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Spiritual Lifestyle

Spirituality is a lifelong journey. Once it begins, it never ends. There is no limit to the realizations, and there is not one day when you get "complete".

Self-work 🛠 is a Daily Job, without which, your life experiences cannot change. I mean, you can wear certain types of clothes and say that you belong to a particular Spiritual Organization, but it's not about where you belong. It's about your Life Experiences.

If you've been on this journey for a couple of years now, just try to remember your manifestations from a couple of years ago, and now look at those same / similar areas of your life and your manifestations now. You will notice that the manifestations now are better versions of those then. That's because you are an improved version of yourself since then.

This Page enlists a set of few simple things to take care of. These practices directly impact your overall Thoughts / Energy / Personality, thus resulting in improved manifestations. Just a tiny step ahead, and that's more than enough for you to have an extraordinary life.

Note that these are Best Practices. You may call them "Godly recommendations" too.

These 14 Rules (and more) are the Summary of my Life.
This is my Lifestyle.
This is my Spiritual Decorum.
Table of Index
Daily Meditation
Keep Your Mind Charged
Keep The Mind Pure
Lead a Simple, Optimized Life
Watch The Food That You Eat
Smoking and Drinking Alcohol
Carbonated Drinks
Social Media
Watch Your Company
Achieve First. Announce Later.
Do Not Perpetuate Your Past
Physical Appearance and Fitness


01. Daily Meditation

On Waking Up
- Practice any Meditation method after you wake up / in the first quarter of the day.
- No method is wrong or inferior.
- You may pick up any one Mind Exercise from this website as well.
- Do anything that connects you with yourself in the beginning of the day.

There's least disturbance at 4 a.m., but
it is NOT mandatory to wake up at that time
to meditate.

Throughout The Day
• Have reminders (in forms of Good Thoughts / Spiritual Hashtags, etc.) around you that keep you connected.
• Take Mental Breaks and Quieten Your Mind as often as you can.

End of the Day
• Never end your Day without Meditation.
• Do a 3 minute Self-Talk / Meditation to clean up the Mind.
• Ask yourself to expect positive things to happen on the next day.
• This is extremely important for a bright and beautiful new day.

Learn Meditation Techniques


02. Keep Your Mind Charged

• Just as you recharge your Mobile Phone every few hours, recharge your Mind by quietening it every few hours by doing any activity that helps in that direction.

Solutions come when you 'NOT think';
Not when you think.


03. Keep The Mind Pure

• Sounds simplistic, but this is lifelong work. This is daily work.
• Purity is NOT the same as Celibacy, as you may have read on the article 'Importance of Purity'.
• Be pure, simple, and clean in your Mind, Thoughts, Actions, Words, Vision, Attitude, Relationships, Contacts.


04. Lead a Simple, Optimized Life

• Keep your Life Simple.
• Check every aspect of your life as you take it up. Keep it simple.
• This does NOT mean "not doing what you like". It's about keeping a self-evaluation.
• This is for yourself. Not to show others! 🙃

Simple people are Sexy.
Noisy, flamboyant people are unattractive and annoying.


05. Watch The Food That You Eat

"Thank You, for the Food I eat."
is my personal favorite affirmation.

• It's not WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat... that matters. Some people gossip and b*tch about others while eating 'Satvik Food'. Do you think that helps? 🙃
• I am a 100% Pure Vegetarian. I do consume Milk & Milk Products.
• I also avoid having someone else pay for my food, unless under special circumstances. I make it a point to give something in return.
• I also avoid buying food on Credit Cards, unless it is just for Points, and that I plan to pay it back immediately.
• Celebrate your life while eating. Sort out your Mood before eating.
• Watch what you talk and how much you talk while eating. Talk less while eating.
• Meat, Fish, & Insects: I am personally against killing animals and eating them, because they have Souls (unlike Plants). There is a lot of negativity involved in the process. The long-term ill-effects of consuming non-vegetarian food have also been proven.
• Onion & Garlic: I do consume these as part of my diet.
• Junk Food: Who doesn't love it!? I love Pizzas, Burgers, Pani Puri, etc. but I surely keep a check of the frequency.
• I, generally, avoid eating at restaurants that serve Veg + Non-Veg Food, unless it's a neat, clean, very good quality place.

Remember, God does NOT hate you, if you eat non-veg Food.
If He did, He wouldn't be called God.
God loves everyone. You need to eat the right food for your good health.


06. Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

• I've never drunk alcohol and I've never smoked a cigarette, and I feel proud whenever I've to tell this to someone.
• If you're connected with me, I discourage you to smoke / drink, irrespective of the % of alcohol in a drink.
• I'm not into Cocktails / Mocktails, either. Reason: I don't like those words 😂
• Those who drink / smoke have weaker immunity - a fact that I learned during my December 2015 Hair Transplant.
• Many-a-times people funnily say, "Sagar, you have no idea what you've missed out in life by not 'drinking'!", and I say in my mind, "And you have no idea what I've gained!"

Sometimes, people ask, "Sagar, what if your Partner asks you to drink / smoke?"
I reply, "The one who does will NOT be my Partner."


07. Carbonated Drinks

• My intake of Carbonated Drinks (Coca Cola, Thumbs Up, Mountain Dew, etc.) was pretty high during my early 20s (when I worked full-time).
• However, since my 30s, I've drastically reduced their intake, due to several well-known side-effects. I do enjoy having them once in a while, but I try my best to avoid them as much as possible.


08. Social Media

• Worse than Smoking, Drinking, and Carbonated Drinks is... Social Media.
• Don't be an alien. Be there. However, try not to use it for more than (a total of) 10-15 minutes in a day.
• Also, check what all you're following, and reduce the noise from your News Feeds.
• Remember, nobody is going to DIE, if you take your own time to reply. Build that culture.
• I've dedicated a page that details the ill-effects of Social Media, along with several videos in which I've talked on the topic.

Ill-effects of Social Media


09. Watch Your Company

This is sensitive, but very important.
• Keep yourself surrounded by people who come with a Positive Attitude. Keep Happy people around you. Keep those who uplift you.
• Avoid people who constantly gossip, talk ill about others, and (most importantly) who don't let you be who you are.
• Keeping unwanted / negative people at bay is tricky, and (in some cases) it may take years, however, that is good for your overall Mental Health, Spiritual Development, and Personal Progress. Don't flip them off, just keep a distance smartly.

Relations and Equations CHANGE over time, and that's fine.
It is completely fine, if people drift away from you.
You don't have to stick to people like leeches forever.


10. Achieve First. Announce Later.

This is a very important rule to keep your manifestations pure.

We tend to get excited about something that's still not ripened or something that's still in the pipeline 🛠  (or under construction). In that excitement, some people end up in announcing it or disclosing it to the public. The moment you disclose or announce something, that element opens up to receiving Energy from the world out there. Firstly, at that point, you are at the stage where you're not sure whether you're successful or not, and secondly, various people have various inputs, ideas, and Thoughts about it.

Therefore, it is extremely important to KEEP THAT DESIRE (and its manifestation) PURE.

Here are a few examples:
• Buying a new website / domain, and letting everybody know before it is complete or before it gets a good enough number of clicks / views / impressions.
• Having a new business idea, and immediately announcing it to your relatives.
• Selling a product to a few number of customers, and acting like you've successfully launched something.

💡 Reach a milestone. Sell at least a few hundred items. Gather at least a hundred customers. Let it soak for at least 6-9 months. Ensure that your idea is running smoothly for at least half a year.

Keep your Desire PURE by NOT announcing it to anybody.


11. Do Not Perpetuate Your Past

Past is useless, backwards, stagnating and it obstructs your creativity.
• Unless you remove it or let it fade away from your Thoughts and Energy, you will keep seeing those patterns of incidents in your life. That's what the Law of Karma is.
• Be a new person each day. Be a new person for each event, circumstance, and incident, even if it reminds you of your negative feelings (from the past).

There's nothing such as Past. It's just your Memories.
This is a lifelong practice, to be done on a daily basis.


12. Entertainment

Movies: I've personally drastically reduced watching Dramatic, Emotional, Love Stories, or Intense Hindi movies, almost since my 20s. I was never into English movies of those kinds, anyway. The only movies that I really enjoy watching are Horror movies (involving Ghosts / Zombies).
TV Shows: The last T.V. Show that I remember avidly watching was "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin". I completely stopped watching T.V. Shows after that. I only watch selected non-Indian Cooking-based Reality Shows (like MasterChef), or Travel-related Shows. Such shows open up your Mind to new ideas.
• People who say that what's shown on T.V. & Movies is the reflection of what happens in the Society don't understand that by re-consuming it, it gets aggravated in the Society.

Give yourself the Power of Choice.
Don't just do something that you see others doing.

Avoid T.V. Shows that fill you with negativity.
What you watch starts happening with you. Try it out!

Internet / Social Media: This is the new form of Entertainment, especially Video-sharing Apps like TikTok, Instagram REELS, YouTube Shorts, and some others - that have unlimited garbage. I recommend using them for not more than (a total of) 10 minutes in a day. You may have referred to Point # 8 above on Social Media.

Pornography: Watching unethical content such as Pornography has a similar effect on the mind. Firstly, you tend to misunderstand what the beautiful reality of sex is all about, and secondly, Pornography is something too addictive to focus your mind on "creation". Sex is not a sin, and Porn is not sex.

What We Must Understand About Entertainment: We MUST understand that those people on TV / Movies / Social Media are paid in lakhs or crores to entertain others. These are all businesses. Those people are not necessarily like that in real. Don't worship anybody blindly.
• An author says, Ants are very similar to humans, they do everything that humans do, except watching television. Humans use only 10% of their ability to create, and the addiction to TV, Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Phones are the primary reasons behind it.


13. Finances

• Are you over-spending money or wasting it? Are you prudent about your finances?
• Try your best to avoid borrowing money or taking loans from anybody (even temporarily). Limit your needs and expenses. It is said Better to die than to borrow / beg.
• Avoid using Credit Cards (unless you already have the finances to pay it before Interest is levied).


14. Humility

Being Humble does NOT mean Being Stupid.
It does NOT mean being a doormat.

On this Spiritual Journey, you will come across a variety of people (more than before) who will try to detract you, or make fun of you, or criticize you. While understanding what Humility means is important, you don't have to be stupid. You don't have to take someone's sh*t.


15. Physical Appearance and Fitness

Social Media has ruined our perceptions of good human beings. We think that good-looking popular boys and girls are good human beings. That's not true at all. That misunderstanding leads many of us (esp. youngsters) to modify their looks and obsess behind good looks.
• Who you ARE is THE ONLY THING that matters... not how you look. Yes, that does not mean that you don't bathe for 3 days, because you're a good human being.
• Wear what you like, look the way you want, take the best care of your body, but do it only for yourself. Do it as part of your Self-awareness and self-love, not for external validation.
• Keep yourself fit. Exercise regularly, and love your body.

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