Activities with Sagar

Activities with Sagar.


Thank you for your interest in Sagar's Activities. These are WhatsApp-based Group Activities.
Click on the three dots [...] besides each Activity Name to read more details.

Activity Name
3 Days No Negativity Challenge [...] 26-Jul to 29-Jul  17 Participants
30 Days Law of Attraction-based Activity [...] 1-May to 3-Jun  12 Participants
3 Days No Anger Challenge [...] 14-Mar to 16-Mar-2018  15 Participants
30 Days Affirmations Implantation
(Interpersonal Relationships) [...]
01-Feb to 02-Mar-2018  15 Participants
7 Days Affirmations Implantation Activity [...] 23-Nov to 29-Nov-2017  31 Participants
REPEAT 30 Days Law of Attraction-based Activity [...] 11-Sep to 10-Oct  20 Participants
2nd 7 Days LOA Affirmations Challenge [...] 17-Jul to 23-Jul  32 Participants
30 Days Law of Attraction-based Activity [...] 01-Jun to 30-Jun  18 Participants
7 Days Affirmations Challenge [...] 03-Apr to 09-Apr  27 Participants
14 Mind Exercises Days 06-Mar to 19-Mar-2017  20 Participants
7 Days LOA Affirmations Challenge [...] 24-Dec to 30-Dec-2016  34 Participants

Note: Entering the Activity Name incorrectly in the Registration Form voids your registration.

Your Contribution

Sagar is infinitely blessed by the Universe and he is primarily doing this for the fun of it. His motive behind this work is to share those blessings, happiness and love with anyone who is looking for what he has.
Your contribution helps him in using the energy and resources in order to continue this work.

Steps to Contribute

Please do not use any other mode of payment. It will be void!
Do inform Sagar of your Contribution, for his records.

♦ Mode # 1 - Paytm / PayZapp:
Transfer the contribution to my Paytm / PayZapp Mobile Wallet by using my number or scanning the respective QR code that appears here.
My PayZapp referral code: sagarpayz

♦ Mode # 2 - Direct Bank Transfer / Deposit:
Get in touch with Sagar for details.

Activities Rules

♦ The decision to let you participate in Activities / join the Group will be solely Sagar's.
♦ Inactive participants may be unapologetically and irrevocably removed.
♦ You are obligated to follow the Rules stringently, no matter what.
♦ These Activities are conducted FREE of cost. Only those that require my intense engagement have a minimum contribution that is requested from the participants.
♦ Contribution received when Activities (or their registrations) are not going on will be considered as Donations.
♦ All Rules, Disclaimers, Terms, & Conditions mentioned under apply.


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