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Negative People

Everything teaches something. People are your best and biggest teachers. However, this world is FILLED with erratic people who enjoy behaving weird OR are not bothered about others at all.


Let's get that right first. Therefore, here are a few pointers that will help YOU in tweaking your PERSPECTIVES and APPROACHES towards such people, and you will be able to RESPOND better DURING those situations. With your positivity, the world around you changes, and you - miraculously - start attracting (or start getting attracted towards) good, positive, and well-behaved people only. And even if there are "accidents", you're way too positive to get even remotely affected by it. It does need work, but that's better than going around fighting with everybody, isn't it?

So, let's get started: [...] .

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How To: Stay Unaffected by People's Weird Behavior

People matter! Everything that you have in your life is because of the people in this world - in one way or another. As Morgan says in The Walking Dead, "Everything is about People. Everything that's worth a dime."

However, there are tough situations when you come across people that are not very well-behaved. They could either be rude, dismissive, unfriendly, or non-cooperative.

I KNOW how tough it can be when you are in the middle of that situation!  😵 

   It is easy to fight back. It is easy to be rude to a rude person, and to reflect his / her behavior. However, that DOES NOT HELP. Neither does coming back home and writing negative Google Reviews. That only PERPETUATES your weak or vulnerable tendencies.

Yes, you don't even need to be EXTRA GOOD to / EXTRA FRIENDLY with someone who is behaving badly. Like I always say, "Be kind to people, but you don't need to be too nice to certain people."

All you have to do (without fail) is to DEVELOP your ability to STAY UNAFFECTED. When you stay unaffected, you neither get Angry, nor Fearful, nor Sad.

When you are Self-aware, and clear about your Intentions in life, nothing else really matters. You don't need to focus on whether / why others are not Self-aware. Anyway, others don't even need to be Self-aware. We cannot accommodate too many people in Paradise  😉 

Don't be People-aware. Be Self-aware.

Self-awareness keeps your Self-esteem High. A badly behaved person is hiding his / her insecurities by doing things to 'appear' strong, however, with self-awareness you realize that STRENGTH lies in the awareness that you can magnetize  🧲  whatever you Desire.

You are NOT here to change the world. Focus on what matters in the given situation. Focus on your Priorities. Get your work done, and move away. There is really no need to invite unwanted energies into your Energy (even if they're within 2 meters). Remember, you have the power to change the world through your mere Thoughts (as long as those Thoughts are unequivocally focused on yourself).

Work on yourself. Not on others  😂 
Don't put efforts in someone who isn't putting efforts on the self.

Understand that there are Cultural Differences or differences in Upbringing. Conditions such as Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder are real. The very symptoms of such conditions are lack of empathy and a tendency to disregard others' feelings.

As long as you are not being that kind of a de-focused person, you're good. So, Stay Focused.

What people say in a moment is 100% based on their Beliefs, Perceptions, and Life-experiences. It is not the measure of who you are. Who are they to measure you. A one-off gesture, behavior, word, statement, or judgment about you simply does not matter. You may, sometimes, take it too seriously, because you are working on yourself, and giving high importance to your behavior. Others simply don't care. You should do the same! Not care!

People are too pre-occupied with their own worries to think about you.
Their opinions change every other day. Stop pleasing others!

When you are Clear, Self-aware, and Self-focused, it becomes very easy to STAY STRONG. Remember, being strong does NOT mean being rude or disrespectful. It means being UNSHAKEABLE from within. Since you know what's going on inside of you, you can continue to STICK to it.

A rhinoceros's skin is around 5 cms thick. Can yours be too?
Hey, you can be thick-skinned and friendly at the same time!

We all know how the Social Media has desensitized people (especially the youth) to violence & sex to a pretty good extent. Over-exposure to something makes you blase to it. Now that you have been exposed to weird people several times, can you not desensitize your Emotional Triggers?

"I don't care!" is the best Affirmation to
transcend above the behavior of
pathetically-behaved people.

As Warren Buffet says in one of his beautiful quotes: You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing things with magic. True power is restraint. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.

Raise your Energy beforehand. Always. Meditate regularly. Raise your Energy at regular intervals. Take emotional breaks every few hours.

Don't make your own Negativity your Self-fulfilling prophecy!
Take yourself out of the potential Infinite Loop.


Dealing With Negative People | Elaborate Discussion

By your Correct Thinking, you can let something unwanted fade away.


People who Cheat / Dupe you

Someone robs you of something. Someone steals your money sneakily. Someone cheats you at a Petrol Pump or a Puncture Shop. You do not have proof, and it feels like a punch or a hole in your chest the moment you have that eye-opening realization that you were duped (not more than 10 minutes ago). Here's how you can deal with it.

If something happened at 5 pm, and it's 6 pm now, you CAN NOT go back to 5 pm and change that scene. It is DONE. It is OVER. This is a very very important point to keep in mind. It is - now - in the past.

Train yourself to keep moving on.

Nevertheless, if you have evidence / proof, you can choose to file a legal complaint against the person. May be - before doing that - you can (POLITELY) tell the person that you are about to do so.

We usually say that those who cheat can never be happy in their lives. However, we say this in a negative tone / with negative Energy. How it works is:

Those who cheat / dupe someone carry STRONG levels of Shortage Consciousness. That's how the Law of Attraction keeps them poor / unhappy / dissatisfied / discontent.

Yes, you are supposed to be alert and not careless. You cannot look away when the guy is filling petrol in your car (for example, in India), with the trust / faith. That would be foolishness. Now that you've been through such experiences, you can definitely be a bit more careful.

Every incident is helping you become more sharp / alert,
and that's a good thing.

This Universe has already prepared to give you MUCH MORE than what it has taken away from you. I'm sure you have come to the point of understanding that the Universe knows you (your past and your future) better than you. Therefore, you need to know that it has already prepared a bag of abundance for you. Now, it is your job to FLOW in that direction.

Nothing is taken away from you,
without a better version of it on your way.

The Universe has already prepared an experience for you. It has already prepared the money for you. It has already prepared a better opportunity for you. It has already prepared a better chunk of Thoughts for you. It has already prepared a bag full of all the - better version of - things that it has taken away from you.

Such opportunities (as mentioned earlier) are meant to sharpen you. You can be a bit more alert.

Everything teaches something.
Just keep learning and moving on.

There's nothing feel sad about, because it has only helped you grow (sometimes without your knowledge).

Check with yourself, and you will realize (most of the times before such incidents) that you HAD NOT elevated yourself / your Energy / your state of being BEFORE entering the situation. You were - most probably - in an ordinary mood. That is what attracts such situations towards you.

Keep yourself charged every now and then.
That is as important as drinking water every now and then.

When you charge yourself and elevate your Energy, you are INSPIRED to take the correct actions - actions that NEVER take you towards such incidents. Your INTUITION plays a KEY ROLE in such situations. However, you can be sensitive towards your intuitions only when you are listening to yourself and keeping yourself calm / stable / cool / chilled / happy / elevated.

e.g. in a real life situation on one day, I was feeling less than happy. I wanted to get my car's one tyre checked. I did NOT elevate my mood during those few hours. I had a fleeting thought of going the next morning. However, I did not listen to that thought. Went that day, and later came back with the thought as to whether the guy duped me. All I had to do was keep myself elevated way before the incident.

I KNOW how it feels. Like someone has punched you in the gut or driven a hole in your chest. However, remember, sometimes the Universe has (strange) ways to GIVE something to someone (sometimes) through you. That's a good thing.

Let a person with shortage consciousness,
not develop shortage consciousness within you.

There are other human beings in this world as well. If that one guy is cheating you, he is cheating others as well. Others will take care of it. You don't need to get worked up / uncomfortable about it.

When your electricity / Internet is down, it is relieving to know that that of your neighbors is also down, isn't it?  😉 

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