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Love Mandala.


Many years ago a wise woman told Gayle Mandel that she could manifest her soulmate by coloring a love mandala.

A mandala is an intricate design of shapes usually in a circular pattern. Gayle colored in the various pieces of the mandala. Each time she colored in a space she spoke out loud the quality she was seeking in her soul mate. With a purple crayon she announced "I would like a man that is kind to animals." With the blue crayon she said "I would like a man who appreciates my sense of humor." Using dozens of crayons and announcing dozens of traits, Gayle completed her task.

Within a very short time she met Howard. He was exactly what she had asked for. Now, more than 20 years later, they are still happily married.

Applicable To

Although the primary intention of coloring this Love Mandala is to open your heart and powerfully magnetize your Partner / Mate to you, this Mind Exercise, according to me, is applicable to everybody.

If you're not Single, or if you're going through a rough phase with your partner, while coloring each little section, just say out loud all the good qualities in your partner or those that you'd like to see. This exercise has the potential of activating so much positivity within your energy that you will magnetize the essence of those positive traits towards you via your current committed partner or through the other people around you.

Btw., the beauty of this Mind Exercise is that it is not just applicable to attracting a Romantic Love Relationship. It can be applied to any area of life.

If you're looking for a new job or an expansion in your business, while coloring each little section, say out loud all the experiences or feelings that you would like to experience in your new job or business.

Keep an open heart and let the Universe show you some miracles!

To Do

1. Print out your favorite Mandala(s) from the templates embedded here, and color it over a period of days. I have selected my most favorite ones here from thousands of them available on Google Images.

2. You do not need to color the entire Mandala in one sitting. Take your own time. In case you're doing this exercise as part of my Activities, you're supposed to do it over the specified number of days. Space out the coloring plan accordingly.

3. Most importantly, do it ONLY WHEN you're in a pure / stable / happy state of mind. To do this manifestation project, treat it as a sacred ceremony. Do it at a time when you have an open heart and a clear mind. Not when you're hungry or when you've not yet freshened up (e.g. in the morning). It would be nice, though not mandatory, to fix a particular time of the day, and do it during that time for 5-10 minutes.

4. Color each small area with crayons or colored pencils while vocalizing and meditating on the qualities you want in your soul mate. If you're doing this for something else, speak out accordingly. Saying out with your mouth is not important.

5. Use different colors for different qualities. It's okay to repeat colors, if you're short of them. Don't stress about it :)

6. Finishing it off is not the purpose of this exercise. The process of coloring it is important, and needs to be enjoyed.

The entire credit goes to all the information available on Google, but don't forget to let me know how it works for you :)

How It Works...

Well, it's not magic. It's the Law of Attraction in action! You may just want to go through those articles for a deep understanding.

If you color the Mandalas in a frustrated mood or to try and forcefully tell the Universe to manifest what you want for you while you're coloring it, it won't work. It will backfire, in the sense that you will get even more frustrated :)

On the contrary, if you do it just as a beautiful coloring exercise, for fun, may be as a strain-buster after a tiring day, if you do it because you enjoy coloring, if you do it with the intention and attitude that at least during the time you do it, your mind remains silent, it will work for you.

By letting go of that obsession, you build trust and faith in the Universe to yield to you what you want. This is exactly what one should do when one is confused (see the Life Hack here). When your mind is preoccupied or consumed with the active awareness of the absence of your desire, you keep looking for and keep attracting its absence. It is as simple as it is written here. Just do it with this faith and understanding in this knowledge, and you'll know it for yourself.

A silent mind is the most powerful magnet. Silencing the mind is nothing but meditation! You allow the Universe to yield shovels full of manifestations to you when you silence your mind. Focusing your mind on something like this is one of the easiest methods to silence it.

Other names...

Such coloring art is also known as "Stoner's Coloring" (tougher coloring sheets meant for Adults). A stoner is a person who regularly takes drugs, and it is (rightly) believed that if he can turn his focus to such a beautiful coloring exercise, there are high chances of his drug addiction going away. It works exactly as mentioned in the above (How It Works...) section.

Not just a stoner - I believe that every person who is frustrated, running in life, constantly fighting and struggling in life needs to slow down, and this exercise is helpful for one and all.



Just search Google Images for 'Love Mandala', and you'll find thousands of them. There are plenty of Mandala Coloring Books available as well.

These are some ebooks and Pinterest links. Simply download and print them:
- Children Mandala Book - 34 Mandalas (PDF)
- Mandala Coloring Sheets - 10 Mandalas (PDF)
- Mandala coloring on Pinterest (Countless)
- www.mandala-4free.de (Many)
- Coloring Castle (A few more)

Click here to buy one from Amazon.

These are my top few favorite ones, which I have found on Google Images.



Mandalas Colored by me

Below are the Mandalas colored by me. I love doing this a lot.


Click here to see more colored Mandalas - by all those who are connected with me - on my Facebook Page.

Be aware of the precautions before you pick up a Mind Exercise to practice.