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Mind Exercises - Priorities Pyramid.


Added on: Sat, 11-Jul-2015, 8:00 am

A tool by Sagar Sonker

The purpose of any tool is to ease your life. Not that you cannot live an easy life without the tool. This is just a methodical way of disciplining yourself.

There are certain things in life that need to be DONE. One cannot simply assume that they are in place, or pre-defined by someone else on one's behalf. You are the designer, the painter, the sculptor of your life, and you have to create, design, pain, and carve out the life you desire for yourself. This Mind Exercise makes you perform one very important task of your life.


This is very simple:

Draw a trapezium with two horizontal parallel lines. Draw four horizontal lines inside it to divide it into five parts. Within each area, write P1, P2, ... P5 (one in each).

The lowest area will contain P1 - the foundation, and the most important part. Enlist your priorities in life that are the topmost in the area P1. Write only in words. Depending on how many they are, consider drawing a large trapezium. What is the MOSSSST important in your life? That goes in P1.

The next priorities (not the topmost, but the immediate next) will go in P2. So on and so forth, throughout P5.

Once complete, complete the top triangle to make it look like a pyramid. The uppermost triangle will not contain anything.

IMPORTANT: This is your personal Priorities Pyramid. Write only your areas of life. Let your loved ones create personal Priorities Pyramids of their own, and have their own areas of life.

How to Practice

There is nothing to practice here as such. Just keep assuring to yourself of your priorities. Revise it from time to time, and check if you're on the right track in life.


Here are a few examples from me, my 'Work With Me Programme' Clients, and my Students.



Prioritization of various aspects of life is a critical understanding and knowing one must have about life. We often presume that we know everything deep within, but putting it down on paper makes is super-clear. This tool helps in re-clarifying ones priorities in life, and, anything that is clarifying, is very empowering. This is not only a good brainstorming activity, but it's a very good reminder to the self about right prioritization in life. That's one of the most important basis of life.

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