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Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, often to the point of orgasm (along with semen ejaculation). (The word "often" is used, because not every time you experience an orgasm. Sometimes, you only ejaculate.)

This article is based on my own experiences, and, therefore, is specific to MALES only 🍌 It has been written for normal men. Therefore, if you're from another planet, you may skip. This is very effective for Singles as well as Partnered Men, especially who masturbate once every (less than) 7 days.

You will also read about a new Exercise Penis Reset (term coined by me), based on my own experiences. This is the best way to describe this Exercise.

This article is NOT about:
 Semen Retention
 Porn Deaddiction

The 'Penis Reset' exercise, in fact, helps you in improving your Magnetism, Focus, and Sex Life.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT practice this blindly. This is a very Spiritual Exercise, and it WILL have an effect on your Mind, Brain, and Body from the immediate next day. It is assumed that you've read the complete disclaimer linked on the first page of the Awakening section. Specifics always vary from person to person.

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Why Do Men Masturbate? [...]
Is Masturbation good? [...]
Organizations Promoting Abstinence [...]
Should you? Or should you not? [...]
Masturbation & Manifestations [...]

Why Do Men Masturbate?

You may consider that as a Dumb Question. However, think about it. Primarily, there are two reasons why men masturbate.

1. You Do It When You're Happy:
- You masturbate, because you're doing it for fun.
- because you want to enjoy the moment alone / with someone.
- because you're happy and satisfied with your life.
- because you want to enjoy the images / memories that are activated in the moment.
- because your partner is away, and you're sexually aroused for some reason.
Let's call it Happy Fapping.

2. You Do It When You're Unhappy / Depressed:
- You masturbate, because you're simply habituated to doing it every 2 / 3 days.
- because you're stressed / tired, and want to relieve yourself.
- because you're unhappy about not having your partner OR you're a sad Single.
- because you're bored and want to escape the boredom.
- because you have lots of problems in life, and this is only when you feel happy about yourself.
- because you have a bad / no Sex Life.
Let's call it Sad Fapping.

So, it is not just about releasing the sexual tension or charge. It is not just about pleasing oneself. That happens anyway - whether you masturbate happily or sadly. How you have been feeling for a few hours or days before that... is what we're trying to decode.

Masturbating frequently is the most WRONG way
of trying to get out ot Depression.

Practice 'Penis Reset' instead.

Is Masturbation good?

The answer should be obvious from the former section, isn't it?

It is the General Law of Life that anything that is done with HAPPINESS is positive and it contributes to your well-being. Anything that is done with SADNESS contributes to your misery.

Earlier, I just used to Masturbate whenever I had the urge. I just used to go out Shopping whenever I had the urge. With this practice, I give myself the incentive to shop after controlling myself for 7 Days / 14 Days, and so on... It hugely adds to the overall Energy!

Over-relying on Masturbation for Pleasure can reduce interest in Sex!
Masturbating less often naturally drives your Mind towards Better Sex.

Organizations Promoting Abstinence

There are some Spiritual Organizations that promote "No Sex for Life" and "No Masturbation for Life" - they'd literally throw you out, if you even try to ask questions around those topics.

While, I am not against anybody, it is important to understand that you do not necessarily need to do what someone else is doing, just because you think they're happy by doing it.

There are SO MANY men (and women) practicing Celibacy / Abstinence who I've personally seen being UTTERLY FRUSTRATED in life.

There are many 'No Masturbation' Groups online (& offline) who only keep counting the number of days they've not fapped. While being aware of the 'number of days' is helpful and good, it appears that they're AGAINST Masturbation. That's a very negative approach, and it doesn't really add value to your life.

Therefore, it is NEVER about the physicalities of life. It is only about YOU and WHAT YOU DESIRE.

Should you? Or should you not?

I would never ask you to STOP doing something that you feel like doing. However, I would always encourage you to evaluate if your energy is being retained or depleted by your actions. Answers, Reasoning, and Desires must come from within. That's when you can implement something effectively.

Always evaluate if your actions are GIVING you something... or only taking something AWAY from you. It's not as much about "short-term pleasure" and "long-term pleasure", as much it is about "if this action is adding value to my life".

Be Natural! But hey,
Masturbating Daily is NOT necessarily natural.

Masturbation & Manifestations

The essence of what you visualize while masturbating / orgasming has higher chances of manifesting, because of the high amount of focused energy involved in that moment.

Furthermore, as part of the INTENSE Penis Reset Exercise mentioned below, your Mind is focused on "how you are feeling RIGHT NOW" more than ever. Therefore, your chances of manifesting what you want increase (especially from the 5th day).

Manifestations during the Penis Reset Period are always better than Manifestations during Ordinary Days. Just keep releasing Thoughts into the Universe during the Penis Reset Period, and you will see great results.

Reset Your Penis

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