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Been here during July 2011;

Lake View Resort, Raigad - Review

Being a nature-lover, I loved being there. Located few KMs away from Sutarwadi, Raigad District, 12 KMs ahead of Tamhini Ghat (Vile-Bagad road), it's a 10 acre land of beautiful greenery, with many types of trees. You can pluck and eat whatever you want. I enjoyed eating a lot of Morus / Mulberry across a stream there. There are rabbits, chickens, hens, roosters, swans walking around. Lots of flowers, plants, a swing, and a huge lake. You can sit by the lake if there are no others enjoying their drinks The rooms are fine for a short stay. You have to get the flushes (-like facilities) working though. Don't be surprised to see natural insects in your room. The Vegetarian food I ate was pretty good in taste. The resort by itself is pretty simple, natural, and not a commercialized place.

We'd (colleagues) been there on 16, 17-July-2011 (1N 2D). Our package (~ Rs. 1K per head) consisted of all meals, evening tea with snacks, and next day breakfast. It also included Water Sports on Roha Road (around 10 KMs) from the resort, consisting of Fox Flying Zip, River Crossing, Kayaking. He offered us more than promised, because he asked us to change the rooms and the facilities in the new rooms we shifted to were still under development. People (including the owner of the resort) at the resort as well as the water sports are very good, courteous, co-operative and friendly (something I give huge importance to).I hope and I'm sure the resort will become better, and I also wish that it remains as natural and raw as it was when we'd been there.

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