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Pro Tips:
1. Don't go by the Titles of these Life Hacks. You will always learn something from a Life Hack.
2. Listen to them regularly. Each time you listen to them in a newer energy state, you derive newer and better meanings from the same Life Hack.
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WhatsApp Messages

 If you want to Be Happy in your Life
 Staying Fit
 Good Mobile Phone Habits


Mini Life Hacks

 Everything Happens For A Reason
 Be Light-hearted
 The Best Law Of Attraction Hack
 Every Moment Is An Opportunity To Begin Afresh
 Don't Change People. Inspire Them To Transform Themselves.
 Those Who Don't Love Themselves (Hindi)
 The Most Powerful Gratitude / Abundance Affirmation
 Avoid 'Kuchh Bhi' Visualizations
 The Biggest Stress-Reliever In Life
 Be More With Nature, Less On WhatsApp
 Do What's Right For You
 The Only Thing That Matters
 What The Purpose Of Each New Day Is
 Your Desire Causes It To Exist
 Getting Rid Of Toxic Elements
 Change Begins From You
 4 Thoughts in a Minute



 Inner Purity & Fearlessness
 Using SAD Emojis Makes Your Life Sadder
 Are Bollywood Issues Affecting Your Mental Health?
 A Spiritual Talk On Suicide Prevention
 'She Gets Lost In Thoughts'
 'She Is Unable To Succeed With A Career Choice'
 Stop Sharing Negativity At These Three Places
 Let's Talk About FEAR
 Reconnect With Yourself At Home During The COVID 19 Outbreak / Lockdown
 Had a Bad Day? Go To Sleep With Positive Energy
 Gift Yourself FEARLESSNESS in 2020
 Should You Cry? Or Should You Not?
 Why You Should Never Regret Your Past Decisions / Choices
 Don't Tell It to Anybody (mobile-friendly)
 Get Rid of Self-Doubt
 Being Alone, Cleaning the House, & Meditation
 Don't Worry. Be Happy In The Present.
 Self-Mastery Empowers You To Manifest Everything That You Want
 When You Create Negativity On Your Spiritual Journey
 How to: Do Things Differently
 Changing Past Negative Memories to Positive
 Eradicating Your Fears In Life
 Don't Stagnate Yourself
 The Unnecessary Check
 The Importance of being a Good Listener
 Broadening Your Perspective of Looking at Life
 Don't Care About How Others Behave
 How to: Stop Worrying
 How to: Deal with Loneliness
 Let Your Actions Speak more than Your Words
 Self-Convince Yourself Into Positive Energy
 Keep Your Focus on Yourself
 Walk in the Direction of your Desire
 Something is Better than Nothing, but...
 Never Compromise About What You Want, but...
 Reconnect with your Intentions
 'She is Stressed Out in her Life'
 Raise Your Self-Esteem Now
 'He Wants to Go Back to the 1990s and Change His Life'
 What vs How
 Freedom of Speech always comes with Responsibility
 Enjoying Your Job / Work to the Fullest
 'She showed her Annoyance to her Co-worker'
 'She Is Upset About Her Past Mistakes'
 'She Compares Herself with Others'
 Nothing is Wrong with You
 Don't Check your Mobile Phone before 9 AM
 This is how you can Keep Yourself Charged
 Finding flaws in others vs Evoking what you want from others
 On Perseverance
 'He wants Someone to Share his Problems with'
 Restrict yourself to Positive Thoughts
 Making an Important Decision? Just wait for One Minute!
 Living A Magical Life
 How not to get Emotionally Hijacked...
 5 Random Reminders for Happiness
 The motivation to stay Positive
 Changing your energy / how you feel within 3 mins...
 Tapping into your Subconscious Mind
 What Are You Tending To?
 Don't Complain. Learn.
 I want to Be Happy today
 Being Humble does not mean taking Bullshit
 A Quickie on Being Positive in Uncomfortable Situations
 Ask this to yourself before telling lies to someone
 Three reasons why people tell lies
 Don't Worry. Discipline yourself.
 Don't Cry. Meditate.
 You are special in your own ways - with animation
 Learn to Ignore Unwanted Stuff on the Internet
 Being a Happy Single on Valentine's Day
 When you're bored, it only means one thing...
 Never do anything to please others
 'Her Husband Smokes A Lot. She's Frustrated About That'
 Conscious New Year Resolutions
 Be Loving anyway
 Always Begin / End your day with this...
 Let the Power Flow In...
 On Jealousy
 These qualities make my parents proud of me
 'His life is shattered'
 What others think about you does NOT matter
 Consciously STOP entertaining negativity
 How to: Eradicate those Negative Mental Stories
 Make your Negativity your Past Tense
 Make your Negativity your Past Tense v2
 Identifying the Resident Evils Within
 'Her brother acci-dented her Car'
 Take a Little Extra Care
 'She's spotting sequential numbers like 111, 222 etc.'
 Her bad health is blocking her manifestations
 She has all the knowledge, but she still panics during situations
 How to AVOID negative Thoughts
 NOTHING is happening TO you - STOP behaving like a VICTIM of life
 Self-Work is required - Rome was not built in a day
 You always have minimum TWO Choices
 Your MIND is like a FARM, take good CARE of it
 SIMPLEST understanding to get rid of GUILT
 Quick Ways to Cure Loneliness
 You CHOOSE the QUALITY of your LIFE
 CHANGING your LIFE's circumstances
 5 Good Daily Habits
 Change your WhatsApp status RIGHT NOW
 Are you SUFFERING from FoMO due to WhatsApp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram?
 Take an Oath today
 When you're CONFUSED about something
 Being Sensitive to the Imperfections in this World
 Is EGO bad? Can it be beneficial to us?
 Why IGNORING the UNWANTED stuff on the Internet is IMPORTANT...
 Don't exaggerate problems. Be an Ant-Man.
 What exactly is EGO?


Anger Management

 Anger Management
 Anger - Part-1 - SELF-LOVE is the ANTIDOTE



 What Exactly Is Self-Love?
 Practicing Self-Love in Negative situations
 DEEP: What is Self-Love and what it is NOT
 Why Self-Love Is Important


Reset Your Penis

 Reset Your Penis: Practice Incrementally
 Reset Your Penis: Results Are Guaranteed
 Reset Your Penis: Attract A Sexy Partner
 Reset Your Penis: Self-Control Is About Discipline
 Reset Your Penis: Try Self-Control for Just 7 Days
 Reset Your Penis: The Sweet Feeling


Relationships / Interactions / Dealings

 Social Media & Simulated Friendships
 Stop Finding Flaws In Others
 'She Has To Deal With Negative People In Her Family'
 'She Wants To Ignore Others' Negative Beliefs'
 Brainstorm: Become More Friendly In 2020 (& later)
 11 Ways to Deal With Argumentative People
 'Her Unpredictable In-Laws'
 'Her Mother-In-Law Demands Gifts Without Returning Anything'
 How to: Deal With Difficult People
 'She Fears Being Judged By Others'
 Give Less Importance to Less Important Things in Relationships
 Encourage The Goodness In Others
 'She feels Burdened by her Brother-In-Law's Kids'
 'Her Mother-In-Law is Troubling Them'
 How to: Motivate Negative People Around You
 How to: Deal With Judgmental People
 Fear of Losing (or Departing from) a Loved One
 When Someone Misbehaves with You
 Appreciate the Positivity, before Bashing People around You
 'She does not want to Dominate and Insult Others'
 'She feels betrayed by her loukik family'
 Connect with People at an Emotional Level
 Repairing Interpersonal Relationships and Finding Good People
 The Reflection of what Negatively behaved People are
 A Simple Motivation to be Good to others
 Being immune around judgmental people
 Show your greatness through your behavior
 Dealing with Disrespectful people
 What Relationships Are Based On
 An easy way to survive around troublesome people
 Dealing with Unfriendly People
 Be Receptive To The Love That Exists Around You
 Why You Should Not Talk Negative About Others... (no matter how negative they may be)
 'He feels left out amongst his relatives'
 You Can Learn A Lot From People
 Make an ENEMY of NO ONE
 'She is DEPRESSED because of LOST LOVE'
 'She Wants To Avoid Negative News Readers'
 'She doesn't FEEL like wishing someone Happy Father's Day'
 'Not LIKING a person she LIVES with'
 She is unable to find good friends
 She always finds dishonest friends
 How to console someone who is constantly negative
 How to stay POSITIVE around NEGATIVE people
 Do NEGATIVE people affect our POSITIVITY?
 Why RELATIONS are so BRITTLE today...
 You Cannot Hurt Others Without Hurting Yourself
 'I love you' does not need to be SAID
 Handling UNPLEASANT situations
 'Why do people behave bad only with me?'
 Don't Invest Yourself in Wrong People
 A quick Mind Exercise to deal with rude people
 Dealing with PEOPLE who show you ATTITUDE
 Dealing with PEOPLE who HURT you
 Dealing with JEALOUS PEOPLE



Short link to this Playlist on YouTube:

 Parenting Tips: Students Need NOT Wake Up Early To Score Good In Exams
 Parenting Mistakes: Poor Communication
 Parenting Mistakes: Suppressing Your Kid's Dream(s) or Talent(s)
 Parenting Mistakes: Being Lazy
 Parenting Mistakes: Telling Lies in front of Kids
 Parenting Mistakes: Handing Mobile Phones or TV or Gadgets to Stop Kids from Crying
 Parenting Mistakes: Forcing Your Choices onto Kids
 Parenting Mistakes: Fulfilling Your Kid's Demands
 Parenting Mistakes: Fighting in front of Kids


Partnered / Romantic Relationships

 An Effective Dating Tip
 'She Wants To Reignite Her Sex Life With Her Husband'
 Don't Crave / Follow-up For Love
 'She Is In Love With A Married Man'
 About (Not) Attracting your Crush or Ex into your Life
 Singles seeking Love: Know yourself first
 'He wants to find true love at a specific age and time'
 Why let Love find you...
 Where there's LOVE, there's no ADJUSTMENT
 'She is obsessed with her BF who isn't gonna marry her'
 'She is OBSESSED with her boyfriend'
 Handling a break-up
 Don't want to marry but being forced to?
 How do I expect / imagine my life-partner to be?
 "My husband is not loyal to me, I want to commit suicide"
 A simple tool to IMPROVE your RELATIONSHIP with your PARTNER



 GTalk: Confused Bisexuals on Grindr
 'Being Gay Is A Curse'
 Gay India - Free Yourself By Coming Out Of The Closet
 Why Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized In India
 Gay India - An Encouragement To Come Out
 'About Gay Guys Looking For A TOP Life Partner' - Is That Discrimination / Femmephobia
 'His views about Homosexuality changed'


Body / Physical Health

 'Her Family Is Going Through Health Issues'
 Thanks, to Patanjali. My Acidity is cured forever!
 Your Body Is Precious, but Your Thoughts Are More Precious
 How To: Quit Smoking
 Clear conscience is the softest pillow
 We fall sick because of the sins we commit


Mind Exercises / Meditation / Activities

 Affirmation: 'I Have The Power To Change My Life'
 Turn Everything You Touch Into Gold
 'She Wants To Know About Variety In Meditation'
 8 Things You Should Do Before / During 2020
 How To: Meditate
 Performing Mind Exercises Daylong
 Visualizing Positive Interactions With People
 Live Like a 2 Years Old Baby for 1 Day
 My Money Jar
 Practise Forgiveness and Keep Yourself Light
 Well-being Jar is life-changing
 Excrete negativity regularly
 You are constantly Visualizing
 Feedback: Use Case Scenarios of Life
 Visualization: Don't restrict yourself
 Be a Coach: Day-1 & Day-2
 Digging deep into Visualization
 Well-being Jar
 Have something to be GRATEFUL for
 When to USE your MAGIC WANDS
 15 Magic Wands - Mind Exercise by Sagar
 Rajni's feedback on Spiritual Smudging
 Life is incomplete without the ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE
 A common confusion about Gratitude
 Why Visualize as the First Person and not the Third Person?


Law of Karma

 The Law of Karma - Simplified!
 Kisko Paap Lagega? / Whose sin is it? (a Story on Karma)...
 Karma: Why You Should Avoid People Who Make Fun of Others
 How to clear past Karmic Accounts...
 Can Good Karma nullify Bad Karma?



 Definition: Contentment
 Definition: Feedback
 Definition: Soulmate vs Twin Flame
 Depression - Simplified. Cure it in 3 mins.
 Observing vs Judging
 Define: Financial Freedom
 Define: Depression
 Define: Happiness


Social Media

 Is Social Media Keeping You Socially Dissatisfied?
 Fakeness On Social Media
 How Instagram Reels Is Destroying The Youth
 Social Media, Roasting, and Negativity
 TikTok Ban & Identity Crisis Among Youth
 Social Media & Lowered Self-Esteem
 Social Media, Today's Youth, & Noise
 TikTok and Negative Tendencies
 Apps like TikTok Can Cause This Mental Disorder
 Social Media: Your Creations are More Important Than Views / Likes
 Social Media & Comparison
 The Use of Social Media
 Ill-effects of TV, Movies, WhatsApp, Social Media on the Human Mind


Life / Spirituality

 Basic Flaws In Brahma Kumaris' Teachings
 'He Is Feeling Lost In Life'
 Leveling Up Is About Leaping
 Read Carefully
 There Is Always Something To Be Realized
 Your Taser Experiences In Life
 How To: Lead A Quality Life
 Keep Looking At What You Get, And Ignore The Rest
 The Spiritual Meaning of Independence
 Ask each other 'How are you?'
 What Spirituality Is All About
 Cleaning Up Your Life
 Dealing with Unfairness
 Your Life Is the Result of Your Choices
 'Hurting a Woman is Equivalent to Killing 100 Cows'
 Working Positively towards Your Goals and Manifestations
 About: Sins, Punishments, & Curses
 About: Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone
 'She is Worried about her Future Decisions'
 Why You should STOP Complaining about Life...
 Spirituality is NOT about Minimalism
 Happiness lies in the Present, not anywhere in the Future
 Journeys may be Different, but Path is the Same
 Spirituality is about Letting Go. Are you on track?
 One Thought Can Change Your Life
 Life is a Blessing. Live it that way.
 'She wants to know about giving money to beggars'
 Do humans reincarnate as animals?
 Why do we Judge people?
 Keeping Happiness / Inner Stability your priority
 The Most Powerful Thing in the World
 Listening to God
 The Misunderstanding about Unconditional Happiness
 Top Few signs of Spiritual Awakening
 Everyone has problems with everyone. Where do you choose to be?
 It doesn't take a big heart to say Sorry
 What Awakening is about...
 Don't let your Life's situations Weave your Mind
 Changing Fear to Curiosity
 What Forgiveness Exactly Means
 Forgiveness: 5 Quick Tips
 The Problems With Conditional Happiness
 Do words matter?
 The system malfunctioned during her exams
 The Shortcut to Happiness
 I believe in empowerment, not sympathy
 Spotting Hearts
 Dwelling in the Past
 There are unlimited opportunities for you to be Happy
 The Secret to Success
 About Love
 Summary of my Spiritual Teachings
 'She Fails To Follow Her Plans'
 Be the Change You Wish To See In The World
 Why non-spiritual people are sometimes happier than spiritual people
 Not just Intentions, but Your Actions Matter as well
 The GURU of your life...
 What are (Negative) Life Experiences?
 The Power of your Subconscious Mind
 'He's already happy. Now, what is the purpose of his life?'
 How are you coming across to the Universe?
 Identifying Your True Desires
 Are You Being Arrogant On Your Spiritual Journey?
 You are NOT here to TRANSFORM this WORLD
 Spiritual Reason behind Sudden / Unexpected Deaths
 Death - A beautiful opportunity
 Porn vs Sex and why pornography is so APPEALING to many
 What 'Marrying God on Mahashivratri' means
 Top Mantras of life
 Universal Solution to all Problems in life
 If something is UNKNOWN, don't FEAR it
 Do we use the phrase 'Nobody is perfect' correctly?
 Becoming prosperous this Ganesh Festival
 Who are Angels?
 We are NOT here to RENOUNCE everything
 Is there a STAGE one can reach when one never feels NEGATIVE?
 We can learn a lot from Ramzan / Eid / Ramadan
 Venus and Jupiter moving closer - Spirituality vs Astrology
 Understanding the sub-conscious mind correctly
 The subconscious mind precisely remembers dates
 What is Spirituality?


Wealth / Money

 About Lending Money To Someone And Not Receiving It Back
 How To: Attract More Money
 Wealth is not Money, but Money is Good
 Being Wealthy does not mean having lots of Money


Law of Attraction

 Your Experiences Are Unique To You
 'He Wants To Know About Abundance & Actions'
 Forget The Past and Create Now Using Visualization
 Your Law of Attraction Mistake (and the Solution)
 How To: Break Your Negative Attraction Patterns
 Expedite the Manifestation Process
 Q&A: Deep Dive Into The Law Of attraction Creation Process
 How to: Not Attract What You Don't Want
 Tips To Manifest Your Desires Quickly
 Working Towards Your Future Goals In The Present
 How to: Ask for the Necessary Energy
 You Have The Power. Start Using It.
 When and How You Manifest...
 Deep Dive Into The Creation Process
 Let's Talk About Cinderella (Courage & Kindness)
 Don't Think about the Problem (to find a Solution)
 Don't Make All Affirmations Daily. Recognize Your Energy.
 The Universe does NOT look at your Bank Balance
 Never 'Be Prepared for the Worst'
 Getting rid of the Unwanted using the Law of Attraction
 Stop Caring about the Negative Stuff in your Life
 Negative Factors cannot be your Driving Forces
 Why Repetition does not Work in Manifesting your Desires
 'Her friends are asking her to watch Crime Patrol'
 How to: Make the most of the Law of Attraction
 I Stopped it from Raining using the Law of Attraction
 Does the Tense of your Affirmations matter?
 Don't try to Make something Forcefully happen
 'She Fears her Past Negative Thoughts'
 Are You Misusing the Law of Attraction?
 How Specific should Your Desires Be?
 Ignore What You DON'T Like
 'I appreciate the climate of my city'
 Being Positive in Negative Situations
 The Dynamics of your Energy
 Embrace negative experiences
 Keep your Episodes Positive
 Should you thank the Universe or yourself?
 Adjusting, while not compromising about what you really want
 An EASY way to get what you DESIRE...
 Create totally new customized beliefs for yourself
 You Are Constantly Moving Towards Your Manifestations
 Preventing Imperfect Manifestations
 The necessity of your willingness
 Wishes Are Never Long Term
 Never Give Up on your Journey in your Creation Process
 Astrology vs The Law of Attraction
 What is resistance and how to transcend it...
 How HAPPINESS attracts MONEY...
 'She lost 16 Lakh Rupees'
 'She found MONEY lying on the road'
 'Why is he asked to say Thank You three times?'
 'She wants to use LOA for her kid's progress'
 How much should you THINK about your DESIRE before it MANIFESTS?
 What does ACTIVATING the Law of Attraction mean?
 How SOON does the Law of Attraction MANIFEST your DESIRES?
 Sadness Increases on Sharing
 The Law of Attraction works like Google Search
 Your ENERGY attracts Thoughts towards you
 Love vs Obsession / Attachment
 Why Attempt Suicide When You Can Do This?
 A Big Spiritual Message - Mind Your Own Business
 Can you MANIFEST more than ONE THING at a time?
 How To: Live Life Like A Celebrity
 How can you become spiritually elevated?
 Importance of Purity in Thoughts to Manifest your Desires
 Is Repetition necessary to Manifest your Desire?
 Don't Lock (Unhook) your Mind on to your Desires
 Is 26th a Bad Omen or Are we Subconsciously Attracting Those Disasters?
 Every Single Thing You Worry About Comes True
 Being Happy for no reason - A Law of Attraction (deep) example
 I was Positive, then Why did this Negative Incident Happen?
 A Tip to Make Your Dreams Come True
 "Will Evil Eye affect me and my baby?"
 "Can someone else manifest something for me?"



 Spewing Hatred Onto Bollywood Celebrities Is A Wastage Of Time & Energy
 Why I don't Advertise my Work
 The Source of My Wisdom
 What would Sagar recommend?
 Facts About Me
 Celebrating 100 Life Hacks

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