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Published on: Sun, 25-Oct-2015, 11:30 am

Meditation is the best Mind Exercise ever.

Meditation is right thinking, not hypothetical thinking.
Meditation is much more than mere Positive Thinking.

Meditation is essentially Silencing / Quietening the Mind, the basis of which is faith.

Mind Exercises are indeed various forms of meditation.

Long before the time of the Buddha or the great Indian yogis, shamans in hunter-gatherer cultures throughout the world used meditative practices to enter altered states of consciousness, known as trances. Focusing their minds through drumming or rhythmic chanting; dancing in simple, repetitive steps; and sometimes using hallucinogenic plants, these men and women left their bodies and journeyed to the "world of the spirits." From there they brought back sacred wisdom, healing abilities, magical powers, and spirit blessings for the sake of the tribe.

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Importance of Knowledge

Knowledge is that which is based on the truth. It is about what we are, where we are, what the world is going through, and how everything is happening. Learning is always a continuous process. The thoughts one thinks, the words one speaks, and the actions one takes, if done in alignment with the truth, always prove to be beneficial to one's life. That makes it essential to have all the possible knowledge one can.

It is necessary to be in touch with the knowledge regularly, because forgetting is a natural process. The meditation commentaries in this section are for that. They are some amazing reminders of the knowledge that one can make use of at the right time. However, this is digital. Although we have our mobile phones, iPods, computers, USB-based TVs at home, where we can download these and listen to them, we may not always be able to access the devices. And during 'situations' we simply don't remember to listen to them, or they seem illogical too. Therefore, it is important to understand that these are just aids. These are only the drops of the knowledge that one should consume with belief, and carry them in the mind. Based on the knowledge, one should be able to self-talk, self-churn, self-introspect and create one's own chains of positive and elevated thoughts.

The ones under this section (or those shared as part of my Personalized Guided Meditation Commentary - Work With Me Programme) should only be used as guidances; one does not need to restrict the self to these.

When and how to meditate?

Meditation is living the knowledge and being actively aware of the knowledge. The knowledge of the self, of the time, and of the universal laws. Meditation is not just a 30 minutes activity, but a process that goes on for all the time one is awake. It is something to be continuously aware of. It is something that one should live on a moment to moment basis. The mind is fresh early in the morning, and sitting at one place devoting time to meditation is necessary too, but that is not sufficient.

The earlier the better. 3 am to 6 am is the best time for quietening the mind. If you can be up at the time when others (in your house and your surroundings) are asleep, you will notice the peaceful atmosphere surrounding you. If you can manage to meditate then, you will notice a big difference in your life. However, if you are in a full-time job and you cannot wake up before dawn, that's perfectly fine. Meditate when you normally get up, and when you're in a fresh mood to meditate. You anyway cannot get good results if you meditate when not in a physically or emotionally relaxed state.

It is not "compulsory" to keep your eyes closed or open.

As long as you can be focused during your meditation,
whatever suits you is perfect for you.

Using objects during meditation

We humans are very externally focused these days. This is because we are simply not aware of how to focus on that non-physical which we cannot see, touch, smell, taste, or hear. This is why over a period of time we have come up with various methods to make the best use of some objects to our benefit.

We pray, do poojas (rituals) for the sole purpose that we stop negative thinking and start positive thinking. In the past, we started making use of some positive Sanskrit words, and even if we didn't understand the meaning of the words, we presumed that they were positive words, which would bring more goodness and prosperity into our lives. And this mere belief made wonders for us. Then we gradually started using some pronunciations or sounds with the same assumption and this belief worked as well.

This works only for the ones who believe in it. Some of us being smart started not believing in such things, and naturally the methods similar to those mentioned above stopped working. We then came up with some newer meditation techniques, such as using candle flames, breathing exercises, photos, or subliminal audios. When we are physically and mentally focused on these objects for some time, we are engrossed in those objects so much that we do not tend to think negatively as naturally as we do otherwise. That works, because all of us are originally here for well-being, so even if we are not negatively focused in life, a default stream of well-being is always flowing (because wanting goodness is something deeply and naturally rooted within each one of us). That's how a focused mind achieves magnificent results. Note that this is the very basic default well-being. It's still not the mode of creating what YOU want.

Now, as we are now moving towards the actual understanding behind all of this, let us understand that it is really optional to use objects for meditation. In fact, the less one is dependent on objects, the better.

Fixing a place for dedicated meditation is optional too. You got to be able to think right wherever you are in the world. Like I once said in a slightly humorous tweet, you don't need to go to a beach to meditate, but if you're at a beach, don't miss the meditation.

Regularity in practice

Regularity in meditation is very important. Often people want to know more and more powerful methods to meditate, however, when they want that, it is because they are not seeing results of their current meditation practice.

That is because (i) they are either not doing it right OR (ii) they are not doing it regularly. There is actually nothing such as "powerful meditation". Any method of meditation that you practice is right and powerful enough for you at a given point of time in your life - as long as there is faith, sincerity, and regularity in it.

Then even if you practice that mind exercise without understanding the technical logic behind it, but only with the faith that "something good / better" will happen in your life, the results will be in your favor.


How exactly to meditate?

You know by now that when you think one Thought (about any area of life) with complete faith and purity, the law of attraction brings back more similar-feeling Thoughts to you. This builds your chain of Thoughts and takes you to a "feeling place". You feel more of what you are wanting to feel. This continues until you break your chain.

Meditation is also "one thought", and awareness that you are energy. That's it. We can create a chain of thoughts and help ourselves go into the feeling place of peace, happiness, bliss, and love.

Start with simple thoughts using your own words like, "I am energy. I am a wonderful being. I am in this world with a beautiful purpose..." and so on. Gradually bridge and move your thoughts towards those areas of your life that you want improvements in. Be slow, steady, and continue this in one sitting until you feel fairly good about those areas of your life. Pick up one area at a time, and do the same.

You do not need to stick to one sentence or one thought.
You do not even need to create tens and twenties of thoughts.
Just a handful of logically linking thoughts that YOU find relevant
to YOUR present life are necessary for you to get into the right mode.

You do not need to pick the most ideal Thoughts available on the Internet or as heard on television. You need to choose Thoughts slowly, and one by one, the Thoughts that YOU are comfortable with and the Thoughts that are YOUR reality of life. Example, "I am a blissful angel" sounds excellent, but often they are mere words unless you actually try to make them your reality. In the process of creating your own Thoughts, think the next immediate better Thought as per your present life circumstances. There is no need to pick up a random Thought by someone on the Internet, because it may be a thought far off (in terms of Energy / Vibration) from where you are in your life right now.

Quieten your mind and then begin the Meditation, always. Practice this regularly for at least two weeks sincerely and with faith, and you will definitely see results.

The sole purpose of meditation is to get yourself on the right track if you're not. If you are already on the right track, the purpose of meditation would be to go ahead and achieve more of what you want in your life. It could be wealth, abundance, a lover, or simply a state of peace.

MEDITATION is not the purpose of life.
The purpose of life is being happy and achieving ALL that you desire.

The purpose of meditation is to correct your Thoughts.

The purpose of meditation is NOT "to feel happy". That's the outcome.

You cannot achieve results if you meditate in a sad mood.
You got to get happy first, and then meditate. That's when it works!

Don't complicate the idea of meditation by restricting yourself to one method. There is NOT one meditation method. In fact, if you look deep, meditation is not required if you stay happy unconditionally.

→ Meditation is quietening the mind and slowing it down, but it is not "Not Thinking". Many people misunderstand this and just try to pause or stop their mind from thinking by sitting in front of a candle or light. Whenever you ask your mind to stop thinking, you suppress your thoughts and thereby only creating a volcano of thoughts. That's unnatural. The nature of the mind is to think, and the purpose of meditation is only to channelize those thoughts in the desired direction.