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Here's the list of places (on this page) that I've visited around Pune.
Bhor / Bhatghar Dam
Gunjan Farms, Shirkoli, Panshet
Vishwas Villa Resort, Dawje, Mulshi

.Bhor / Bhatghar Dam

I've been here five times: On the 8th of January, 2012 with an acquaintance;
on the 14th of January, 2012 with my family members;
on the 21st of April, 2012 with my ex-boyfriend;
on the 9th of June, 2017 with another acquaintance; and
on the 25th of June, 2017 with a same-sex couple...

It's just a beautiful place to visit pre/post-monsoon. I have no idea why I called this Manas Sarovar, probably because I read a board there in the yesteryears.

The drive is around 50 KMs from Pune, and the road is very good now. That wasn't the case until recently. You take the right turn right after the Balaji temple's turn (which you don't take).

Like I said, pre and post-monsoon is the best time to visit this place, as the dam water is fuller, the climate is cooler, and the mountains are greener. However, you can visit here any time that you wish to. Just avoid going to restricted areas, if any, for your safety.

I've spotted some really beautiful and rare birds there, the photos of which can be found at It is just beautiful to see nature, greenery, mountains, hills, the dam and its water. You simply cannot get enough of this place.

♦ Do NOT go near deep water;
♦ Do NOT litter and make the beautiful place dirty;
♦ Do NOT convert this into a "drinking" spot;
♦ Carry the things necessary to protect yourself from sun / rain;
♦ Carry a fully charged camera and telephoto (zoom) and wide-angle lenses;
♦ Respect the environment and its natural beauty.
♦ Do NOT enter restricted or secured places or tresspass, just because you're excited. Respect the rules set by others.

Click here to watch a little video automatically created by Google Photos.

.Gunjan Farms, Shirkoli, Panshet

Dates Visited: 28, 29 October, 2017, with 30 other guys as part of The Backpack Travels' 5th tour.

Exactly 55.5 KMs from Wadgaon Budruk, Pune. One of the best locations I've ever stayed at.

HOW TO REACH: Follow the Panshet Road, and take a left turn at Shri Kshetra Shirkoli. There are boards to go towards Shirkoli. Strictly follow them. There are only 2 points where you may get confused, but it is easy, as long as you go in the direction of Shirkoli.

People on the way will guide you as well. Most of the localites know Gunjan Farms.

CLIMATE: It was cool to cold during the time I went. The night was cold, and so was the dawn.

ROOMS: Fine. Spacious for the location. Bathrooms are quite small (at least one in Room C that was allocated to 4 of us). No complaints as such. Views are just awesome.

The Pool was quite unclean, and it actually did not give the feel of a Swimming Pool, as we thought it is from the photos.

CHARGES: As part of The Backpack Travels, we paid INR 2,700/- per person (from Pune) and INR 3,000/- from Mumbai. I'm not aware of the resort's actual charges, but it was certainly worth it... certainly better than going to some stupid parties and sitting in a corner.

FOOD: The Vegetarian Food was very good.

STAFF: Helpful.

OVERALL: An amazing experience. May go again.

.Vishwas Villa Resort, Dawje, Mulshi

Dates Visited: 08, 09, 10 April, 2017, with 6 other guys.

Remote, natural, and amazing. Their Swimming Pool was our main attraction.

An MTDC approved resort, Vishwas Villa Resort is around 26 KMs away from Wadgaon Budruk, Pune, on the Nilkantheshwar road.

CLIMATE: At the peak of the Summer season, the temperature here was naturally hot during the afternoons, but cooler than the city from 5 pm to 9 am. So cool that my car's battery got discharged, and that resulted into an adventure that I will write about below.

ROOMS: Clean and well-maintained. A.C. enabled. The hot water was a boon after playing in the cold swimming pool water. In two rooms, I heard from my group members, there were weird frogs (one in each room) crawling on the walls. Freaky, isn't it? But that's the fun of staying amidst nature. They have rooms on the upper floor as well, but we preferred staying on the Ground Floor.
CHARGES: For the time duration we booked (Sat morning to Mon morning), it was INR 2,600/- per head, inclusive of stay and 3 meals + 4 snacks. The meals were unlimited, whereas the breakfast was not unlimited, although they didn't refuse to give us another plate, when asked.

EXCLUSIONS: 1 Water Bottle per person per meal was supposed to be provided for FREE, however, we were not given that. Accordingly, for our duration of stay (mentioned above), 28 bottles (for 7 people) were FREE, but we were told in the end by the staff that we consumed 55 bottles, which was a blatant lie. None of us consumed 8 bottles per head. Just because we did not count each and every bottle we received, we decided not to argue with them, and just let it go.

STAFF: A caretaker couple lives there. The guy named Balaji was almost always drunk, but still provided prompt service.

FOOD: Very good and tasty food - I can only speak for the vegetarian menu, but I also heard from other folks that non-vegetarian food was good. To our surprise, we were served Puran Poli on Sunday for lunch, and it was pretty good as well.

LOCATION: Nilkantheshwar road, at Dawje. Very remote place, but pretty well-maintained. They're building more resorts uphill. There's absolutely nothing around. I had to go 5 kms from the resort to send one WhatsApp message.

OVERALL: An amazing experience, especially because of the Swimming Pool. We all had fun, and played a lot in it.

TIPS: 1. Count the number of bottles each time you get them, even if it appears rude.
2. Carry chargers / power banks to such places.
3. Inform your family members in advance that you will be out of range for the period.
4. Ensure that your car's battery doesn't freeze overnight. Start the engine every 8-12 hours without fail.

Will I go to Vishwas Villa Resort again? No.