you.

A lot of hard work has gone into the making of this website and its corresponding Facebook pages, and the hard work continues. Content on this entire website is updated / simplified on a regular basis and I'm sure you will gain a lot here. The doors of wisdom are open for you to explore. I guarantee that this website will change your life based on the improvement in your perspective of looking at life.

I consider God Himself as the primary source of all the knowledge shared here, however, besides God, I am also thankful to all the human beings and Universal Energies who have been instrumental in one way or another.

In this fast-paced world, it is necessary to take a pause at some intervals and just make a simple check as to whether we are really walking towards what we want in our lives. Although it's not compulsory, it would be good to do so. Spirituality, in its right perspective, helps us understand ourselves and our lives much better. It helps us live our lives in the best possible way and achieve all that we always dreamt of. The basic difference between Spirituality and Philosophy is that Philosophy is more theoretical and involves almost no practical experiences, whereas Spirituality actually gives you direction to experience whatever you learn in theory. Thus, Spirituality is more practical, and you will read more about it in the next section.

In case you have genuine queries about any of this, you may contact me to get my perspectives on them, and I will be more than glad to help. I do not believe in investing time on Spiritual "Discussions" or "Debates" as such. Therefore, kindly do not expect that from me.

As you read this website, imagine that you are shopping. Take and use only those ideas that apply to you now. You certainly do not need to "buy" everything that one says, however, keep your mind open, and give it a try. At this point, you are expected to read

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VERY IMPORTANT: Let me clarify that I am NOT anti-any organization, as some people may wrongly presume based on some strong statements that I may make. Just that Spirituality is much deeper than what is taught at certain spiritual organizations under the name of God. What anyone else does is none of my business, because, like I said, my only motive is to share the truest / deepest spiritual knowledge (based on my own spiritual awakening).

Resemblance to anybody else's content is purely coincidental. It only means that we all think alike. It is neither my intention nor my interest to have people stop following others and start following me!

Happy Reading! ❤️

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