Mind Exercises by Sagar | Use Case Scenarios of Life

Use Case Scenarios of Life.


Use cases are simple present tense statements used to describe the interaction between a User and a Computer. I have drawn a number of Use Case diagrams and written a number of Use Case scenarios in my software career so far, and I thought this could be converted to a spiritual Mind Exercise as well.

This is as good as visualization, in a disciplined manner. Usually, you may have experienced losing track of Thoughts when trying to visualize scenes in your mind. If you can put them in an organized manner in writing in such a manner, it will help you to complete the visualization in a very disciplined and wonderful manner.

Discipline is the key to instant manifestation.

LEVEL-1 is where you describe the scenario in simple statements as per your logic.
LEVEL-2 is where you also insert a few wishes, or add statements of specific wishes that you want the Universe to manifest for you. Those statements are mentioned in bold in the examples below.

♦ Skip the difficulties - If, during your Use Case Visualization, you believe that there are some potential difficulties on the way, simply skip them from your Use Case. This is where writing hugely helps. You simply don't write the difficulty, and stick to only the positive statements that you have written. Remember, this is Visualization.
For example: While visualizing your romantic date with bae (example below), if you fear / worry whether your vehicle will reach the venue or not (due to extremely low fuel in it), skip that part, and write that you reach your venue on time.
♦ Remember - even sky is not the limit when it comes to Visualization

Here's are two examples:

Example 1
Example 2

Romantic date with my bae:


♦ Bae texts me from his workplace about a dinner
♦ I get excited, as it's all of a sudden
♦ I text him back about the time and place to meet
♦ I choose my dress and shoes
♦ I press my dress
♦ I groom myself for the date
♦ I get ready
♦ I ride / drive to the venue
♦ Bae meets me with a smile
♦ Bae compliments me for looking sexy
♦ We hug & kiss
♦ We enter the romantic, cozy, beautiful, well-lit venue
♦ We order our favorite food
♦ We feed each other
♦ We finish the dinner
♦ We come back home
♦ We make out!

♦ Bae texts me from his workplace about a dinner
♦ ...
♦ ...
♦ Bae compliments me for looking sexy
♦ He gifts me a new purse
♦ We hug & kiss
♦ ...
♦ ...
♦ We feed each other
♦ He proposes me
♦ ...
♦ We make out!
♦ He plans a short trip to a nearby hill station

Suggestions are welcome!

This Mind Exercise not only helps you visualize in an organized manner, but also helps you in easing any tough scenario that you think is going to occur in the future -
♦ Be it a presentation at work,
♦ First date with a potential partner,
♦ Buying a new house,
♦ Changing a job,
♦ Performance Review meeting with your boss,
♦ An interaction with someone who was not good to you in the past,
♦ A future dream / desire that you wish to manifest... or anything else

Remember, this is essentially visualization. So, first, there are no limits to what you want to visualize, and second, you can be as creative and imaginative as you wish to be.

So, what are you waiting for... try it out and let me know how it works for you ♥