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Spiritual Smudging.


Published on: Tue, 08-Mar-2016, 11:00 am

Smudging is an ancient practice to clear the negative energy out of the house. Herbs, Camphor, Incense Sticks, Essenced Water, or Flames are used for this purpose. They are usually burned and the person performing this activity moves around the house with that flame. Many of us have been doing this for years together, but let's now do it with the deepest spiritual understanding.

Let's give it a Spiritual Touch or a Sagar's Twist.

Where is that Negative Energy?

Where is the negative energy - that which you are trying to eradicate from your house? It is within YOU (hope this doesn't hurt your feelings😁) Well, if you've been on my website / page / in touch with me for long enough, it wouldn't hurt your feelings, but you will take it as a factual responsibility.

Each gossip, each curse, each dirty word, each abusive statement, each moment of anger that YOU execute / do / perform / behave / act - while living in your own beautiful house - creates the negative energy around you. You are a magnet, and this negative energy attracts other matching negative energies towards you by the virtue of the Law of Attraction. These could be in the form of people or life-circumstances. Negativity is uncomfortable, isn't it?

Over a period of time, this negative energy becomes so dominant that we feel helpless, blocked, trapped, smothered, and entangled in life, feeling hopeless, unworthy, and so many more negative feelings that I don't even feel like writing here!

That negative energy is NOT in your house. It is NOT in the walls. It is NOT in the Windows or Mirrors or Cobwebs. It is within YOU and only YOU. Non-living things do not have energy that is IN or AGAINST your favor. They have potential energy stored within them that you can make use of for your physical well-being, but they do not have any energy that can affect your emotional well-being (positively or negatively).

What to do?

All that you really need to do is move around your house talking to EACH and EVERY corner, thing, and element in your house, making sure that you are being appreciative, thankful, grateful, and happy about all that you have.

You can say out the Law of Attraction Affirmations as well.

When sadness (even due to the littlest of things) takes over you so much, you begin devaluing everything else around you, and then the house, loved ones, friends, and everything and everyone else is taken for granted. You deserve all the goodness in the world, but it is not very good to take it for granted, is it?

At the same time, CLEAN anything and everything dirty that you come across, as long as and as much as it is physically / humanly / practically possible for you while doing that. You cannot clean your entire house in one go, but divide it over a period of days, and then clean it in chunks. I strongly believe that a house should be first Clean, then Comfortable, and then Creative!

Don't leave a single corner of your house while smudging though.


This is Spiritual Smudging with Sagar Sonker's Twist. Therefore, there are no rules as such. How ironical to how Sagar Sonker is, isn't it? 😉

Do it when you're happy and fresh. Well, if you're feeling low, and you do it to feel good, that's perfectly fine as well. You're trying to take an action to feel good, but that's fine, it's a simple action / condition.

AFAIK, Religious Smudging is done after bath without touching food or any other human being. However, this is Spiritual Smudging, and it can be done anytime. I would only recommend you to be fresh (in the mind and the body), and fully awake when you do it. That is why I would recommend you to do it after emptying / cleaning your waste (i.e. post toilet & bathing), otherwise your mind will be subconsciously preoccupied with the need to go to get fresh. At the same time, don't do it while starving. Basically, don't do it when your body pulls you elsewhere.

On a light note - If you planned to smudge in the evening when your partner is about to return home... if he / she wants your kiss, leave that smudging and go kiss him! You are doing all of this for an improved and happy life, not as a bondage.

This is how you can make the most of this and all other Mind Exercises.

Optional Objects to use

Carry these objects in your hand CAREFULLY while they are burning, and make sure that the smoke or the flame reaches every corner of your house. It is NOT at all compulsory to use these objects.

More important is YOU thinking positive Thoughts while doing that.

I personally like burning something and spreading fragrance, as it makes me feel a little religious too, and there's no harm in feeling religious on a spiritual path, isn't it?


- You get to walk around in your house. Many people don't do that too.
- You may come across things that you may have not used for long, and you may find them useful now
- You get an opportunity to clean your house
- Bugs, insects run away. Cobwebs get noticed and cleaned. Ants, lizards, cockroaches know that there are humans living here, and they run away in fear.
- Most importantly, as you walk around thinking positive, appreciative Thoughts, YOU change and become more positive, and then the Law of Attraction brings surprising beautiful things in front of you.

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