Mind Exercises by Sagar | Introduction

Introduction to Mind Exercises.

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Mind Exercises are the various Tools and Techniques tried, tested, practiced, implemented, and taught by me to keep the Mind on the right track. They hugely help in being focused on the right things in life. There are innumerable Mind Exercises around the world, and they all help in one way or another to make our lives better and better each day. Regular and consistent practice of these exercises has been making lives more and more beautiful.

It is a simple logic that once we change our lifestyle and our ways of thinking, life automatically becomes great. Therefore, only attending a meditation course over a weekend and feeling good for a few hours or few days, and then coming back home on Monday and behaving in the same old way is of no use. There has to be something of a continuous kind.

Mind Exercises are indeed various forms of meditation.

Mind Exercises are listed on the right hand-side of this page and in the table below

Deep Breathing

Daily Pledge

LOA Affirmations

New Year Workbook

4 Feelings a Day

7 Days Happiness Workbook

16 Things a Day


My Hashtag


Good Memories

Fun Calendar

Focus Shifter

Well-being Jar

I would like to...

I would like to believe...

I Like...

The Universe Is...

My Money Jar

Positivity Journal

Life Disc

Priorities Pyramid

Priorities Mat




RAC Triangle

My Frequencies Chart

Touch to Gold

Love Mandala

Magic Wands

Mobile Affirmations

Spiritual Smudging


 ♦ Scripting Self-talk
 ♦ Use Case Scenarios of Life

Subliminal Music


 ♦ Relax Yourself
 ♦ Quieten your Mind
 ♦ Bad Health Phase
 ♦ Excrete negativity regularly
 ♦ Journey into the forest
 ♦ Love Meditation
 ♦ Send Love to your Crush or Ex
 ♦ Good Night Commentary
 ♦ Time Travel
 ♦ Wellness Meditation
 ♦ Let Go of Negative Experiences


Being creative, we humans have come up with hundreds and thousands of names for meditation techniques / mind exercises. The ultimate purpose of meditation is the same, and no matter what name we give, the only purpose is:
→ to get connected to the inner, original self
→ to quieten the mind and slow it down
→ to consciously choose thoughts and feelings, and create the life one desires
→ to be aware of the true root identity of the self and act accordingly
→ to correct beliefs, whichever necessary

The outcome is that you feel good / better.

Having a Positive Focus every now and then
triggers the parasympathetic part of the nervous system
that eases stress.

According to some studies done at the
University of California, Davis, practicing GRATITUDE
causes a 23% decrease in levels of CORTISOL, the stress hormone.

It's supposed to be Enjoyable!

Be aware of the knowledge, not be burdened by the knowledge. These Mind Exercises are supposed to be one's lifestyle, not a forced set of positive activities that you impose upon yourself. It is a continuous, natural, and progressive process. Have fun with all of this. Spirituality is not a job. Spirituality is a method to make your life more fun-filled and yourself more happy. So, enjoy all of it. Whether you have certain "experiences" or not, whether someone else is having certain "experiences" or not, DOES NOT MATTER. Whether others do these Mind Exercises or not, whether they get up at 4 am and meditate or not does not matter. Your first experience is that you begin feeling better and better within, and how easily you begin to get what you want. You will notice that your Thoughts, your Life, and your Responses towards Situations is coming more and more under your control.



Mind Exercises are essentially the keys to success in life. It is our natural tendency to forget, and these exercises are brilliant reminders. Practicing these exercises has shown me great results, and they continue to do so, however, as far as everyone else is concerned, there are a few points I would like to mention for you to take care of.

I enjoy sharing, and that's something I've always been well-known for. I believe that if something works for me, there must be people like me for whom it may work as well. However, if a medicine suits me, it is not compulsory that it suits someone else. This is about any Mind / Meditation exercise in the world - not necessarily on this website. Therefore, my first suggestion is to not follow me (or anybody else for that matter) blindly. Understand everything well, take it slow, and then move ahead.

Initial Faith
Mind Exercises work wonders when practiced newly. When you pick up something with faith in the beginning, you're in the subtle mode of testing it, and it works - not because you're testing it, but because you have faith in it. However, often due to laziness, people tend to stop practicing and lose enthusiasm in practicing the Mind Exercises, not because they lose faith, but simply because they're lazy. Due to this, faith naturally dissolves once practice and enthusiasm is lost. That's when the exercise doesn't seem to work for you. So, if a Mind Exercise has stopped working for you, there's nothing wrong with the Exercise, but YOU need to practice it more regularly and with more faith in it.

Which one suits you?
Although every Mind Exercise can equally benefit each individual on the planet, depending on how deeply you are into spirituality (or - in better words - how deeply you understand yourself), the Exercise may vary for you, as compared to someone else. Some Exercises are the simplest to begin with, and they work for beginners. Some others are a bit more advanced. You should choose the one that YOU like and enjoy practicing. With time, you may be required to move on to another exercise. It is also possible that you may come down a step and practice a beginner's Mind Exercises. That's perfectly fine, and it does not indicate that you're being demoted. It's just about what's going on in your mind and what suits you at that point of time. Therefore, just look at yourself, and don't pick up an exercise that's working for someone else. It may not necessarily work for you. At times, it may backfire too.

And don't be greedy and try to practice all the Mind Exercises at once. Well, if you're thoroughly enjoying the process, you might as well do that, however, remember not to do it just to make things happen forcefully. The primary purpose of Mind Exercises is to bring you on track first, which then makes you feel good. So, even if the simplest Mind Exercise makes you feel good, you may decide to stick to only that one for the rest of your life.

It's all about Belief
Now that you know life much deeper and better than before, remember that any Spiritual or Mind Exercise in the world works only for those who believe in them. In the sense, although the primary and only intent of each exercise is that you feel better in life and focus better on the right things, if you do not believe that the exercise will work for you, it will not work for you. It is similar to wearing gems, stones, amulets, or astrology, palmistry, numerology. If you believe in them and surrender to them, they work for you. Not otherwise. There are many examples who have proven this.

If it is not fun...
If a Mind Exercise is not fun, DON'T do it. It will backfire. The primary motive behind practicing Mind Exercises is that you have fun in the process, and that your focus changes in life. Once your focus changes, you feel better. That's the only reason why you should practice them. You shouldn't practice them with the intention of testing them or to make something forcefully happen, because it will never happen.

I wouldn't say that there's only one right way of practicing a Mind Exercise. There could be multiple ways to practice a Mind Exercise (and there certainly are). So, there's right or wrong in it. What you should check is whether it is "fun" or "no fun", and whether you're feeling better or not very different.

The Universe or the Law of Attraction does not listen to your words, no matter how sincererly you speak them. The Universe listens to your feelings or vibrations or secret thoughts or the thoughts that you're trying to hide. In other words, if you make the affirmation, "I have all the money I require in my life" while feeling that you're financially pathetic and you're saying that only to make it forcefully happen, each time you make that affirmation, the law of attraction will re-affirm how pathetic you are financially and your life's condition may not improve at all. In fact, you may keep seeing more financially pathetic conditions in life. To add, the law of attraction cannot make you happy if you're not already happy. This sounds like a Catch-22 situation, but it is not.

Take a break if nothing seems to work
There are times when you notice that despite you trying hard to practice meditation or mind exercises or read positive spiritual literature, nothing seems to work. You may find something blocked and not moving ahead. You may start feeling all of this as a burden upon you. The basic problem itself is that you're trying too hard and not considering spirituality / life fun. In such a case, from my personal experience, take a break! Take a break from all this "spirituality" stuff altogether. You may even feel like Unliking spiritual pages, Unsubscribing from spiritual newsletters, not reading anything spiritual. That's perfectly fine. That's part of your spiritual journey itself. Since you have now evolved from where you were in the past, all of this will come back to you naturally at the perfect time. Just stay happy in doing whatever you like to do in life (then it could be purely "non-spiritual"), and you will naturally come to a point when you will be able to relate to all of this again.

Don't worry! You will never go back to your old ordinary lifestyle. No one can de-evolve.