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My mother often says an old Kannada Proverb , pronounced as 'mUru varShada buddi nUru varShada tanaka', which literally means, "The demeanour [acquired] at 3 years of age [prevails] till death [=100 years of age]". In other words - Habit is second nature 😊

A child's MIND is a very Pure and Powerful Magnet 🧲 that is continuously catching the Energy from its surroundings. Parents are the very first reference point for the child, and it is extremely important for Parents to work on themselves.

I always recommend people to start working on themselves before thinking of having a baby. That's how you not only attract a better soul, but also witness a good relationship with that soul for the rest of your and his / her life.

Become a Good Parent BEFORE
you think of having a child.

The Child's Mind

Although a child's Brain is 'under development', the child's Mind is all set to 'receive' all that it can.

They do not discern in between what's right and what's wrong. They simply observe and imitate. Parents' vibes have a huge impact on their lives.

Not just Parents. You and I have watched movies and tried to imitate the behaviors of those actors. That's called SUGGESTIBILITY i.e. influencing without really teaching. Parents do that all the time, isn't it?

Telepathy is not just a concept or theory. It is practical. It is constantly happening amongst us. Telepathy involves no physical senses and happens between two Souls / Minds. It is the exchange of Thoughts through the transmission of Energy from one person to another. Do you think that your Thoughts are NOT being caught by your newborn / child?

Spiritual Lifestyle for a Parent

Here are some helpful videos on Parenting Tips / Mistakes

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