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Mind Exercises - Focus Shifter.


A tool by Sagar Sonker

The purpose of any tool is to ease your life. Not that you cannot live an easy life without the tool. This is just a methodical way of disciplining yourself.

Focus Shifter is a powerful tool invented by me on realizing how important it is to shift one's focus from the unwanted to the wanted. Is there any problem-area in your life? Or is there any area that you would simply like to take to a new level altogether? If yes, this tool is for you. Here's how it works.


Draw one Central Circle [1 in the diagram above]. Draw minimum four arcs [2a, 2b, 2c, 2d]. You may draw more than four if you wish to. Each arc has a corresponding quadrant i.e. 3a corresponds to 2a, 3b corresponds to 2b, and so on... You will have to create big quadrants.

In the central circle [1], write what you WANT e.g. Friends

In each arc [2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, etc.], write one or maximum two words for the FEELING that you would get when you have what you want. In this example, if you want Friends, you would feel Joyful, Connected, Entertained, etc. Write Joyful in 2a, Connected in 2b, and so on...

Now, in each corresponding quadrant [3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, etc.], write down a list of things from other areas of life that make you feel the way it is mentioned in the corresponding arcs.
In this example, in 3a (that corresponds to 2a - Joyful), write points that make you feel Joyful such as
♦ When I eat ice-creams,
♦ When I walk in a garden,
♦ When I talk to my pet,
♦ Watching creative / artistic / DIY stuff online, or that which I have saved,
♦ Simple sketching of easy stuff,
♦ Cleaning the house,
♦ Watering the plants in my garden,
♦ WhatsApp emoticons and using them for setting statuses,
♦ Romantic photos of couples that I find online,
♦ Comedy Circus episodes,
♦ Creating Life Hacks on YouTube (personally for me),
♦ Clicking selfies...

and so on... Write as many points in each quadrant as you can. You may write an essay too, doesn't really matter, but it is important to be as comprehensive as possible i.e. write as many (variety of) things as you can.

In the quadrants:
Hint-1: Write these points about activities that you enjoy at an individual level, so that they will be more easy to identify later.
Hint-2: Do not write anything to the central topic of discussion here (i.e. Friends in this example), because the aim of this topic is to change your focus altogether.

Now, if you noticed, the center circle 1 is with dotted lines. Cut out that circle, so that there will be a hole in the center of the paper. Throw that circle away and forget about that desire. Stick this Focus Shifter on your cupboard, and be reminded of these things that make you feel the way you have written. Go ahead and do this things as and when you feel like. Manifestations will be yours.


Here are a few examples from me and those who are connected with me.



A simple, yet powerful tool. It has been working for people. The Law of Attraction responds to your Thoughts / Feelings / Energy / Vibrations. Shifting your focus to the beautiful things in your life will change your energy, and, thus, magnetize the desired circumstances towards you. The only rule is that you should be close to 100% (if not 100%) focused only on those lists of things you've mentioned in the quadrant for a consistent period of time. Remember, this tool is not to shift the people or circumstances around you, because they cannot shift / change unless and until your energy changes.

If you just keep it in front of the computer, it will NOT work. If you DO IT, it will.

I have personally been able to manifest a lot of lovely small and big things of my life using this Tool.

Talks by me on using this tool