Mind Exercises by Sagar | Subliminal Music

Mind Exercises - Subliminal Music.

The word 'subliminal' means, (of a stimulus or mental process) below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone's mind without their being aware of it.

The Internet is flooded with Subliminal Music, and it is benefiting many people in many ways. Any and every area of your life can be improved with the help of such music. Weight-loss, Hair-free body, Increase in Sexual Pleasure, or Magnetizing your Prince Charming.

This article is not about the technicalities of how such music is made, but a level deeper than that.

How it works

Subliminal messages are not just present in the music that you listen to. It can also be related to other four senses. There are many television ads that make you see things subconsciously without directly talking about it.

Does it really work?

The door to those hundreds of affirmations recorded in a Subliminal Music is that one belief - whether this works for me or not. If you believe that it would, it will.

It is recommended to not work at anything or drive while listening to such music, and that is because you need to silent and focus your mind when listening to this music to make the most of it.

Two things happen in the process. First, it shows how much you believe in it. Second, silencing your mind slows down your conscious negative thinking that may be blocking you from receiving whatever it is that you desire.