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Here is a massive set of life-changing affirmations that I have come up with - by me and for me.

I speak them out daily with a strong sense of belief and understanding of the law of attraction. They're not meant to be chanted or just repeated, but this is only a set of examples, words, and vocabulary for you, so that you can remind yourself of similar facts about your life, and become a more affirmative person with much better beliefs. I speak them out regularly, and I've seen that at least one affirmation comes true at least once a day.

They are spoken in my own voice below.

Total number of affirmations so far:
→ 288

Areas covered in these affirmations:
→ General Life
→ Gratitude
→ People and Interpersonal Relationships
→ Health / Body
→ Wealth & Abundance
→ Love
→ Lover / Perfect Partner / Sex

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Listen below:


My Body & Good Health

General Life

Power to Create


Money, Wealth



Lover, Perfect Partner, & Sex

Gay Partner: Love, Lover, Boyfriend, Sex