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RAC Triangle.


Published on: Sat, 12-Mar-2016, 8:00 am

No, RAC does not stand for Reservation Against Cancellation in this context. It stands for:
- 'R'espect others
- 'A'ppreciate others
- be 'C'areful towards others

Why so?

We have the tendency to expect Respect, Appreciation, and Carefulness from others. When they do that, we're fine. When they don't, we get fierce.

So, why not start GIVING it. Giving is getting, and as we understand the Law of Attraction, only when you shed your ego and start giving, you start getting it back from the Universe in one way or another, often, which is even more satisfying.

However, the catch is, don't give to get. Give to give. Give for your happiness. Give, because it feels nice to give. This RAC Triangle is FOR YOU. Don't draw it as a reminder for someone else. That's not the intention😊

This was first created during the 6th Batch of my 30 Days Fun Spiritual Workshop

What to do?

All that we need is a regular reminder. For this, we can create a Triangle, as creatively as we can, and label each corner of the Triangle with the letters 'R', 'A', and 'C', which are a reminder about the three Golden Words Respect, Appreciate, and Carefulness.

Just stick it somewhere in your house, and let your kids see this right from the beginning of their lives. Let them learn to GIVE RAC, rather than expecting it from the world outside. This will completely revolutionize their life-experiences in the future.


Here are a few examples from me, my 'Work With Me Programme' Clients, Workshop Participants, and my Students.


Talks by me on using this tool