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Easy Life Hacks 

Pro Tips:
1. Don't go by the Titles of these Life Hacks. You will always learn something from a Life Hack.
2. Listen to them regularly. Each time you listen to them in a newer energy state, you derive newer and better meanings from the same Life Hack.
If you'd like to have the MP3 version of any Life Hack for your personal use,
simply visit a YouTube video conversion website, and download it. It's all yours.

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WhatsApp Messages

- If you want to Be Happy in your Life
- Staying Fit
- Good Mobile Phone Habits


Mini Life Hacks

- Affirmation For Singles When They See Romantic Couples Around
- Quick: Law of Attraction Tip For You
- The Best Law Of Attraction Hack
- Avoid 'Kuchh Bhi' Visualizations
- Do What's Right For You



- Guide to Worry Eradication
- Tips For Being A Happy Single (whether you're 20, 30, or 40)
- Do This Before You Start Overthinking
- How to: Stop Worrying
- Something is Better than Nothing, but...
- Never do anything to please others
- Identifying the Resident Evils Within
- Take a Little Extra Care
- 5 Good Daily Habits


Reset Your Penis

- No Nut November - Motivation & an Alternative
- Reset Your Penis: Hafte mein sirf ek baar Masturbation
- Reset Your Penis: A Day-7 Manifestation
- Reset Your Penis: Self-Control Is About Discipline
- Reset Your Penis: Try Self-Control for Just 7 Days
- Reset Your Penis: The Sweet Feeling


Relationships / Interactions / Dealings

- Dealing With Negative People - Elaborate Discussion
- When Someone Misbehaves with You
- Dealing with PEOPLE who show you ATTITUDE



- Why Mothers Play a more Significant Role in Child Development Than Fathers


Partnered / Romantic Relationships

- Romancing Married Men
- 'His Boyfriend is Getting Married'
- Don't Crave / Follow-up For Love
- About (Not) Attracting your Crush or Ex into your Life
- 'Her Husband Is Disloyal. She Wants To Commit Suicide'



- Why I Don't Hookup In Bangkok / Thailand
- Discussion: Suicidal Thoughts among Gay Men
- Watch This If You Think that Gay Men are Cheap
- Gay World: Misbeliefs
- Insta-GAY-gram
- Fear of Being Gay | Gay Spirituality
- Safe Gay Dating Tips
- Girly Dancer
- Kya LADKE Frocks pehen sakte hain?
- Galat Gay ladko mein INVEST mat karo
- Kya Gay Dating Apps par FRIENDS mil sakte hain?
- Ek F*ck Boy Ne Mera Dil Tod Diya
- Straight Ladke ka Khat
- India mein Gay Dating mushkil kyon hai...
- 'He's Married To A Girl, But Wants To Have Gay Sex'
- GTalk: Confused Bisexuals on Grindr
- Gay India - Come Out & Be Free
- Why Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized In India
- 'About Gay Guys Looking For A TOP Life Partner' - Is That Discrimination / Femmephobia


Body / Physical Health

- Thanks, to Patanjali. My Acidity is cured forever!
- How To: Quit Smoking


Mind Exercises / Meditation / Activities

- Guided Meditation Commentary - Let Go of Past Negative Experiences - Sample 01
- New Year Activity - Unlock your Next Level


Law of Karma

- The Law of Karma - Simplified!
- How to clear past Karmic Accounts...



- Definition: Contentment
- Definition: Feedback


Social Media

- 'His Question on Gay Men showing Skin on Instagram'
- Social Media, & Self-esteem
- Is Social Media Keeping You Socially Dissatisfied?
- How Instagram Reels Is Destroying The Youth
- Social Media & Lowered Self-Esteem
- Social Media, Today's Youth, & Noise


Life / Spirituality

- Message from God - What the Law of Attraction Is
- Why You should STOP Complaining about Life...
- Spirituality is about Letting Go. Are you on track?
- Do humans reincarnate as animals?
- Forgiveness: 5 Quick Tips
- Summary of my Spiritual Teachings
- How are you coming across to the Universe?
- Spiritual Reason behind Sudden / Unexpected Deaths
- Top Mantras of life
- Universal Solution to all Problems in life


Law of Attraction

- Authentic Affirmations
- Simple Law of Attraction Exercise To Get What You Want
- Don't Act Like As-If - Feeeel Like As-If
- Forget The Past and Create Now Using Visualization
- How To: Break Your Negative Attraction Patterns
- When and How You Manifest...
- Deep Dive Into The Creation Process
- The Universe does NOT look at your Bank Balance
- Ignore What You DON'T Like
- Don't Lock (Unhook) your Mind on to your Desires



- The Source of My Wisdom

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