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Dates Visited

Been here a number of times:
♦ 2003 with College Mates;
♦ 26th - 27th May, 2007 with coworkers;
♦ then two times - once with mum, and again with coworkers;
♦ 11th - 13th May, 2017 with two Contacts;
♦ 4th - 6th December, 2018 with an acquaintance...

Road to Diveagar

Route: Paud - Mulshi - Tamhini Ghat - Vile Bhagad MIDC - Khadsamble-Muthavali Road - Mangaon - Morba - Borle - Deoghar Kond - Mhasala - Diveagar

A couple of Towns on the way have hoardings clearly mentioning the entrance to the towns, which you have to avoid. You skip the towns on the way.

Road - around 10 KMs - was under construction (as of December 2018), which slowed down our speed. By the next trip, it will be well-constructed.


One of the closest beaches to Pune. Around 160 KMs from Pune, it's a great weekend gateway / get-away.

There are now, lots of resorts and homestays available. They're usually full during the peak season / holidays / weekends, but options are many.

I usually drive down by myself, as it's fun. It takes 4.5 to 5 hours, because of the Ghats, twists and turns. Things have really significantly improved since the first time I went there.

Everything has got very costly over the time. They simple charge twice the price for almost everything OR 3 rupees on top of certain items like biscuits. Therefore, it's better to carry everything that you need - even if you're travelling for just 2 days.

OMG! "Cheeni Kum"'s title song... Diveagar is the associated memory. One of my coworker's had played that song on his mobile phone in the evening while moving around in Diveagar in 2007.

Food in Diveagar

This is a sea-side place, so the obviously predominant food is Sea Food. However, you get Vegetarian options there as well. A typical Veg Thali (consisting of two vegetables, two dals and rice, and sweet) costs around Rs. 110/-

Non-Veg food is costlier, and special dishes (e.g. just Pulav) cost even higher. For instance, one Veg Pulav costed Rs. 200/-, which was pretty shocking to me.

Beach now has hawkers / food stalls, which end up dirtying the place as well, but it's a good thing to see a variety of food options. I had Dosa (@ Rs. 60/-) and Tea (@ Rs. 10/-). I only had the Dosa there, because the owner / maker was a super-cute guy. The least I could've done in return to me liking him was buying something from him.

Stay at Diveagar

Arya Inn
Patil Guesthouse

A fine place to stay...
On the main Diveagar road, after you enter the town

Check-in: 11 pm on 11-May
Check-out: 9:10 am on 13-May-2017
Found it on the spot...

We took a Delux A/C room (# 201). It was very clean, and well-maintained. It accommodated the 3 of us. Two on the double-bed, and I preferred sleeping with my luggage on the ground

Breakfast was complimentary. At the same time, they also buy food from outside for you.

♦ This was a bit far from the beach - approximately 800 metre, but the walk was always fun.
♦ I think the next time I'd prefer staying close to the beach.
♦ No complaints though.

♦ The Delux A/C room costed us Rs. 3,000/- per night per couple (additional Rs. 500/- for an extra person). The A/C was a blessing in the warm and humid climate, and it was totally worth it.

♦ Very prompt service.
♦ Mr. More (an old man - room service member) was very jolly and a person I would always remember. He noticed the flower that I placed behind my ear, and offered me one later.

We travelled around 3-4 KMs towards the Velas Beach. It was fun. You can watch its clip in my Vlog.

♦ You don't go on trips to watch T.V. or work remotely or access the Internet (unless in case of doing something related to the trip), so the low mobile phone (data) range was completely fine with me. I enjoyed the nature more than anything else.
♦ However, I had carried my laptop to backup the photos, which I usually do to ensure that they're safe.

♦ You can contact Arya Inn at 02147-696777 / /

Close to the beach... Lovely place.
Off of main Diveagar road, at Talani Pakhadi

Check-in: 6 pm on 4-Dec
Check-out: 10:45 am on 6-Dec-2018
Found it on the spot...

♦ We took the first floor's Non-A/C room (# 6). It was very clean, and well-maintained.

♦ Easily available around. At the same time, they also buy food from outside for you. Found that a bit costly though.

♦ This was very close to the beach - approximately 50-100 metres.
♦ MTDC's Exotica resort is in between this Guesthouse & the Beach.

The room costed us Rs. 1,500/- per night. A/C wasn't necessary in December. I thought that the cost was fine, looking at the location, cleanliness, and ambience.

♦ Very prompt service by Praveen.

On the return journey, we went 5-7 KMs off-road towards the Adgaon Beach. Totally worth it, and it's next on my Bucket List.

♦ Very poor connectivity for Airtel / Idea's Mobile Data. However, that was fine.

♦ You can contact Patil Guesthouse at 7770098020 / 9657458020 OR you can contact Praveen at 7875742554


♦ Carry more than sufficient cash, always.
♦ Carry everything that you can - from ear buds to extra innerwear and towel.
♦ Each time you go to the beach, CARRY your extra clothes. Don't be lazy.
♦ Carry something to sit on the beach (e.g. a plastic bag, stool, or mat).

♦ Many beach activities available. I would definitely love to do them all some day.