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Dates Visited

Reached here on 31-Oct-2016, and departed here from 01-Nov-2016;


A city full of noise, traffic, and liveliness. I shopped a lot at (you'll laugh on reading further) The Basics Life. Got different variety of shirts, etc. from what I'd otherwise get in Maharashtra / Pune. Got discount vouchers as well.

Reaching Madurai

Took the Guruvayur Express train from Nagercoil to Madurai. An approximately 5 hours journey.

Hotel Padmam, Madurai

This was one very clean and nice hotel that the rickshaw driver recommended us at the Madurai Railway Station as we got out. I don't care if he gets any commission, but the hotel was neat, clean, spacious, with Wi-Fi, and quite good hospitality. No complaints.

We got Complimentary Breakfast, and the room service was really good as well. Luckily, our Suite room was on the front side (room # 203), where I could catch the Wi-Fi from the single bed that I chose. #greedy

Town Hall road. 5-10 minutes walk to the Meenakshi Temple. Amidst a lot of shopping, hustle-bustle. Everything is readily available nearby.

High, but worth it.